Bank Of The Universe Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Great Light Bright Fist

Li Xiandao opened a passageway and directly sent them all out.

The priest brought Tian Guangming and the other nine emperors away.

Li Xiandao looked on as they left. He took off his mask and looked calmly.

Seven asked, "Arent you going?"

"I wont go yet. If they cant solve it, then I will go." Li Xiandao wanted to train his men.

He couldnt handle everything himself, otherwise, what was the point of having men?

"I just have to ensure that I get the stone flame." Li Xiandao smiled.

In the Barbarian Race Region, the situation was really intense.

Half of the barbarian race city had collapsed and it had been caused by a stone city. The house, buildings, and streets had all been destroyed.

The size of the stone city far exceeded the ancient city and only a small portion of it appeared. A large part of it was still hidden.

But this corner alone was shocking.

The stone city was ancient and covered in scratches. It was really terrifying and it gave off an old aura.

The priest brought Heaven Heart and walked out of the Bank of the Universe. When he saw this, he said helplessly, "We have built our city here for close to 100,000 years. We didnt know that such a stone city was hidden in the space here."

"This caused half the city to be gone and we suffered heavy casualties." Heaven Heart sighed and asked.

"When it smashed down, the entire space shook. We were the first to notice that something was not right, so we evacuated the people. Unfortunately, in the end, the people didnt want to leave or rather they were reluctant to move out. They were smashed by the city, roughly 3,000 of them." The Barbarian God Hall priest said helplessly.

They had tried their best. A few hundred civilians were shifted in a short amount of time and only 3,000 died.

If they didnt relocate them in time, not to mention 3,000, the few hundred thousand of them would have all died.

Unless one was a Legend Realm expert, one would not have been able to dodge it.

There was no normal person around the city. The barbarian god hall warriors tightly guarded this place.

The priest brought Heaven Heart to a small mountain range at the west of the ancient city.

Looking out from here, 100 miles away, there were many factions there. They gave off a strong aura and were located both on land and in the air.

There were dozens of giant clouds ships in the sky that were enormous and pointed straight for the ancient city.

"Barbarian Race, the treasure has no master, so anyone can join in. You sealed this place up and can block off our family, but can you stop 15 families?" A cold voice resounded from a cloud ship. It was really loud and the entire region heard it.

Numerous barbarian race warriors heard it. They were all infuriated and were extremely furious.

They found it above the ancient city and it even destroyed their city and caused 3,000 people to die. The barbarian race had paid a heavy but these factions were jealous and all ran over to want a piece of it.

"Not only do they want a piece, but they want to finish it all up and leave some soup for us." The priest suppressed his rage.

"Who is that arrogant person?" Tian Guangming was annoyed.

"Gu Gamilys elder, an emperor. He should be at stage one and he is really overbearing." The priest said coldly. He really wanted to kill this person, but if he attacked, he would have to face 15 families.

He was afraid, so he chose to bear with it.

But Tian Guangming was not afraid.

The moment he heard that he was only at stage one, he got excited and said, "Disciple, lend your overlord blade to me."

Li Wuya was stunned and passed his blade to Tian Guangming. He asked, "Master, what are you planning to do?"

The others looked at Tian Guangming and were really curious.

"Do what?" Tian Guangming laughed, "I am going to teach them a lesson to stop talking so much. That is just so immoral."

The moment he said this, Tian Guangming held Li Wuyas overlord blade and flew out. He was really quick and with a fling, it left his hand, turning into a black glow which slashed forwards.

Hong long long!

Tian Guangmings strike was quick and couldnt be guarded against. The Gu Family elder didnt notice and he couldnt dodge. He was viciously hit by the overlord blade.


The cloud ship in the sky exploded. The Gu Family elder shouted in rage, holding up a defensive barrier to try to block the attack of the overlord blade.


But how could a defensive barrier block it?

The blade slashed down and it instantly collapsed. The huge glow ripped apart his clothes and only left him in his underwear.


The Gu Family elder looked on in shock and rage. He couldnt dodge the fierce attack and could only try not to be hit in the crucial areas.


An arm was sliced off and blood surged. It was so painful that the elder screamed out loud. He retreated, falling into his own camp and crying for help.

Under the gazes of numerous people, it flew backwards into Tian Guangmings hand.

Tian Guangming tossed it back to his disciple and stood on the flat ground. He faced the 15 families and shouted loudly, "Did your mother teach you not to be arrogant? Those people who were arrogant would be sliced?"

"Who are you?" The Gu Family elder was injured and his arm was sliced off. His strength was largely reduced and his cloud ship had exploded. This cloud ship was of great value and it made the chief of the Gu Family stare at Tian Guangming with a dark and sunken expression. He gritted his teeth and asked.

If not for Tian Guangming slicing off the elders arm, the Gu Family Chief would have already attacked.

Gu Familys face was stepped on by Tian Guangming.

"I am your grandfather Tian Guangming!" Tian Guangming stood with his arms by his waist and he purposely infuriated the Gu Family Chief.

"You are asking to die. The tribulation that Barbarian God Hall is going to face today was also caused by you." The Gu Family Chief was furious. He instantly attacked and his emperors aura spread out. He was an emperor too and he was much stronger than the elder. His attacks were unstoppable and he smashed forwards.

This fist contained numerous daos all gathered together.

But Tian Guangming didnt show weakness. If he wanted to fight, he would follow suit.

"Take a taste of your Grandfather Tian Guangmings Great Light Bright Fist!" Tian Guangming hollered. Bright light exploded from his body. He turned into a giant fist and pressed forwards.

Hong long long!

Tian Guangmings fist smashed onto the Gu Family chiefs body. The huge power sent the chief flying.


Space cracked like a shattered mirror. Numerous cracks appeared and chaotic energy spread about.

Great Light Bright Fist was Tian Guangmings ultimate technique that he had been learning from the start. It was really strong and it caused the Gu Family chief who was also at stage two to spit out mouthfuls of blood.

After obtaining the stone heart of the God Race expert, Tian Guangmings ability couldnt be looked down on.