Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Book Chapter 330

Chapter 330 The Book Of Heaven Earth And Man

In Divine Dominion, there are three Books.

The Book of Heaven: The Manuscript of Gods.

The Book of Earth: The Classics of Mountains and Seas.

The Book of Man: The Book of Life and Death!

Jiang Feng had already obtained the Manuscript of the Gods.

He did not know if the Sacred Artifact Earth Book, belonging to Zhenyuanzi, was one of the three Books in the Divine Dominion.

After understanding the stats conversion rate on Silvermoon, he then said to Zhenyuanzi, "Show me the Earth Book!"

After hearing what Jiang Feng said, he shuddered before giving him a bitter smile. "Shifter Shifter Emperor The Earth Book is already bound to me. It wont have any use even if you take it"

Jiang Feng frowned. "What are you worried about? I dont want it, I only want to see it!"


When he saw Jiang Fengs angry face, Zhenyuanzi did not dare to say anything more and gave him the Earth Book.

The Earth Book was about the size of a normal book. Its cover was quite drab and it only had two words written on it: Earth Book!

Once he had taken the Earth Book, he looked at its stats and the excitement on his face was obvious for all to see.

Earth Book: Second Grade Sacred Artifact

Description: It has recorded many Primordial Monsters and Demigods locations. Those who possess the Earth book may use it to collect the souls of the dead Primordial Monsters and Demigods. The user of the Book may use some of the skills of these Primordial Monsters and Demigods.

Prerequisite: Zhenyuanzi

The Earth Books stats and the Heaven Book Manuscript of the Gods stats were quite similar. It only had one sentence. It did not even add Luck and Destiny.

However, in just one sentence, it had shown its strength.

He flipped open the book and noticed that one of the monsters within the book had been colored. The monster was a giant pig that had shades of black and white. Its nose was like that of an elephant. That meant that the Earth Book had already absorbed the soul of one of the Primordial Monsters.

The Primordial Monsters name was Meng Mo, and it had the ability to make its enemies fall into sleep, and it can also eat their dreams.

Looking at this Primordial Monster, he finally knew why the Earth Book had the ability to erase the players memories.

When the players entered the game, they were in a condition of being half-asleep. Playing the game meant to exist within a dream.

That meant that by using Meng Mos ability, he could consume other players memories.

"Sigh Wouldnt it be much better if this book belongs to me? What a waste!" Jiang Feng said as he looked at the Earth Book. He was reluctant to give the book up, but he gave it back to Zhenyuanzi anyway.

The book belonged to Zhenyuanzi, and he could not snatch it away from him. It was a piece of equipment that was forever bound to him.

Despite not being able to obtain the Earth Book, he did not give up. He was going to recruit Zhenyuanzi into the Shifter Faction.

And the only way to pull him into the Shifter Faction was to make him one of the Shifters gods.

"Zhenyuanzi, I will confer you the title as the Shifters god, will you accept?"

With that, he took out the Manuscript of the Gods. With a wave of his hand, the Manuscript was unfurled, and a golden light fell upon Zhenyuanzi.

Zhenyuanzi looked at the Manuscript of the Gods as his face paled.

He belonged to the Divine Faction, and his days had mostly been peaceful. But once he agrees to become the Shifters god, it would be the same as betraying the Divines. Not to mention he would need to obey his commands.

But if he were to refuse, he was worried that Jiang Feng would kill him without hesitation. He was not sure about what to do.

"Zhenyuanzi, only by following me will your Earth Book have a chance of becoming complete and become an Absolute Artifact! Only then will you become even stronger! Why are you still hesitating?!" Jiang Feng tempted him.

"Alright, I agree. But I want to bring along my two disciples!" Zhenyuanzi nodded in agreement when he heard that.


In the next moment, the Manuscript of the Gods glowed a golden light and pulled Zhenyuanzi, Qingfeng, and Mingyue into the manuscript.

The moment that they entered the Manuscript, three letters appeared: Zhenyuanzi.

"While I cant get the Earth Book directly, I can still control its owner. In the end, wouldnt the Earth Book be considered mine?" Jiang Feng mumbled with a smile.

"I should go to the Courts of Hell and take the Book of Man as well!" With that, he teleported back to the Ancient City. And then, through the Ancient City, teleported back to Luzhou City.

He had been to the Courts of Hell with Xiao Lan once, so he quickly found the entrance to the Courts of Hell at the Ghostmist Forest.


He yelled out, and the gateway to the Court of Hell slowly opened and revealed a passageway.

He did not hesitate to jump into the passageway in front of him.

The Courts of Hell was still as depressing as before.

As soon as Jiang Feng arrived at King Yamas Palace, Xiao Lan flew out from within and asked him worryingly, "Why did you come to the Court of Hell?"

She now knew how powerful Jiang Feng was, and due to her growing feelings for him, she no longer wanted to kill him. However, if Jiang Feng wanted to destroy the Courts of Hell, she would not allow it.

Jiang Feng looked at Xiao Lan and said to her jokingly, "Yo, your curves are getting better."

Xiao Lan rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng and said, "Let us get to the point, shall we? Why did you come to the Courts of Hell? You cannot destroy the Courts of Hell. If you do, I will not be able to help you during the Great Divine-Infernal War."

"Of course. I wouldnt come here to destroy the Courts of Hell. I am only here to look for the Judge!" Jiang Feng said and entered King Yanluos Palace.

Looking for the Judge? Xiao Lan followed him despite her suspicion.

When he entered King Yanluos palace, the Judge was sitting in his chair with his brush and writing something in the Book of Life and Death.

Jiang Feng walked over and said to the Judge with a smile, "Ugly judge, we meet again."

"Who dares say that I am ugly? I will make him de- Oh, my! Shifter Shifter Emperor! Hello! Have you had lunch?" When the judge heard someone call him ugly, he turned over to look with anger. But when he saw Jiang Feng smiling at him playfully, he was so surprised that he fell from his chair.

"Haha Judge, I never expected to see this side of you," Xiao Lan laughed when she saw the Judge in so much fear.

Normally, the Judge was quite high-and-mighty in front of her. However, she dared not say anything as the Judge had the power over life and death.

"Judge, the reason that I came to look for you is to look at your Book of Life and Death," Jiang Feng said.

"Er Please dont tell me you are here to destroy my book?" The Judge cried. "Shifter Emperor, please forgive me! It was my fault last time! I apologize, so please do not destroy my Book of Life and Death!"

"What are you talking about? Did I say I wanted to destroy it?" Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at him.

"Alright," He waved his hand, and the huge Book of Life and Death that was floating in the air shrunk when it fell into his hand. He then gave it to Jiang Feng respectfully. Since it was a bound item, he was not afraid that Jiang Feng would steal it from him.

Book of Life and Death: Second Grade Sacred Artifact (Book of Man)

Description: Can be used to check the history, the good, and the bad of anyone that has existed since the primordial times in the Divine Dominion. It is a set with the Brush of Reincarnating Spring and Autumn (Judges Brush). When the users power surpasses an opponents and the user knows the opponents name, physical description, or birthday, the user may write down the opponents name to decide the opponents life and death! If the users power is weaker than the targets, there is a chance of failure!

Prerequisites: Judge

It was very simple, but it was still very powerful. It could decide ones life and death with one stroke of a brush.

Jiang Feng gave the Book of Life and Death back to the Judge. He raised his palm, and the Manuscript of the Gods appeared in his hand.


His palm shook and the Manuscript unfurled, a golden light shone upon the Judge.

"Judge, I will confer you the title as a Shifters god, will you accept?"

Xiao Lan frowned as he rolled his eyes at Jiang Feng. "You are stealing our Spirits people!"

Jiang Feng smiled and brutality shone in his eyes. "Correct. If he disagrees, then I would have to kill him."

The Judge was quite cowardly and when he heard that he would have to die if he refused, he whimpered and said, "I agree! I agree!"


A golden light shot out from the Manuscript of the Gods and it surrounded the Judge and pulled him into the Manuscript.

In the next moment, a new name appeared on the manuscript: Judge!

Haha! I have gotten all three Books! Maybe they would be able to help me on Silvermoon, Jiang Feng thought to himself with glee as he put away the Manuscript of the Gods.

Xiao Lan looked at Jiang Feng recruiting the Judge and complained, "Shifter Emperor, how shameless can you be? Stealing my men right in front of me. That is too much, is it not?"

Jiang Feng placed his hands on her face and said with a smile and said, "I have done so many shameless things in my life. This is nothing."