Mages Are Too Op Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Kill Him

Although Schuck was extraordinarily handsome, human beings had a unique sensory system, and just because his Charm was high didnt mean that all females would like him.

Extreme things could often inspire strong like or dislike.

For example, sweet douhua was delicious, but some people preferred salty douhua and found sweet douhua disgusting.

By the same logic, Schuck could make about twenty percent of girls fall in love with him the moment they saw him, and another twenty percent would also like him after getting to know him.

But that was his best.

Roland would not find it odd whether or not Andonara had feelings for Schuck.

Noticing that Schuck left for the woods, he knew that Husseret had achieved something.

He turned in that direction too.

After all, the epic quest to escort the queen to a safe place had been accomplished. It was not a problem at all to return.

More importantly, Roland found that Andonara was so strong that she didnt need his protection at all.

Walking on foot was naturally not as fast as flying with wings.

So, when Roland arrived at the spot, he saw nothing but the fierce wildfire as well as the bodies of the royal guards.

Most of the bodies were blackened, emitting the fragrance of meat.

Some of them had been slashed or stabbed by sharp weapons.

In the middle of the fire, F6 looked at the dozens of royal guards that had been "surrounded" by them.

At the center of the royal guards was a young man in glamorous clothes who was gnashing his teeth at Betta and Husseret.

The young man also looked fearfully at the hovering red dragon now and then.

Roland and Andonara hid in the shadows in the woods.

Crouching right next to Roland, the queen said in a low voice, "That young man is the second prince."

A prince?

Roland was slightly surprised. "He set up an ambush against us in advance? Why?"

"He has atonement scrolls in his hand. The atonement scrolls your friend got probably came from him." Andonara smiled and said, "He must be here to block me instead of you."

Roland turned around and looked at her in confusion.

"The second prince is a lustful guy," Andonara said in embarrassment. "Hes one of the few people who know my strength. He probably wanted to force me to leave the royal family with the atonement scrolls so that he could kidnap me."

Roland subconsciously felt that it was not right. "Youre allowed to do anything with the atonement scrolls, right? Since hes interested in you, was he not scared that someone else would take advantage of you?"

Roland knew very well that Andonara was wearing highly-revealing silk pajamas a few hours earlier.

At that time, Andonara seemed to have given herself up.

"Actually I wouldve cut you apart if you had proposed something outrageous. Though I wouldve been uneasy and scared, I would have tried to escape from the capital on my own." Andonara stuck out her tongue out and said, "But you passed my test, and I like your personality very much."


Roland had to admit that women were natural-born actresses, and that the more beautiful they were, the more deceptive they would be.

He felt lucky that he was not one of those men who was a slave to their sexual urges.

It seemed that the prince had lost both his woman and his soldiers.

Wait Andonara was not exactly the second princes woman. But he still got nothing in the end after all his schemes.

Actually, the queens guess was only partially correct.

The king did not intend to kill Andonara. It was the second prince who spread the rumor that the king would do so.

The old butler worked for the second prince too.

It was just a show and a chance to distribute the atonement scrolls.

They also implied that the atonement scrolls could only be applied to Queen Andonara.

They planned to force the queen to run, so that the second prince could intercept, capture, and hide her.

As for the ambush It was because only one of the guard squads would have accepted Husserets bribery, and those guards were the second princes men.

Therefore, it was very easy for the second prince to know where Roland was escaping to.

Also, if Roland had watched the livestream, he wouldve known that the second prince stated to Husseret that he wanted his stepmother not only because she was pretty, but more importantly, because Andonara could raise Great Swordsman.

Veronica was a perfect example.

The second prince intended to train a batch of Great Swordsmen who were absolutely loyal to him so that he could compete with his big brother.

But to the second princes surprise, he had pissed off the worst enemies. If Roland and his gang werent involved, his plan could have worked out.

But now, his four hundred guards were almost all dead, and he had been surrounded.

Though F6 had surrounded the second prince, they were faced with a problem too.

Should they kill the second prince or not?

The guy voluntarily asked for brutalization, and they should satisfy the guys wish.

However, they had no quests about the second prince, and if they killed the second prince, they would be the powerful royal familys sworn enemy.

If it were different circumstances, they couldve walked away after pissing off the royal family.

However, they also had to deal with the headquarters of the Association of Mages.

If they killed the second prince, the royal family would definitely stab them in the back when they dealt with the headquarters.

That being said, the royal family had been insulted even if the second prince was left alive. After all, hundreds of royal guards had died.

So, the royal family would probably choose backstabbing if Rolands team was involved in a fight with the headquarters.

The only difference would be the intensity of the royal familys counterattack.

In the chat room of the guild, Husseret pinged Roland and asked, "Do we kill him or not?"

Roland asked, "How many princes are there in the royal family?"

Husseret said, "Im not sure."

Roland turned around and asked Andonara, "How many princes are there in the royal family?"

"Six, not counting the bastards."

Roland immediately dropped a message in the guild system. "Kill him, but let the surviving royal guards go. If we dont kill the prince, the royal family might think were weak. Weve already pissed them off anyway, so we might as well see how far we can get."

Husseret said, "Copy that!"

The second princes handsome face was twisted and covered in white ash and black smoke.

He roared, "Im a royal prince! If you dare to kill me, not only will you die yourselves, but my father will also make your family and friends die miserably."

The second prince, too, knew that his enemies were invulnerable Golden Sons from an alternate dimension, but he was so frightened that he subconsciously resorted to this instinctive threat.

The fire illuminated and reddened his face, almost making it look unreal.

The enormous dragon lunged from the sky.

Scared, the second prince stared at the red dragon, fearing that it would spurt fire at him. The soldiers were scared too.

Nobody dared to overlook a swooping dragon.

But the red dragon only passed over their heads without doing anything.

The second princes eyes were frozen. An arrow had been shot into his throat without warning.

Soundless Arrow was not the Assassins unique skill; Hunters were capable of it too. After all, many animals and magical beasts had great hearing, and they could dodge incoming arrows if the arrows were noisy.

The second prince slowly fell backward, his eyes still wide open.

After a brief shock, all of his guards fled in panic.

Very soon, nobody could be seen anymore.

At this point, everybody was exclaiming in the livestream channel.

"They really did it. Awesome. F6 is confronting the royal family!"