My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Dont Want To Shock You

“It means that Chi Yang comes from Emperor District! That’s why I can’t find anything about him! Do you still want me to continue talking? You idiot!

How many times had I told you that Chi Yang’s not interested in Zhong Qianqian? He even despises her. You keep wanting Zhong Qianqian to provoke Chi Yang and Nuannuan whom Chi Yang cares deeply about. Now that Zhong Qianqian’s with Aiden, why do you still want her to cut Nuannuan’s gown? So that Nuannuan can be embarrassed at the banquet? So that your daughter can have the spotlight during the banquet?”

At this moment, Jiang Shuwan’s phone rang. It was her brother, the chairman of Cloud Group, Jiang Hanlin.

“Jiang Shuwan, I’m punishing you today by cutting the Jiang family’s earnings to prevent future mishaps. If you still continue to plot schemes with your brainless daughter, then don’t blame me if I set aside our husband and wife relationship to do something that’ll make the Jiang family hate you forever.”

Jiang Shuwan’s face was wet with tears after being scolded by Zhong Kuijun. She ignored her brother’s call and accused him sadly, “You only have Pu Yi in your heart. That’s why you treat her daughter the best! My Qianqian is with Aiden now, and you still think that Zhong Nuannuan is better than her!”

“She’s with Aiden?” Zhong Kuijun chuckled coldly. “Who’s Aiden? Do you think he can be seduced by Zhong Qianqian? With her qualifications? With those looks and that personality?

Jiang Shuwan, you have to be more realistic. I don’t care if she manages to seduce this Aiden guy or not, but remember, don’t ever fight with Nuannuan ever again. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or Zhong Qianqian who provokes her. I will not hesitate to cut thirty percent of your earnings. If that day ever comes, I’ll see how you will explain this to your family.”

“What if she’s the one who starts it?” Jiang Shuwan asked.

“In my heart, Nuannuan’s not someone who would start a fight. Even if she’s the one who started it, I’ll blame you and Zhong Qianqian if it turns into something major.”

After he said that, Zhong Kuijun turned around and left. He slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

When Jiang Shuwan was about to throw a tantrum, the door was opened once again.

“The 3000-word self-reflection. If it’s one word less, you’ll have to rewrite it. If it’s not in-depth enough, you’ll also have to rewrite it. I want to see how many templates you can copy from.”

The door was slammed shut once again.

Jiang Shuwan’s teeth were clenched in anger. However, she still picked up her phone that had been ringing continuously.

“Hello, bro”

“My gosh, Qianqian, you’re so beautiful! This gown looks magnificent on you! You’re already so beautiful, but you’re wearing such a pretty gown too I’m sure you’ll be the star of the banquet.”

Zhong Qianqian was not in a good mood, but when her friend Xue Miqi praised her, she instantly felt better.

“Compared to Ye Mengxi?”

Xue Miqi rolled her eyes. “Please, don’t talk about her. I don’t know how she was elected as the beauty queen for the last few terms. She’s like a malnourished beansprout. I bet those guys are only looking at her face. It’s going to be like touching a skeleton when she’s in bed with them.”

Zhong Qianqian burst out laughing.

“Then, what about me and Zhong Nuannuan?”

Xue Miqi did not even have to think about her answer. She pouted and said, “Why are you comparing yourself with her? Even though she has the face of a vixen, but aside from that, what else does she have? She’s just a country bumpkin. She does not have manners nor does she have the air of a socialite. She’s so unbelievably vulgar.”

Zhong Qianqian thought that Xue Miqi’s comment on Zhong Nuannuan was accurate.