Magic Industry Empire Book 1 Chapter 91

Volume 1 Chapter 91 If You Give Me Territory

Volume 1 Chapter 91 If you give me territory

Each time the middle of the month came, it would be an exciting time for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers.

The reason was very simple, it was because the middle of the month was their payday.

After working hard for a month, when they received their pay, everyone would be much happier than normal.

Adding in the fact that early in the morning, Heinz and Camby had announced a good piece of news to the workers of both factories.

Not only did they not need to work overtime today, the company would also host a large banquet for both workshops and all the workers could participate for free.

Not only did the banquet have plenty of food, it even had good wine!

When hearing that the wind was actually from the Sachi Manor, not only did the household magic machine workshops workers explode with cheers, the dwarves of the magic machine workshop almost blew up their workshop with their cheers.

Being supported by this exciting mood, the productivity of both workshops had increased by 20% today. They finished all the work they should have finished during overtime during their normal shifts.

When it was close to dinner, Heinz and Camby announced that work was over half an hour early and they gathered everyone to give out their pay.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received large amounts of orders, there was quite a bit of overtime for both workshops last month. So when they gave out wages, adding in the pay for the overtime, each workers salary was quite a bit higher than normal.

The dwarves of the magic machine workshop had a set salary of eight gold coins per month, but now even the person with the smallest wage had at least twelve gold coins. There were many of them that received even more than fourteen gold coins.

This wage could be considered quite good in Banta City. Even many of the old workers in the large companies couldnt receive this kind of wage.

To the dwarves that had lived impoverished lives before, this was a giant amount.

Other than that, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took care of their meals and lodgings, this was equal to helping them save money.

If this was in the dwarf tribe, because humans raised prices when doing business with dwarves, it seemed like dwarves didnt consume a lot each month, but it was still quite a lot when it was converted into gold coins.

Adding it all up, the dwarves received over twenty gold coins per month in salary.

Compared to this, the workers of the household magic machine workshop didnt have wages as high as the dwarves. The lowest received over ten gold coins and the highest received close to thirteen gold coins.

Other than that, because the workers in the household magic machine workshop were all human, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have many scruples in giving them benefits. So other than their wages, the human workers in the magic machine workshop could also receive many material benefits.

For example, condiments for their daily cooking, rice and flower, fruits that the workers normally couldnt bear to buy, and other things…

Although these things werent expensive, they were all things the workers needed. Many times, the effect they had wasnt worse than paying them their wages.

If there was still a part of the human workers that still wasnt too assured about this new company yet, after working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory for over two months, these human workers no longer had any suspicion towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not only was there was a stable wage here, there were all kinds of benefits they had never imagined before. The work here was even more much more relaxed compared to other places and the boss didnt beat or scold them. To many of the human workers, this place was simply like heaven.

Not mentioning having any doubts about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if Xu Yi were to come here and fire and worker, that person would immediately break out in tears and definitely refuse to leave.

Of the three hundred workers in the household magic machine workshop, there were a hundred workers who were rather special.

Seeing the other human workers pick up their wages in high spirits, these hundred workers moved to the side. Although their expressions were filled with envy, they didnt have any hope in their hearts at all.

These hundred human workers were naturally the hundred slaves Viscount Leslie had given Xu Yi.

After they knew that Viscount Leslie had given them to Xu Yi, the hearts of these hundred slaves were filled with happiness.

This was because they were clear that following a master like Xu Yi was definitely better than being under Viscount Leslie.

Of course, they still remembered their slave status and didnt dare have any expectations towards receiving wages.

They belonged to Xu Yi, so it was natural that they worked for him. It was pretty good that he was feeding them, so how could he still give them money?

Therefore when a slave heard Sebas who was handing out wages call his name and found that Sebas gave him not some daily necessities, but actually a purse when he arrived in front of him, he was completely stunned.

This…This is for me? Bazac carefully pointed at the purse, speaking with a look of disbelief on his face.

Yes, its yours, quickly take it. Next Sebas threw the purse to Bazac and called out the next slave in a loud voice.

Bazac walked back to the slaves holding the purse in a daze. The other slaves couldnt suppress the curiosity in their hearts and urged him to open the purse.

Bazacs trembling hands took a while to open up the purse and instantly a dazzling golden glow came out of the purse.

Lying in the purse, if it wasnt dazzling gold coins, what else could it be!

The surrounding slaves stretched their heads out, looking into the purse and they couldnt hold back their gasps of shock.

The youngest slave was still over twenty and even with how old they were, they had never seen a gold coin before, especially one that belonged to them!

One..Two…Three…Seven…Eight, eight gold coins! Bazac slowly finished counting the coins in the purse and he couldnt help roaring out in excitement.

Gods above! He, Bazac could actually own eight gold coins!

This must be a gift from the gods! No, this was Lord Xu Yis grace!

Bazac quickly ran over to Xu Yi who was standing beside Sebas looking over the monthly accounts. He fell down with a putong and kept bowing his head.

Xu Yi was surprised and quickly pulled him up. Seeing Bazacs bloody forehead, he asked in shock, What are you doing?

I..I..I wanted to thank Lord Xu! You must be a great god descended to the world!

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry. He never thought that giving someone the wages they deserved could actually make them this excited.

He waved his hand to stop the other slaves who wanted to do the same. Xu Yi shook his head and was too lazy to explain anything to Bazac as he called for two slaves to take him away to stop his bleeding. Then he waved as Sebas to let him continue giving out the wages.

Heinz on the side suddenly knit his brows. He came beside Xu Yi and said in a low voice, Xu Yi, I already said it before, its best if you dont give the slaves wages. This will be bad if you keep doing this, Im afraid youll attract resentment from the nobles of the kingdom.

Xu Yi looked at him and revealed a relaxed smile, Relax, didnt I tell you last time? I am not a noble now, I am only doing things as a merchant. Those lord nobles will not care about what a small merchant like me does, it isnt related to them anyway.

Then you dont want to become a noble? Heinz then asked.

Xu Yi closed the book of accounts and after thinking for a bit, he said with a serious face, I do and I want to be one very much, I wish I could already become a noble. On the continent, the status of a noble makes handling many things much more convenient. At least I can have a piece of land that belongs to me, so I can do whatever I want. But it isnt like that right now, just expanding the workshop has already tied up our hands.

Heinz looked over out the window to look at the construction site for the new workshop.

According to Xu Yis real intentions, when he wanted to construct this new factory, he wanted replan this large piece of land to lay the foundation for further expansion.

But Heinz had reminded him that they land they were currently using belonged to Viscount Leslie. If Viscount Leslie ever changed his mind, the land that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked so hard to develop would be gone.

So Xu Yi was helpless, he could only first build a new workshop and suppress the idea of building an industrial district back down into his heart.

Xu Yis eyes looked over the construction site with Heinz and he said with a soft sigh, If I had a piece of land, I am certain that I could build a complete and beautiful industrial district on that land. Itll be much better than this current mess.

Heinz said with a bitter smile, Its a pity that youre not a noble.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before giving Heinz a smile, Im not now, but that doesnt mean I cant be in the future. Perhaps when I come back from Anvilmar, youll find that Ive already become a noble.

Heinz was stunned. Looking at Xu Yis mysterious expression, he was a bit surprised.

He had heard Xu Yi say that when he goes to Anvilmar to participate in the Magicians Guilds certification exam, the king would also summon him. Could it be he received some inside information?

But Xu Yi didnt explain at all as he watched Sebas hand out the rest of the wages. He called Alex to let the workers gather and prepare for the banquet before calling Heinz, Camby, and Sebas to follow him to the office.

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