Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 101

Chapter 101 The Gnome Kings Statue Of Inheritance

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After logging out of the game, Jiang Feng sat up from his bed. He looked outside the window and saw the moon. He then massaged his empty stomach and then walked out of his room after wearing a jacket.

When he reached the living room, he saw Su Qing was sitting on the sofa watching the television. The table in front of her was some food that was covered.

"Xiao Qing, have you eaten?" He asked Su Qing when he came next to her.

"Ah" His presence startled Su Qing and she quickly stood up from the sofa. "I know that you havent eaten yet, boss. So, Ive made something nice. But theyre all cold now, so let me reheat them!"

With that, she then took the food from the table and went back to the kitchen.

Jiang Feng shrugged and walked into the washroom to relieve himself and freshen up a bit.

After he had done that, Su Qing had already reheated the meals. He then sat in front of the sofa and used the remote and chose a show called "Analyze the Divine Dominion," and then had his dinner.

"Welcome to this episode of Analyze the Divine Dominion! Today we have invited the leader of the games first guild, Ms. Canaan! Please welcome her!"


Looking at the screen, he raised his eyebrow and his sight was focused on the beautiful and graceful Canaan, who was wearing formal wear and had some simple makeup.

There was some difference between this Canaan and the Canaan that was from the game, she wasnt that pretty. That meant that she must have adjusted her looks.

"I just remembered. I was wondering why she looked so familiar. She was the woman that rammed into me about a month ago!"

This was the first time that he looked at Canaan properly, and he realized that Canaan was the woman that had rammed into him one month ago when he was cleaning the streets.

Because of the effects of the Monster Transmutation System, he had recovered from the accident instantly. So Canaan didnt know that she actually did ram into him.

He laughed bitterly and shook his head so that he wouldnt think about those things. If he were to think about it, he would need to thank Canaan. If it wasnt because of her knocking into him, he wouldnt have received the Monster Transmutation System.

"Ms. Canaan, theres one question that I wanted to ask you. At Level 10, the players could spend 10,000 to go towards Silvermoon. However, why were there so little players that went there, and those that went there would return shortly thereafter?" The host asked.

Canaan gave him a gentle smile and replied plainly, "You should know that in all games, there are low-level maps and high-level maps. The location that we are at right now is the low-level map, the monsters levels range from 0 to 100 and are quite suitable for the current players development. However, the monsters at Silvermoon range from 100 to 500 and are considered to be a high-level map. At this stage, the players that went over wont be able to expand and develop at all. Actually, this setting that allows players to go over at level 10 for the price of 10,00 was meant for players that wanted to travel around so that they could visit Silvermoon at the beginning of the game."

Jiang Feng knew what Canaan had said.

He had read it before on the message board. After the opening of the Banking Exchange Service, many of the rich players have gone over to Silvermoon immediately. Unfortunately, the moment they stepped out of the city, they would be killed by creep.

That was why very little players went over. Since they needed to spend 10,000 on every trip but they couldnt even leave the city, there was nothing to do over there, And the return trip would be another 10,000. It simply wasnt worth it.

"Then Ms. Canaan, what do you think about the Inheritors of the various races?" the host asked again.

"The inheritors?" Canaan became more serious. "The inheritors can be said to be one of the main uniqueness of this game. Inheritors are beyond the factions, and they each have very powerful individual abilities. They would be instrumental in the World War, the Great Divine-Infernal War, and the Space Wars!"

"The Inheritors themselves are a powerful faction on their own. They can command a single race to fight for them. Their growth, however, was much harder than normal players such as ourselves. Since they carry very heavy burdens and responsibilities, and that requires an equivalent amount of sacrifice."

That was correct. If inheritors wanted to grow, then they had to sacrifice a lot. My sacrifice is the loneliness from unable to interact with other players as well as having to use the Monster Transmutation System to increase my own power as I couldnt increase my stats as normal through leveling up. I have also opened myself to more dangers.

So he was still quite pleased with Canaans answer. However, what Canaan said made him angry.

"The inheritors werent all played by players. Some of them were NPCs. For example, the Wyrmlings from the Shifters. It only killed because it could, and it had no remorse. But it might be better that way, as the Shifters were just pets to us Divines and Infernals when we have reached the Divine-Infernal War. They were just fodders between our battles."

"Pets? Fodders? To hell with you!" He mumbled to himself the moment that Jiang Feng heard Canaans sentence and he became extremely unhappy.

Originally, because of Nangong Tiaotiao, he still had some good impression toward Canaan Guild. A single woman built her own forces, so he was quite impressed with her. But now, that feeling was all gone.

Canaan did not mention the Inheritors from the Divines and Infernals was because they were players. And the show must have known. The only reason that she picked on the Shifters was that she felt that the Shifters Inheritor was an NPC. But only when she knew that the Shifters Inheritor was also a player much later, that she would realize that the comments she made today were laughable.

Jiang Feng passed the controller to Su Qing and returned to his room after dinner and he was still slightly angry about it.

"Pets? Fodders? Looks like all the factions were thinking the same thing. Just wait. One day, I will show you how powerful the fodders are!"

With an icy smile, he wore the Divine Dominions terminal and once again entered the game.

Once he had logged into the game, he appeared in a corner at the gnomes deep pit.

He scanned around, and he found no gnomes. He then carefully headed towards the smithy where they were forging the Gnome Kings Statue.

"Hm? Theyre done!"

When he reached the place, he hid in the darkness and looked at the water pool that was next to the smelting pool.

He could now see that there was a statue made of pure gold standing next to the water pool.

The statue had hair and a beard, and it had a stern expression. It held a giant smithing hammer, giving it an aura of violence.

That was the king of the gnomes that he had seen before.

At this time, Cameron appeared next to the Gnome Kings statue. He pushed a fire-like object into the Gnome Kings Statue, and he kept muttering something. The Dragonhead Staff shot out a pair of light into the eyes of the Gnome Kings Statue.

Next, the Gnome King Statues eyes seemed to have a life of its own as it moved about as if it was alive.

Driven by curiosity, he quickly used Identify on the Gnome Kings Statue.

Gnome Kings Statue: Tool of Inheritance

Introduction: The gnomes mixed the Gnome Kings flesh and blood into the ore and forged it into a statue. The priest would then insert a slither of the Gnome Kings soul into it, allowing it to hold the inheritance of the gnomes.

"Hehe, they finally finished it. Guess its my turn now!"

Looking at the Gnome Kings Statue, Jiang Feng smiled. He found somewhere where theres no one around and climbed down carefully, then crawled towards the back of the Gnome Kings Statue.