Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Recruit The Gnomes

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Jiang Feng used his change skill and changed his size into that of a Rank 1 dragon which was only about a meter long.

The third time that he came to the gnomes it was the same as the first time, to steal stuff. Of course, he couldnt attract too much attention.

He looked at how he was and nodded pleasingly. He then slowly flew and headed towards where the gnomes were.

Gnomes homeland, a dungeon deep within the pit.

Robert and Rocket were imprisoned within, refusing to resign themselves to such a fate.

Rocket said, "Robert, why did the priest lock us up? What did we do wrong?"

Robert said plainly, "The priest said that we shouldnt have brought the dragon here, causing us to lose a dragons corpse!"

Rocket said angrily, "That dragons corpse belonged to the dragons! The dragons ought to bring it back! Why did the priest do this?"

"Do you still dont understand? To your priests, what you did had no value at all. You caused them to lose something of value, so of course, he would take it out on you!"

Just as Robert and Rocket were conversing, a light roar came.

"Who is it?"

Robert and Rocket stood up, trying to find the source of the voice.

Only at this time did Jiang Feng appear from the corner and appeared before Robert and Rocket. He said, "Its me, your Brother Feng!"

"Why why are you here?" Robert asked in surprise as he pointed at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng also arrived here by accident, to tell the truth.

After he had reached the gnomes settlement, he had used his Hide skill to hide from the gnomes protecting the elevator, and fly directly into the pit.

But the pit was too big, and there were many rooms and mineshafts, so all he could do was to slowly search for where they were forging the gnome kings statue.

But what surprised him was that he did not find where they were forging the gnome kings statue, and instead found Robert and Rocket being imprisoned in a dungeon cell.

Seeing that, he was overjoyed. He never would have thought that Cameron would have locked them up. In that case, he had the confidence to be able to convince them to follow him.

"Im here for you two," Jiang Fengs body became slightly bigger as he said to Robert and Rocket.

"For us?" Robert asked with doubt as he blinked.

Jiang Feng nodded and said with a sigh, "Before I leave, I knew that the priest wouldnt let you two go. Since it was you two that brought me here and harm caused the gnomes to suffer unnecessary losses. We had also chatted so happy with each other and I have already treated you as my friends. My friends, I cannot bear to see you two suffer, and so I returned to save you."

If Yanhu and Heifeng were here, they would definitely give Jiang Feng a thumbs up. The way he "persuaded" people were much better than theirs.

Jiang Feng stirred ones emotions while Yanhu and Heifeng appealed to ones pride. The saying that went "like master like servants" was pretty accurate.

"Thank you, Brother Feng. No one had treated us as friends, and you were the first one. However, we will not leave with you, as the clan is our home!" Robert said to Jiangfeng gratefully while Rocket had shown some hesitation.

I dont believe that I cant persuade you two NPCs with normal intelligence!

Seeing that Rocket was hesitating, Jiang Feng was secretly overjoyed. He then continued to say, "Home? Hoho, have they ever treated you as part of their household? You two are but tools for the gnomes, a pickaxe. You have high-level smithing skills, why cant you smelt and forge from the ore that you mined yourself? Why must you give them to someone else? Are you really happy that way? Is that what you want, to stay here and mine for the rest of your life? Have you never thought of receiving the gnome kings inheritance and becoming a being higher than other gnomes?"

His words caused both Robert and Rocket to feel nervous.

They would never have thought about such words in their entire lifetime. That was because, in their subconsciousness, they need only to obey. No voice had asked them to question or to resist.

Why do we have high-ranked smithing skills, but we can only mine for ores?

Why do we work and mine so hard, only for others to reap most of the benefits while we have the crumbs?

Why are we locked down here for so long while the others are fine?


Because of Jiang Fengs voice, questions had begun to rise in their hearts.

Seeing that Robert and Rocket were thinking with their heads lowered, Jiang Feng smiled and continued with the pursuit and said, "I will guarantee to both of you. If both of you follow me, I will make you both a being above many, making many to beg you. I will build a private smithy for you. And you will be served with delicious food every day! Because you two are my brethren and are supposed to be served like kings!"

"Really?!" Robert and Rocket looked at Jiang Feng with light in their eyes. They looked up to Jiang Feng, and asked, "You can build a private smithy for both of us? Theres delicious food every day?"

So, their buttons are smithing and food. If I had known which button to push earlier, I wouldnt have to waste so much effort.

"Yes, very true!" Jiang Feng gave them a thumbs up and said with conviction.

"Alright, well come with you!" Robert and Rocket exchanged a glance and agreed.

"Alright, now close your eyes. I will first send you somewhere, then I will bring you out!"

Robert and Rocket both closed their eyes, as they trusted him very much.

Next, Jiang Feng took out the Qiankun Gourd and absorbed both of them in. But he did not put them and Yanhu together. If he did and they saw Yanhu, they would find out about their deception.

So he put Robert and Rocket on the opposite side of Yanhu. The Qiankun Gourd was huge, so it was not possible for them to find Yanhu.

With that, Jiang Feng managed to recruit two gnomes.

However, the two gnomes never would have imagined that it didnt take them too long to own an entire workshop, not just a smithy.

There would also be a lot of people begging them, but all came to beg them to forge equipment.

They will also have delicious food every day, but all of that was from the money they earned, and it wasnt 0.1% of the money they had earned.

If one day, they had awakened, they would definitely show Jiang Feng their middle fingers and cursed him saying, "To hell with you!"


After recruiting the two gnomes, next he would need to find the gnome kings statue.

He wouldnt dare to ask Robert and Rocket about that. While they have both betrayed the gnomes and followed him, that didnt mean that they would betray the gnome king. A kings influence on their servants ran deep.

If they noticed that Jiang Feng was making a move against the gnome kings statue, they would probably betray him.

After he had explored the pit carefully for a very long time, he finally found where they were forging the gnome kings statue at a smithy to the east of the pit, close to a smelting pool.

He saw that mechanized mining carts were continuously throwing various ores into the smelting pool, some of them were even spiritual-level ores. Looking at this, Jiang Feng felt that it was a giant waste. If it wasnt because they couldnt pick them up, he would have collected all of the gnomes ores.

As cards of ores were being thrown into the smelting pool, many gnomes were scattering Molten Iron Powder into the ores. Very quickly, the ores in the smelting pool all turned into liquid metal.

And then, some gnomes would use tools to guide the liquid metal from the smelting pool into a giant pool of water.

The liquid metal hardened as it interacted with water. Then, another group of ores would take that liquid metal out, and strike them. The entire put was filled with the sounds of striking metal.

"It looks like its still going to take quite some time before its done. I should log out and have a meal first!"

Seeing that the gnome kings statue would not be completed for quite some time, he looked at the time and realized that it had been about seven or eight hours since his last meal. He then looked for a safe place and logged out of the game.