Mages Are Too Op Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Club President Jin

It was naturally Schuck who called him.

After half an hour, the seven of them gathered inside the cold drink bar.

On the black glass table inside the panda booth, there were Red Bull, beer, fresh seasonal juice, and two kinds of soft bean curd.

Of course, there were youtiaos.

Everyone drank beer and ate youtiao, and although it tasted somewhat strange, no one cared. Everyone scrolled through the forums on their phones while they ate. Looking at the discussions on F6, everyone felt elated to the degree of when Zhu Bajie[1] ate a ginseng fruit[2].

Logically, there wasnt much significance being the first to establish a guild in game.

However, it was different this time. There was a great sense of honor in being the first players guild in the first immersive game in the world. Apart from the attention of the five hundred thousand players in the game, there were also many organizations throughout the world, as well as gaming enthusiasts, who paid close attention to this game.

State organizations and forces wanted to know what the theory behind these kinds of immersive games was.

On the other hand, players simply wanted to freely play this game that surpassed its erathe game that was the first of its kind.

Around the world, its popularity was extremely high.

Not to mention on Weibo, Zhihu, and places of that sort, the games popularity there never tumbled out of the top three.

Moreover, some time ago, Fan Six Hundred Million[3] attempted to return to the entertainment industry. She posted on Weibo that she spent over a million to buy an immersive cabin, and she also said that she would upload her own gaming videos from time to time. This indeed generated a good deal of traffic. Not only did Fan Six Hundred Million receive a lot of attention, but the World of Falan also attracted a lot of entertainment industry fans who didnt follow games.

Soon after, a certain billionaires son, Principal Huang[4] also posted a photo of his own immersive cabin, and at the same time, he called out Fan Six Hundred Million: "With that little IQ of yours, if no one helps you, youll probably end up being tricked and sold off at the slave market. A smart person like me spent over one million to buy a full set of magic equipment, yet Im still only level twoyou need IQ to level up in this game."

However, soon after, Fan Six Hundred Million released a gaming video. She used the dancer class in this game, and she was already level three.

She embarrassed him right away.

And then, a hush fell in the comments section of Principal Huangs Weibo. In an hours time, there were over thirty thousand comments ridiculing Principal Huangs 250 IQ points[5].

This made Principal Huang turn off the Weibo comments section for an entire week.

Fan and Huangs combined effort directly pushed the popularity of the World of Falan to an even higher degree.

The members of F6 and Betta scrolled through the forums while drinking sweet and savory tofu curd. They were all in good spirits. Suddenly, Raffel turned over his phone and waved it at Schuck. Pleasantly surprised, he said, "Fan Six Hundred Million @ you, she said she wants to join F6."

For all the players who entered the game, their names would be bound to the games forum.

Fan Six Hundred Millions forum account had been authenticated: not only did it have her personal portrait, but her name was also in gold, typically symbolic of wealth.

Below this thread, there were a bunch of people who spammed that they ate lemons[6], and some people even spammed incomprehensible things like how they also wanted to "become a member of the cavalry squad."[7].

Everyone soon found this thread. It was too easy to find, being pinned to the first page, and it even had a popular thread label.

Then, they all looked at Schuck.

Under the gentle lighting, Schuck, who had a flattop haircut, smiled and said, "Not adding her. Not even Betta can become a core member, what gives her the right!?"

There is an old saying on the internet: a flattop haircut is the only standard to examine whether someone was truly handsome. Even with a flattop, Schuck was still handsome to the point where females didnt dare to look straight at him. If he had long hair and tied it into a ponytail like the scholars in the old days, he could easily turn a straight person gay. The majority of teen male idols didnt stand a chance in a fight against him.

Regarding Schucks words, no one found this strange.

If it were them, they might give in because of Fan Six Hundred Millions attractiveness, whereas Schuck theyd never seen him show any affection for women other than those in his own family.

Roland and Schucks relationship was the closest, so Roland jested, "Youre so handsome, you might be able to get on intimate terms with her."

"What a joke, I look better in womens clothing than she does," Schuck sneered.

Everyone extended their middle fingers at the same time.

Roland narrowed his eyes. "I dont believe it. If you have the guts, try on womens clothing!"

Schuck was somewhat tipsy, he suddenly slapped the table and roared, "Its just one time"

Soon after, he immediately came back to his senses. "Dang, you actually tried to set me up."

Everyone let out exclamations of regret.

"F**k, you dont even want a good womanIm dying here in droughts and floods." Shortly after, Li Lin said sourly, "Gods too unfair."

"Yeah, Gods not fair." Raffel looked at Li Lins well-shaped and strange body that was tempered during two years of military service, and then he looked at his own short and stout physique. "Some people are born tall or wealthy. I was born with nothing."

Oh Li Lin suddenly didnt know what to say.

Everyone messed around for a little while longer.

Shortly afterward, they all left their numbered IDs in the game and dispersed once again.

In yesterdays update, everyone got their own numbered ID. This was the identifier required to invite players remotely to join ones guild.

Roland went to the boxing club and continued to strengthen his body.

Although the coach said he had nothing left to teach him, they could still spar and exchange blows.

After he fought with the coach for two rounds, a short-haired tomboy came to stand on the side. After Roland took off his gloves, she walked over and said, "Can we have a chat?"

Normally, inside these proper training clubs, there would be resting rooms and drinks.

The two of them each ordered a cup of juice. Because this wasnt a bodybuilding club, it wasnt that strict on calories in food or drinks.

This tomboys appearance was rather beautiful, except for her slightly frigid expression. Her vibe was too proud and formidable and her physique was lacking. Her face could score 90 points, but unfortunately in Rolands eyes, as a whole, she could only score 75 points.

After sitting down, the tomboy sized up Roland for a while, and then said, "Hello, Im the club president here. My surname is JinJin Wenwen."

Club President Jin[8] Roland blinked, and for some unknown reason, an irresistibly quirky laughter suddenly rang in his ears.

And then, he especially wanted to laugh, but in order to avoid being disrespectful, he could only desperately hold back. This made his facial expression seem somewhat strange.

Seeing Rolands slightly twisted expression, Jin Wenwen still had a frigid look. "If you want to laugh, just laugh. Im already used to it."

Roland took in two deep breaths before suppressing his own urge to laugh. Then, he said, "Sorry, its just honestly a little erm, President Jin Lady Jin, what can I do for you?"

"I heard the coach say that youre improving in boxing at an incredible speed recently." Jin Wenwen gently stirred the watermelon juice in her cup and continued, "In less than two months, from a complete newbie, you became a qualified beginner boxer who can defeat him."

"The coach exaggerated my improvement," Roland said with a smile.

"The coach has already been on the job for five years here. Before, he never praised any students, instead he scolded them for being hopelessly stupid everyday." There seemed to be a delighted expression in her eyes. "Youre the first student hes ever praised, not to mention in front of me."

"All right, even if thats the case, theres no need for Lady Jin to personally have a chat with me."

"I want to know why you improved so quickly." Jin Wenwen stared intently into Rolands eyes.

Roland felt her gaze to be somewhat piercing. He instinctively circulated the mental barrier that he learned in the game, and then, surprisingly, her eyes didnt feel so piercing anymore. "Maybe Im just talented?"

"Is it not because of the immersive cabin?" Jin Wenwen stopped stirring the watermelon juice with her spotlessly white hand. Her pitch-black eyes were like a cold, bottomless pond.

[1] Character in Journey to the West

[2] Fruit in Chinese mythology

[3] Fan Bingbing, actress, model; Chinese authorities fined her between 600 to 800 million CNY for tax evasion

[4] Wang Sicongson of billionaire, Wang Jianlin. He is often called the principal of one-night stands in the gaming community, and he likes to criticize celebrities

[5] 250 means halfwit

[6] Internet slang: Chi Ning Meng, lit. eat lemons, the first letter of each word CNM, lit. f**k your mother

[7] Qi Bing Lian, lit. cavalry squad, the character Bing here is soldier, which can be replaced with the character ice that is in Fan Bing Bings name; the calvary "rides" horsespeople who have had s*x with the actress

[8] Reference to Three Kims/Master Kims/Mr. Kim vs Mr. Kim vs Mr. Kim