My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Pain

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After hearing her coquettish response in the form of a hum, Chi Yang stood up, went to the bedroom to get a clean change of clothes, and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

All the furnishings in the house were normal, and nothing was wrong at all, so where did the blood in the elevator come from?

Although there were only a few drops, the blood stains clearly had not dried up yet.

It was not a pool of blood, but a single drop of blood. If it had not dried yet, it was clear that the person who had been bleeding had still been on the seventh floor minutes before his return.

Thinking of the Queen of Spades’ skills, Chi Yang felt relieved.

He might have just had a false alarm, whereby his Nuannuan was just a gentle and cute girl; she did nothing except go to school all day, and nothing had happened at home.

The other deduction was that she was really the Queen of Spades, and someone really broke into their house just now, but because her skills, these people had been dealt with before he came back.

Otherwise, how could the wet blood stain at the intersection of the corridor and the elevator be explained?

After fighting all day, killing off the underworld members, and facing the encirclement of more than 20,000 people, he was thankful that he had protected his soldiers. Yet, it had drained him physically. Now that he was idle, his body ached even more.

Therefore, Chi Yang immediately turned up the heat to the maximum level and took a scorching hot shower.

The bathroom was filled with mist, the air was hot and humid, and his aches alleviated a bit, but his head started to hurt again.

Moreover, it was not a faint type of pain, but explosive, sharp pain.

The sudden headache caused Chi Yang to support himself against the wall with one hand and hold his head with the other. Within that short while, the sweat on his forehead had already turned into water droplets and started to drip down. The shower was also washing over him at the same time, so even Chi Yang himself did not know how much he was sweating at the moment.

It was not until the unbearable pain faded away that he turned the water off.

He pressed hard against the painful area and felt a little bit of strength returning to his body, then got up to dry himself and put his clothes on.

Although the headache had improved, it still hurt very much, and he no longer wanted to wash his dirty clothes today anymore. With that, Chi Yang took Nuannuan’s face towel, wet it with hot water, walked out after wringing it dry. He then squatted in front of her, placed the towel on her face and scrubbed gently.

After wiping her face, he took her hand again. Originally, he wanted to casually wipe it, but he quickly realized that his fiance’s hands were even dirtier than her face.

Zhong Nuannuan was unaware of Chi Yang’s discovery at this moment. Lying on the sofa, her mind was wandering as she enjoyed the care of her Big Brother Chi Yang comfortably.

She felt so comfortable after being wiped down by the warm and wet towel!

After Chi Yang wiped her hands, he felt that her face and hands had to be scrubbed again, especially her hands, and that he had to wash her with a fresh basin of water. Hence, he stood up and prepared to go to the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, the moment he stood up, a sharp pain struck his head again, and Chi Yang’s expression changed.

He had experienced this kind of pain before the second operation, and it was only then that he realized he was probably having a cerebral hemorrhage again. Otherwise, he would not hurt like this.

However, he had to go to the hospital to stop the bleeding from his head, and Nuannuan was already exhausted because of his affairs, so Chi Yang could not bear to bother her. He thought that since he could tolerate it, it would be fine if he could just endure the pain and go to the hospital the next morning.