My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Get Lost

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“Even if I were such a person, I would only stare at a human being and not an animal. If you treasure him so much, take your golden-haired guy and get lost now. Lock him up at home and admire him all by yourself. You don’t need to bring him out here and destroy the city’s peace as all you’ll do is pollute everyone’s eyes. If you insist on taking him out for a walk, you should discipline him well and stop him from staring all over the place. Look again and I’ll dig both his eyes out. As for the rest of you, you should be hit for cutting the line so casually. Not only did you cut in line, you still have the gall to be smart about it. I’m only teaching you a small lesson today. The next time you’re out, brush your teeth well. If your mouth smells bad, you’ll be beaten up even worse.”

When Zhong Nuannuan was done, Chi Yang said only two words.

“Get lost!”

Lan Lan and the plump girl had been prepared to go head to head with Zhong Nuannuan, but when Chi Yang suddenly roared, they flinched in fear.

The golden-haired guy had always dabbled in the triads. How could he stand to be insulted by a woman he liked, much less be threatened by the woman’s fianc?

The seedy aura about him turned fierce in an instant.

He broke away from Lan Lan, who was holding onto his arm, and walked toward Chi Yang.

The boyfriends of the other girls followed suit when they saw this, walking alongside the golden-haired guy.

The crowd surrounding them immediately moved back. From the current looks of the golden-haired guy and the others, these four boys most likely worked as hired thugs on the streets.

Lan Lan, who was the girls’ leader, and all of the other girls turned arrogant as they saw their men taking charge. The smug look on their faces indicated impending doom for their enemies.

“I got my eyes on that little wild cat. I’ll count to ten. You should get lost by then or I’ll beat you to a pulp!” The golden-haired guy said to Chi Yang.

“Brother Wei”

Lan Lan was still acting smug at the side when she heard Brother Wei, who had been playing her for half a month, declare his demand for Zhong Nuannuan out loud in front of her. Lan Lan was humiliated at that moment but she did not dare to berate him. Thus, all she could do was call out to him weakly and pitifully.

How could the golden-haired guy give her a second look when he had seen Zhong Nuannuan? He ignored her and headed straight for Chi Yang.

Even though Chi Yang was close to 190cm tall and he was only around 175cm, the golden-haired guy was not frightened.

He had seen too many of society’s elites such as Chi Yang before. All of them looked wonderfully packaged, but in reality, they could not fight nor take a beating.

Unfortunately, a minor gangster such as this did not bother Chi Yang at all. It did not matter how bloodthirsty the golden-haired guy presented himself, it did not affect Chi Yang at all as he stood his ground and did not take even a single step backward. Even his right hand, which was still on Zhong Nuannuan’s shoulder remained in place. He had no intention of letting it go to prepare for the fight ahead.

That picturesque moment of Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan standing side-by-side looked so good to the crowd watching the events unfold. They were really made for each other.

The count of ten ended as the golden-haired guy announced in a great deal of rage, “Don’t blame me for your death wish!”

As he said this, he threw a punch right at Chi Yang’s face.

“I want your handsome face to explode into pieces!”

As the golden-haired guy said this, his punch went flying toward Chi Yang face at such a speed that one could feel the wind from nearby. Astonished shouts and screams came from the crowd. They were worried the handsome elite would be terribly wounded by this punch.

This high-speed punch was obviously not a normal one!

Even though the golden-haired guy was fast, Chi Yang was faster.

In fact, no one knew when had even moved his leg.

Right when the punch had almost landed on his face, the golden-haired guy let out a painful scream as he was kicked away.

He was literally sent flying from the kick.

Much like a kite with a broken string.

He flew at least three meters away. The most startling thing was that he had been sent flying in a parabolic path.