Mages Are Too Op Chapter 238

Chapter 238 What Are You Thinking About?

After the livestream, the postman was delighted at the tens of thousands of yuan that he just received in tips.

He then turned off the livestream channel.

The players who had watched the livestream and those who watched the recording at three times the speed continued their discussion on the forum.

The players were all from modern societies that were based on law, but they all had learned history and held a slight reverence for the crown.

Apart from everything else, the royal family was a rather powerful force, which was a fact that everybody acknowledged.

So, the players had intense discussions on the forum about that.

"Would what F6 did further foment the nobles dissatisfaction with the players? The non-spellcasters are being despised as it is, but after this incident, wouldnt the melee classes be even more biased against us?"

"Does the degree of prejudice really matter?"

"I, for one, think that its an opportunity for us to make the nobles treat the players fairly."

"We believe in reform. Lets reform this corrupt and underdeveloped alternate world with this opportunity. I believe that our friends from F6 thought the same, or they wouldnt have attacked a prince."

"Youre missing the key here. How could you have neglected the queen? She can transform other people into Great Swordsmen! Does anyone want to win her favor together with me?"

"In your dreams! She can only see Roland in her eyes. She eloped with him abandoning her title as the queen."

"You can get any woman if youre skilled enough Hehe, Roland is not as handsome as Schuck. I think I have a chance."

"Lets hope that youve still alive after you try."

The discussion went off-topic again from here as the players turned to sexual subjects.

Most players believed that what F6 did would change the storyline of the game, but they did not know how great the impact would be.

How great could the impact possibly be?

Hollevin was only a small kingdom. Even if all the nobles in Hollevin rejected the players, so what?

The hardship would be over soon. Besides, the players did not believe that all the nobles were on the same boat.

Wherever there were humans, there was betrayal, and this world was not an exception.

Also, the more powerful a man was, the more likely he would be involved in conflicts of interest.

In the royal palace, the white-haired king was sitting on his bed.

In front of him was a man in a black robe who was on his knee.

He was a loyal assassin that the royal family had raised. He was also responsible for intelligence collection.

"What exactly happened last night?" The kings eyes were clouded, and he did not look very healthy, but he was nonetheless intimidating as a king. "I seemed to have heard dragon roars."

"My king, a red dragon was indeed outside of the city last night, and the second prince died because of that."

It was still dawn, and the king had been rather drowsy after just waking up, but his eyes bulged when he heard that. "What happened?"

The man in the black robe told the king everything he knew.

The king was curious at first, but he calmed down as he listened on.

"The second prince tried to get his stepmother?" The king sneered. "Then he might as well die, though its a shame that three hundred royal guards were killed with him."

As Andonara said, the king had six legitimate sons, and counting the bastards, there were at least thirteen heirs to the royal bloodline.

It was not really a big deal that the second prince had died.

The man in black lowered his head. He would rather not take part in or listen to the clandestine issues of the royal family, as it was too dangerous.

The king stood up and patted his fat belly, before he asked, "What about that dragon?"

"If our intelligence is correct, it should have been ridden by Schuck, a famous dragon knight in the Church of Light."

The king was surprised. "A dragon knight? There hasnt been one for hundreds of years, no?"

"Thats right." The man nodded. "So, the Church of Light has been telling everybody the news, which spread to Hollevin a couple of days ago."

The king frowned. "The Church of Light would be more powerful with a dragon knight."

With his head lowered, the man in black continued, "Also, this Schuck is a newly-promoted Saint Samurai. He seems to be favored by the Goddess of Light."

Hearing that, the king couldnt help but evince shock despite his usual calmness. "A Saint Samurai and a dragon knight, do you know that that means?"

The man in black said slowly, "Weve confirmed this again and again."

The king heaved a sigh. "A Saint Samurai plus a dragon knight means its impossible to avenge my second son."

The Church of Light was only second to the Church of Life in terms of size.

Also, the Saint Samurai had a high position. They were only second to the pope and were on the same level as the Holy Ladies of Light.

They even had more actual power than the Holy Ladies of Light did.

The prince of a small country was really nothing in front of a Saint Samurai.

The man in black dared not say anything.

The room was quiet for a long time, and the king simply stood in a daze.

He seemed quite sorrowful, until he asked casually in the end, "What about Andonara?"

"She seems to be eloping with a Golden Son."

The king thought for a moment and said, "Find a way to tell her that Im willing to forgive her infidelity even though she ran away with someone as long as she comes back. After all, it was my second son who caused the whole thing. Were at fault."

The man in black robe nodded.

After the man left, the kings face became slightly twisted, but it was soon back to normal.

Very soon, a guard reported that the crown prince wanted to meet him.

"Let him in."

Very soon, a middle-aged man walked in.

He slightly stooped and said, "Father, Im told that my brother"

The king waved his hand. "I already know. Youll collect the bodies of the royal guards right now and try to suppress the incident."

"Are we going to do nothing about my brothers death?"

The king looked at him and smiled. "If youre willing to, I wont stop you."

"Oh" The crown prince was speechless for a moment. Then he said, "We should at least get the queen back."

"You want to look for her?" The king stared at his son with a smile, like a lion king gazing at another male lion.

The prince was rather panicked and slightly lowered his head.

The king knew his sons thoughts too well.

The royal family had always been fully aware of Andonaras capabilities.

They knew that she was a very strong Great Swordsman, and that she could even teach someone else to be one.

However, they had been suppressing her.

After all, it had been no more than four years since Andonara was married, and her loyalty couldnt be confirmed yet. She had to be tamed, whetted, and polished, and the king would not really accept her into the royal family until her loyalty was fully confirmed.

Everything had been going well, until the second prince completely ruined the kings plan.

So, the king was both angry and regretful about his second sons death.

The king thought for a moment and said, "Youre free to look for the queen, but she cant just disappear. I want to see her dead or alive, do you understand?"

The crown prince said solemnly, "Yes, Father."