Mages Are Too Op Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Catgirls Dont Die From Hanging

"I think its fine!" Murphy thought it was a good idea. "Although the First Princess is not as strong as Queen Andonara, and even far from it, her looks and figure are comparable to Andonara, and most importantly, she is the princess of Fareins, so she should be much higher in status than a small countrys queen anyway."

Alfred frowned. "Status is something that I dont think Roland would care too much about. Hes a pure Mage, the very pure kind, purer than you and me. Such a peer, once they reach the peak, they would be like Mordenkainen and Melf, who even dared to go against gods. Do you think Roland, who is just as pure, would care about status? Thats why women just have to be pretty and in shape; thats what matters most to young people."

The clouds outside the crystal window and the constant whistling of the wind made the room seem rather quiet.

Murphy was silent for a while, then he suddenly thought of something and said, "But even if we can grasp Rolands preferences, what about the princesss thoughts? Shes not just a pretty face to be manipulated by others, and its said that Prince Harry was poisoned by the First Princess because he messed around outside and tried to make her a mere figurehead."

Alfred smiled. "Although the First Princess does have her own ideas, this is a matter of our Fareins Kingdoms interests, and as a member of the royal family, she has an obligation to fulfill her duty. Not to mention that Roland is not bad-looking, even if he were an ugly, pus-filled monster, the First Princess would have to recruit him as the new Prince."

In Fareins, the husbands of all the princesses were princes but had no real power, only mere titles.

"She might not agree."

"Then force her to agree," Alfred smirked. "I, a Legendary Mage alone, cant change her mind, so lets add a few more. If we cant get her to change her mind with the help of the entire Fareinss members of the Red Magic Tower, there are several other Magic Towers as well, and now Rolands talent is evident to all. Although we are quite conflicted on academic issues, I think our philosophy is the same when it comes to the greater good of the nation."

Murphy nodded instinctively. "That would indeed work, but His Majesty the King is also quite fond of the First Princess, and weve never gotten a feel for what he thinks, so what if hes against it too?"

Alfred tsked. "Trouble indeed. But anyway, Fareins doesnt only belong to the royal family, it also belongs to the Association of Mages, and what the royal family wont do, well force them to do if its for the kingdom."

Murphy laughed. "I like your dominant character, otherwise you wouldnt be able to sit as an elder."

Alfred laughed aloud and quite happily. Roland returned to the room in the cabin and was nagged by Andonara again to do lovey-dovey things.

This couldnt be helped. After all, the room was only so large, and there was no place to run around. Most of ones time had to be spent inside the cabin, without a cell phone or a computer Roland could connect to the forums, but Andonara couldnt, and she was bored so she could only pester Roland.

Roland was also a young man, and being nagged, it was only natural that he would do something pleasurable.

Two days later, the magic boat finally returned to the Red Magic Tower.

After returning to the manor, Andonara finally stopped clinging to Roland.

She first went to Marilyns room to look around, and when she didnt see anyone, she went to ask the maids where the little catgirl had gone.

In the end, she heard some unpleasant things.

"Marilyns outside running around every day."


"Marilyn doesnt like to work; she leaves early in the morning, and comes back late at night."

"Marilyn always loves to sleep in the masters bed."

A series of complaints.

Werecats didnt have much of a place in the Red Magic Tower, and even though Marilyn and Roland, the owner of this manor, seemed to be on familiar terms, these maidservants didnt care too much. Besides, these maidservants werent stupid; their "palace intrigue" experience was extremely rich, and they could sense that Andonara, the mistress, wasnt too fond of Marilyn the catgirl.

Of course, it wasnt a feeling of dislike either, but rather a vague worry.

A worry that the catgirl might seduce the master.

This was why they couldnt stop talking about Marilyns little mistakes.

The more Andonara listened, the more upset she became.

She brought Marilyn over, partly to train a more intelligent and clever maid, and partly to keep an eye on her, so that the pretty-looking kitten wouldnt make a move on Roland.

This was two birds with one stone, but unexpectedly, this little catgirl was so disorganized and so undisciplined when they went out. If this had been Hollevins palace, she wouldve been beaten to death. However, Roland naturally wouldnt do such a thingthe death penalty could be avoided, but punishment couldnt.

Andonara sneered and said to Roland, "Go rest first, Im going for a walk."


Roland didnt know what Andonara was planning. He returned to the stone building and went straight into the magic lab. He personally had a very rewarding few days of academic exchange.

During the academic exchange, because the instructors of the various Magic Towers presented genuine material that was rather profound, Roland was somewhat able to understand what they said.

He didnt have much time to think and chew on that knowledge.

But now he did.

The video recorded word for word all of the instructors insights and Roland watched it over and over again.

He also opened his mathematical modeling database, and translated the instructors insights into pieces of data, imported it, and then reverse-engineered it to see if it fit with his previous data.

This was when the usefulness of a large database could be seen.

A lot of magic theories that were quite comprehensible when converted into data and put into the database for reverse engineering, and a lot of the things that Roland didnt understand before were made clear.

Of course, most of the data was still incorrect.

Because a lot of the converted data was just Rolands educated guess, and there was no matching data chain in the database.

However, Roland didnt feel discouraged. This was quite normal.

After all, he hadnt learned much about magic yet.

He spent five days in the lab, without leaving his house, refining some models of level-one and level-two spells based on his newly acquired data and knowledge.

For example, the model for the Ice Ring had been changed again.

Corrosion damage was added to the Ice Ring.

There was a level-two spell called Melfs Acid Arrow.

It was the work of the magical genius Melf, from when he was young. At that time, Melfs hometown was often raided and invaded by trolls.

Trolls, as a powerful race of Orcs, were not only strong in battle but also quite terrifying in their ability to heal themselves.

Apart from dragons and a few devils, the trolls had the most impressive regenerative abilities.

High-level trolls could survive for a week or more even if they lost most of their heads.

Of course, during this time, if someone could shove food down the trolls esophagus, the troll could grow its head back by itself without relying on magic.

Not to mention organs, arms, and legs, they could even regenerate the heart as long as it wasnt too heavily damaged.

Unless they were cut into several pieces.

Humans were no match for this almost undying creature and were defeated again and again.

Melf grew up in this kind of environment, and he had a natural aversion to trolls because too many of his family and friends died at the hands of trolls.

Out of anger, he invented Melfs Acid Arrow.

It was conjuration magic that inhibited the ability of any flesh-and-blood race to regenerate and heal itself.

And it was only a level-two spell, easy to learn.

After that, the trolls were no longer a match for humans, and from the vanguard race of Orcs, they were beaten back into the depths of the Orc kingdom to survive.

Acid Arrow was essentially a liquid that could be mixed with water and then turned into ice.

And Rolands new Ice Ring was a mix of Acid Arrow and Ice Ring.

Roland named it "Kill You 3000 Times[1]."

This spell came with five effects: cripple, freeze, smooth ice, corrosion damage, and anti-healing.

Because it was a mixture of two spell models, this spell immediately became a level-three spell.

And due to the new spell created, Roland received a large amount of experience and leveled up to level nine. He was one step away from reaching Master. It wasnt in vain that he shut himself in for five days, thinking day and night.

For the past five days, Andonara had been bringing in hot meals every day. And she didnt let anyone come over and bother Roland.

The others, including Betta, who came to play with Roland were all "chased away" by Andonara with great courtesy. Although Betta could use the guild chat system to reach Roland, he didnt have anything important to do, so he didnt bother Roland. When Roland came out of the magic lab refreshed and stretched, he saw the catgirl hanging from a branch across the doorway, swaying gently in the wind. Pitiful and helpless.

When she saw Roland, she couldnt help but cry out, "Help me, help me." Her voice was miserable, with an infantile tone, and one couldnt help but feel pity when hearing it.

Andonara was in the shade of a tree not far away.

A round table with two chairs.

She sipped slowly at a tea-like drink, smiled, and waved when she saw Roland, then pointed to the chair across from her.

Roland walked over and sat down, turned his head and glanced at the catgirl hanging not far from him, and asked, "Whats going on?" Smiling gently, Andonara said slowly, "This little catgirl doesnt know any better, she keeps running around. So I gave her a little punishment." "She isnt our maidservant."

"Eating from our house, using whats in our house, and being sheltered by our house" Andonara eyed the little catgirl, her eyes a little cold, but when her gaze fell back to Roland, her gaze was as soft as water. "Who out there would believe her if she said she wasnt from our house?"

At this moment, Marilyn was struggling vigorously again, like a larva jumping around. "Roland, please, put me down, dont let this evil woman tie me up."

Roland withdrew his gaze from the catgirl. "But she certainly isnt my maidservant."

"My dear, you dont need to take care of the management of the servants in the house, I will manage it for you." Andonara explained slowly, "She is so willful and disobedient, if you are still too lenient with her, then it will be difficult to manage the maidservants in the house in the future if they follow her example. And this little catgirl is too whimsical. If she continues like this, something will happen sooner or later. You cant protect her foreverrather than watching her go down a dead end, its better to wear down her temper and edges while its still possible."

Roland picked up the cup and took a sip of tea as well.

Certainly More than half a year ago, the catgirl was living a careful life, but the catgirl now gave off a somewhat arrogant feeling.

"Werecats are creatures that dont know the extent of their abilities when someone backs them up." Andonara got up and poured Roland another cup of tea. "Theyre extremely curious and often do reckless things. They were originally a powerful race, but they turned themselves into a minority among the hybrids."

Roland had read about werecats from some books, but it was all just a passing reference.

After all, paper was a pretty valuable commodity in this world, and there was no way to waste precious paper writing at length about werecats, a race of hybrids that didnt have much of a presence.

Since Andonara had plans of her own, Roland would not object.

Besides, it wasnt something that would hurt.

Marilyn had been living alone, lacking in discipline and inevitably acting wildly, so it was good to have someone to control her.

Roland stopped paying attention to Marilyn, and after talking with Andonara for a while, Roland went to the middle district.

There was a church of the Goddess of Magic there.

He arrived at the main hall of prayer.

A young cleric saw Roland and was stunned.

He was a member of Ruby Class, a descendant of a small noble.

Part of his daily magic power was used to familiarize and practice magic, and the other part was used to summon "astral oil" to make money, and when there wasnt much magic power left, he would come to the church for part-time work.

Mages were pretty short on money in the early stages.

Magic materials were too expensive.

"Monitor, what are you doing here?" The young Mage walked up to Roland, looking a bit reserved. "Are you also a follower of the Goddess of Magic?" "No." Roland walked up to the altar. "Im just here to offer up a spell model."

The young Mage was stunned.

Roland took the drawings out of his Backpack and placed them on the ritual table.

In a few moments, the pale blue glow of magic engulfed the drawing.

This was a sign of the Goddess of Magic, Mystra, taking the drawings away.

The young Mage swallowed hard, then looked at Roland in surprise.

And then an energy descended from the void.

The whole church was engulfed within a boundary.

The energy was felt by the Mages at the Master level and above in the entire Magic Tower. They all instinctively jumped up and rushed outside, looking at where the energy was coming from.

The Church of Magic.

Alfred stood at the window, staring gravely at the northeast.

The average Mage and professional could only feel the arrival of high-level energy.

But to the eyes of the Legendary, there was a huge, blurred female figure above the church.

"Mystra," Alfred muttered.

The shadows face couldnt be seen, but her mouth could barely be seen moving.

However, no one could hear her.

Presumably, there was someone in the Church of Magic that could hear her.

Alfred watched the female shadow quietly.

All the Mages in the Red Magic Tower were staring in that direction.

After about four minutes, the shadow disappeared.

Alfred returned to the table and rang the golden bell on the table.

When the servant entered, he said quickly, "Go immediately and investigate who was in the church when the Goddess of Magic descended, and why the goddess descended."

(1) reference to the movie From Beijing with Love