Magic Industry Empire Book 2 Chapter 88

Volume 2 Chapter 88 I Want To Fly Into Outer Space

Volume 2 Chapter 88 I want to fly into outer space

“Ha, ha, charman Xu, with a beauty like young miss Still as your lover, don’t you think there is quite a bit of pressure?” Kennard looked at the bitter smile on Xu Yi’s face and he gave a soft laugh.

Xu Yi looked at him and let out a breath before saying with a sigh, “I think that you are the same. You have such a beautiful and lively little sister, it must be quite a bit of pressure on you.”

“Beautiful and lively?” Kennard’s face twitched a few times before his smile also became bitter, “I can accept the appraisal of beautiful, but as for lively..I rather that Sophia wasn’t this lively.”

The two looked at each other before breaking out in laughter.

Just this between them made the two of them seem much more friendly.

After laughing, Kennard asked with a serious face, “Chairman Xu, why do you care about controlling the river? This matter no matter what shouldn’t be related to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right?”

“It seems like that on the surface, but Kennard, have you ever thought of the benefits that come with controlling the river?” Xu Yi asked back.

“Benefits?” Kennard thought for a bit before saying with a frown, “Other than preventing floods, are there any other benefits?”

“No, preventing flooding is just a basic requirement. The real benefit is that after controlling the river, river transport can play a more vital role.” Xu Yi replied.

“River transport?” Kennard knit his brows even more, “Chairman Xu, it can’t be that you want to help chairman Porter after seeing his bitter experiences, right?”

“That is only one reason. The real reason is that the current Banta City indeed requires river transportation.” Xu Yi said, “Kennard, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce deals in groceries, so what is the most important thing to the Walmart Chamber of Commerce?”

“That is..” Kennard hesitated a bit, “It should be having enough inventory, otherwise uncle Hank wouldn’t have added the condition of being given priority.”

Xu Yi knew that Kennard was speaking for Hank Wilson, so he revealed a smile to show he understood before he kept asking, “Then how do you guarantee that all the cities of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce have enough inventory?”

Kennard thought about it before his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Chairman Xu, I understand what you mean. You’re saying that transportation is important for business?”

“That’s right.” Xu Yi nodded with a look of praise, “Right now Banta City is developing this fast, so it could be imagined that it would be producing countless different goods. Since it’s like this, Banta City needs a powerful transport system to send out all this produced cargo.”

Kennard nodded, “Right. Like the magic machines that you and uncle Hank talked about, if all those magic machines including the ones made by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isn’t sent out and they just remain in Banta City, it would create heavy losses.”

“It’s fine if it’s just money losses, but the key is that without the support of a transport system, it would be a strong hit to the developing magic machine industry of Banta City. There are many small companies that have spent most of their money on building these magic machines, so if they can’t sell them out, it would be complete destruction for them.” Xu Yi honestly said, “I always hoped that there would be many companies related to magic machines in Banta City, so naturally I don’t want to see this happen.”

Kennard looked at Xu Yi for a while before suddenly asking, “Chairman Xu, after observing you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a few days, I’ve always wanted to ask you something.”

“Speak, it’s not good to keep questions in your heart.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“I want to ask, why does it seem like many things you do aren’t for yourself, but rather to train competitors for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce? With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s current lead, you can easily take away the entire magic machine industry. Like that, whether it is you or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you will receive a large amount of benefits and become so big that people will find it hard to imagine. So why don’t you do this?”

“You want to know the real answer?” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course. I hope that chairman Xu can honestly answer my question because it is related to a large decision that I have to make.” Kennard said with a nod.

Seeing Kennard’s honest expression, although Xu Yi was a bit surprised, he still honestly answered after thinking about it, “Actually before you, there have been many people who have asked me this question. I’ll repeat for you again. I studied magic machines and created the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at first for money, but now, it is no longer just that goal. Do you believe me?”

Kennard nodded without hesitation, “I do. If you did it just for money, there are many things that you’ve done that couldn’t be explained.”

“It’s good that you’re willing to believe this.” Xu Yi gave a smile before continuing, “Since it’s not for money, of course there is another goal, or rather it should be called a target. My target, or rather the closer one, is to let people enjoy the benefits of magic machines. I want to improve the quality of life of everyone on the Sines Continent and give everyone better lives.”

“This is only the closer target?” Kennard was a bit surprised, “Then what is your further target?”

“The further target is to increase the magic and technological level of the Sines Continent and create a large change in the world. Not only will people be able to live on every part of the continent, they will be able to enter the bottom of the seas and fly in the sky. Even going to..outer space.”

“Outer space?” This was a strange word that Kennard was hearing for the first time, “What is that?”

Xu Yi pointed at the sky and asked Kennard, “You can see it now. There are clouds floating in the sky, but do you know what is above those clouds?”

Kennard raised his head and looked at the untouchable sky before shaking his head.

Although Wind Attributed Magicians have flown up very high before, up until now, there has never been a magician that has touched the clouds. Not to mention a place above the clouds.

“Let me tell you, there is a place even above the sky. It is incomparably big, bigger than you can ever imagine. And in that space, separated by an incredible distance, there is a continent that is like the Sines Continent. I want to go to outer space and go see that continent in outer space because perhaps I can find my real home on that continent.”

Seeing the inexplicable depressed expression on Xu Yi’s face, Kennard was very confused.

First not mentioning how Xu Yi knew that there was an endless void, what did he mean by him being able to find his true home on that continent?

Could it be that calm and cool chairman Xu was actually a poet?

Xu Yi was lost in thought as he stared into the sky. When he looked down, he looked back at Kennard.

He saw Kennard’s surprised face, but Xu Yi didn’t plan on explaining, so he asked with a smile, “How about it, do you know why I’m training my competitors? It’s because I want this industry to develop as quickly as possible to ensure that I achieve my dream while I’m still alive.”

Kennard shook his head, thinking that chairman Xu’s dream really was crazy.

But it’s said that everyone that achieved great things was a bit crazy in the end.

Right now, chairman Xu was someone who had achieved great things.

Thinking of this, Kennard made his decision in his mind.

“Chairman Xu, to realize your dream, it’s not possible to do it alone. I think you need some helpers.” Kennard said, “I’ve heard Hannas say that you always wanted to hire someone to manage the general affairs for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce..Eh..A general manager, right?”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard in surprise as he nodded, “That’s right, I am indeed looking for a general manager to take some work for me, but I’ve never found the right candidate.”

Kennard revealed a faint smile and pointed at himself, “Chairman Xu, do you think I can be the general manager?”

Although he had guessed it from Kennard’s attitude, Xu Yi was still surprised when he heard Kennard say it.

“Kennard, you are the eldest son of the Emma Family’s head, how can you work for our company?”

“I am not the eldest son, so I don’t have succession rights. Moreover, I don’t have a title now, so there is no problem for me to enter the business world and become a merchant. In fact, the family has trained me since I was young to become a merchant and when I was fourteen, I’ve already begun handling some matters for the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. Up until six months ago, I was the assistant to the Walmart Chamber of Commerce’s vice chairman and was handling all kinds of small and large matters in the company. Chairman Xu, do you think that..this kind of me is qualified to be the general manager of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Kennard asked.

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded without any hesitation, “But I’m very unclear on why you want to be our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s general manager. With your identity, if you want to enter the business world, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce is clearly the better choice.”

“Chairman Xu, you just told me your dream and I also have a dream. Although my dream is not as big as yours, there is something in common, which is that I hope to change the world with my power. I cannot see that hope in the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, but at your place, in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can see that hope. So I want to grab that hope and give my best effort to truly change the world.”

Seeing Kennard with his honest and serious expression, Xu Yi fell silent.

With Kennard’s identity, his training from the Emma Family, and his experience in the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, he was indeed very qualified to become the general manager.

Although he was still a year younger than Xu Yi, in terms of business, he had more experience than Xu Yi.

For such a person to want to become the general manager of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was beneath his skills.

Xu Yi wanted to agree, but he was still worried about a few things.

“You are still someone from the Emma Family in the end and must return to the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. If you work at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is basically a waste of time.” Xu Yi said.

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, although I was born in the Emma Family, that does not mean that I will be fettered by that family forever. The reason why I had Hannas bring me here was to see if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could give me the possibility of my dream of leaving the family. Now that I’ve found this possibility, do you think I would let it go?”

Seeing Xu Yi looking like he was considering it, Kennard then said, “Chairman Xu, actually I already received my father’s approval before coming this time, so you don’t need to worry about pressure from the Emma Family. Other than that, you wouldn’t lose anything from hiring me as the general manager, right? Even if I do leave, at least during my time here, I can contribute to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I believe that I’m capable of achieving that. Since it’s like this, what is chairman Xu worried about? Could it don’t even have a bit of courage?”

Xu Yi looked at him and thought for a bit before saying with a smile, “Don’t try to push me. Alright, since you’re willing to be our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s general manager, then for this time, you will enter a probation period. I must remind you that although you have an outstanding background and experience, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is different from the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, so things will be done differently. If you can’t do it, don’t blame me for not giving you face and directly dismissing you.”

Kennard revealed a grin, revealing his shiny, white teeth.

“Please be assured, I definitely will not give you the chance to dismiss me.”

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