My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Cant You Be More Open Minded

When she saw Zhong Nuannuan refusing to relent, Aunty Zhao cried out in frustration, “How is that right? You’re the daughter of Master and Madam. How would I dare to treat you like a servant? Second Miss, you’ve already found your family members. You’re also provided with the basic necessities to live your life to the fullest. Why do you want to be so persistent with a servant like me? Can’t you be more open-minded and forgive me just this once?”

“I should forgive you for all the hurt you caused me just because I’ve found my family? If I won’t let you off the hook, it means that I’m narrow-minded and heartless? Aunty Zhao, what kind of crooked logic is this? Before you beg me for forgiveness, think about how many times you have spat in my breakfast since I’ve been back home. Just take a moment to think about why I had never allowed you to clean my room. And who was it that stole those valuable items given to me by dad?”

Aunty Zhao’s face turned pale.

She finally realized that this was why Zhong Nuannuan had never eaten the food she made. It was because she had known that Aunty Zhao had spat in it.

Aunty Zhao knew that everything was already set in stone. She started to make an unreasonable scene. “Second Miss, if you want to kick me out of the house, just say so! I’ve been in the Zhong family for 16 years. Madam and Elder Miss would know if I’m a thief or not. All these years, I’ve never stolen anything from Madam and Elder Miss’ rooms. Do you think I would be attracted by the things in the room of a country bumpkin? I’ll sue you for slander! If the defamation charge is established, do you think you, the fiance of a captain, would be able to handle it?”

Aunty Zhao had been in the Zhong Family for over a decade. With the things she had witnessed over the years, it was no surprise that she had mastered the skill of being an arrogant bully. At this moment, her aura was overbearing.

Zhong Nuannuan smiled. “Go on then.”

Zhong Kuijun was furious. He pointed at Aunty Zhao and said, “You evil woman! How dare you spit in my daughter’s breakfast and steal from her? Now that everything’s out in the open, you’re still blaming my daughter? You’re lawless! Butler, throw all of her things out. Tell the property manager to call the police and have her arrested if she still dares to loiter around Left Bank Town!”

When Aunty Zhao’s things were being thrown out by Butler Zhao, the banquet team that Chi Yang had hired arrived.

The administration crew was directing the placement of flowers, tables, and chairs. They were also making sure the food, alcohol, and beverage were in the right place. When Zhong Kuijun saw the exquisite food being placed on the tables, he walked to the person in charge who gave out the orders.

“Your people are so quick on their feet. Does your company specialize in helping people host banquets?”

The person in charge smiled and said, “Mr. Zhong, we’re the staff from Lijing Mansion. The ones placing the cutlery are all servers from our catering department. The cars parked over there are our dining cars. The chefs cooking for the guests today are all top chefs from our restaurant. I hope that Mr. Zhong and your family will be satisfied with our service.”

Zhong Kuijun had seen a lot of things in his life, but he was still amazed by this grand gesture.

Lijing Mansion!

Was this not the luxurious five-star hotel that had just started operating in Jiang District?

Initially, he had wanted to host the banquet at the hotel, but Chi Yang said that it would be better to host it at home. In the end, Chi Yang had hired everyone from the manager to even the chefs of the hotel to come over here.

Was this gesture of his not a little over the top?

Zhong Kuijun suppressed the amazement in his heart and smiled. “Lijing Mansion is the best five-star hotel in Jiang District. Now that the whole crew is here, I don’t have to worry about anything.”