My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 113

Chapter 113: False Introduction

Zhong Nuannuan would answer any questions thrown at her. “This is my fiance, Chi Yang. Chi Yang, this is Ou Mingxi, my second brother’s fiance.”

Even though he despised the woman who was being so arrogant with Nuannuan, he knew his Nuannuan was someone who valued family ties. Thus, Chi Yang suppressed his anger and dug out the last drop of self-restraint he had left. He nodded at Ou Mingxi. That counted as his greeting to her.

However, Ou Mingxi’s face fell dark.

“Nuannuan, how could you falsely introduce me? When have I been your second brother’s fiance? We’re not even boyfriend and girlfriend.”

She was here to get to know Chi Yang. It would be easy for her parents to work their magic on him. She just had to make herself known to Chi Yang. For an outstanding man like Chi Yang, only Ou Mingxi would be compatible with him.

She thought that Zhong Nuannuan would introduce her as the deputy governor’s daughter, but she had instead said that she was her brother’s fiance.

She was obviously slandering her!

She had met Zhong Nuannuan twice before. However, she had always looked arrogant and cold. That was why Ou Mingxi had never talked with Zhong Nuannuan before. However, she knew that between Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian, Zhong Qianqian was the b*tchy one while Zhong Nuannuan was the one who always suffered losses.

Now, however, Ou Mingxi realized that Zhong Nuannuan was the b*tchy one.

To make matters worse, her b*tchiness was indirect but at a higher level!

This was their first interaction, and she was already shot in the foot by her. It was not surprising that Zhong Qianqian had been defeated by her.

Zhong Nuannuan was surprised by Ou Mingxi’s words. She let out a gasp. “But you two are living together! Plus, my second brother is always talking about you being his fiance. Are you two not getting married?”

Ou Mingxi almost poured her wine on Zhong Nuannuan when she saw that Zhong Nuannuan was looking at her with her big, watery eyes. The corners of her eyes were lifted like a sly vixen. Even though she looked devious, she still retained a hint of innocence that was irresistible to men.

Despite her heavy makeup, one could still see how Ou Mingxi’s face was turning from white to black and then to red.

“Who says that I am living with him?” Ou Mingxi asked while gritting her teeth.

“I saw you staying overnight at the Jiang family’s house every time I went there. Is that not living together?”

“That’s because every time you came to visit, it had rained. Aunty would ask me to stay the night because it was already so late. Jiang Hongyang and I had not even slept in the same room!” Ou Mingxi roared.

Damn it!

This Zhong Nuannuan was such a bearer of ill luck. Each time she went to visit the Jiang family, it would rain. She had only met Zhong Nuannuan twice, but on both occasions, she spent the night at the Jiang family’s house. Now, this girl was saying that she was living with Jiang Hongyang. She was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

She was not interested in Jiang Hongyang at all. She was just treating him as her boy toy. There was no way she would have that kind of relationship with him!

This b*tch! How dare she slander her in front of Chi Yang. If Chi Yang were to misunderstand her, he would have reservations about her even if they ended up together in the future.

Damn it!

However, before Ou Mingxi could fly into a rage, Chi Yang was already fuming.

He lifted his head and peered at her. His aura was cold while his gaze pierced through Ou Mingxi as if it was made out of knives. Ou Mingxi was startled, and she backed away from fear.

“Miss Ou, are you looking for trouble?”

“I’m not! I’m not looking for trouble. Chi Yang”

Ou Mingxi wanted to say something but was interrupted by Chi Yang. He said protectively “Since Miss Ou is not Jiang Hongyang’s fiance, then you have no relations to Nuannuan. Why are you pretending to be close to her? Why are you trying to sit at the same table as us while pretending to be a family member? Nuannuan had already introduced you, but you’re still making a fuss. If you’re not looking for trouble, then why are you here?”