Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Locating The Ancient City Of The Shifter Emperor

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The Gnome Kings Statue was very big.

Because of its size, no one noticed that he had reached the back of the Gnome Kings Statue when he crept over from the shadows of a dark corner.

"Move the Gnome Kings Statue out to the center of our clan. We shall let the Gnome King choose his own inheritor!" At this time, the voice of Cameron came from in front.

Oh, you greedy Cameron. This time, I will make sure that you will vomit blood!

Jiang Feng smiled coldly and took out the Qiankun Gourd, and aimed it at the back of the Gnome Kings Statue.




After yelling out coldly, a pulling force appeared from within the Qiankun Gourd, and it quickly surrounded the entire Qiankun Gourd.

As the pulling force appeared from the Qiankun Gourd, his hit points were also reduced at a rate of 500 per second.

He currently had 100,000 hit points, which meant that if he couldnt absorb the Gnome Kings Statue, then he would most certainly die!



"Faster! Faster!"

When his life had reduced to about half his maximum, he became anxious. As he saw the gnomes approaching the shadows of where he was, he became even more anxious.

After a few more moments, when a gnome entered the area that he was in, the Qiankun Gourds absorption had finally enveloped the Gnome Kings Statue, and a white light began surrounding it.


At this time, the Gnome Kings Statue instantly shrank and entered the Qiankun Gourd.


The moment that he had the Gnome Kings Statue, he quickly used the Hide skill and entered into a state of invisibility.

After becoming invisible, he immediately flew up towards the outside of the pit.

The gnomes that were just going to use the chains to tie up the Gnome Kings statue were stunned.

"What happened? Wheres the statue?"

"Im not sure too. Why did the statue disappear all of a sudden? Was it the king that did it?"

"No, I think it must be someone who has gotten the inheritance. Otherwise, the Gnome Kings Statue wouldnt vanish into thin air."

Before Cameron could walk further away in preparation to leave, he heard the arguments from the gnomes behind him.

He turned around, and his entire body shook when he saw that the Gnome Kings Statue had disappeared, He yelled out angrily, "Wheres the statue?!"

"We We dont know! We were just going to tie it up and the statue vanished into thin air with a whoosh sound." A gnome leader looked at Cameron fearfully and described to him what had happened.

"Thats right, there was a whoosh sound!" A gnome next to him said in agreement.

"I suspect that the gnome king had revealed itself and given the inheritance to one of our clan members," another gnome said.

"You idiot! Someone must have stolen the Gnome Kings Statue! Find them!" He yelled at the gnomes furiously. Cameron was so enraged that his entire face was red and he couldnt stop shaking.

Forging the Gnome Kings Statue had spent a lot of the gnomes high-level ores that they had saved, not to mention that it had their races inheritance.

If it was lost, he shall be the biggest sinner of the gnomish race. That was why he was so angry.

When Cameron was leading the entire gnomish clans in search of the Gnome Kings Statue, Jiang Feng had already left the gnomes.

After he left the gnomes, he found a place to hide and didnt concern himself with the Gnome Kings Statue.

While he had recruited both Robert and Rocket, they would definitely be enraged if they saw the Gnome Kings Statue.

"Once the time is right, I would have Robert and Rocket receive the Gnome Kings inheritance!"

The main purpose that he came here was to find the Earthcover Dragons corpse and to get more Divine Dragon Blood to break the curse on Xiao Longnu.

Unfortunately, the Earthcover Dragon was so long inside the lava that the blood within its body had evaporated. Even if the blood hadnt evaporated, the blood would have been completely drained after so long. That was why he had only received five drops of Dragon Blood in the end.

In order to remove the curse on Xiao Longnu, he needed to feed her ten drops of Divine Dragon Blood at one go and use the power of the Divine Dragons bloodline to break the curse.

Because he did not get so much Divine Dragon Blood, and it would be pointless to give it to Xiao Longnu, he then consumed them himself.

While he didnt get enough Divine Dragon Blood this trip and didnt break the curse on Xiao Longnu, he was still very well rewarded.

The Divine Artifact Ruyi Jingu Staff, Divine Level Experience Pill, two Divine-Level Materials, two gnomes that have high-level smithing skills, and the gnomes inheritance.

Now that Yanhu and the others powers had been increased to the point that Im alright with, and my powers had increased that much, its time to seek out the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!"

The power that Yanhu and the others had had already surpassed the stats of a Level 35 boss. And as Yanhu had evolved twice, his overall power had even surpassed a Level 40 boss.

That was why he had decided to find the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

As he thought of that, he took out the Shifter Emperors Order from his spatial bracelet and dripped a drop of blood on it.

In a moment, his blood began to boil and form a waypoint in a short while.

He opened the map and began his search according to the waypoint on the Shifter Emperors Order.

He found the location of the waypoint very quickly.


But just as he had found the location of the waypoint, the waypoint formed from blood on the Shifter Emperors Order began to change.

Dont tell me that the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is an ancient city that is constantly on the move? He thought to himself as he was slightly surprised. He blinked, he saw that the waypoint was moving again

The blood waypoint on the Shifter Emperors Order kept on changing every second, and every second the difference in distance between the two old and new waypoints was 10km.

That meant that the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was moving at a rate of 10km per second.

Looking at the waypoint, if he were to chase after it, he would need around one hour to reach the location. And during this time, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor might have moved to another location.

No wonder the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor couldnt be destroyed in the Great Divine-Infernal Wars ten thousand years ago. Its a moving city! Looks like finding this ancient city is going to be a challenge in itself!" He mumbled to himself, but he didnt give up just yet.

He opened the systems report chatbox, then kept on dropping blood on the Shifter Emperors Oder. Every time there was a change, he would then note it down on the report chatbox, hoping to find the pattern that the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor used.

After half an hour, there were 1,800 coordinates on his chatbox.

"I should be able to find the pattern on how the ancient city is moving with these coordinates."

Looking at the coordinates in the chatbox, he opened the map and labeled all of the coordinates, the cities that they were at, and where they were exactly at.

After around two or three hours, he finally labeled all 1,800 coordinates.

"At the beginning, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor would be at Beiming Citys Yulong Snow Mountain. One second later, it would appear to the Ice Maple Forest, 10km south of the Yulong Snow Mountain. Next, it would appear right on top of the Beiming City, and slowly move the sought that meant that the ancient city was moving slowly to the south," He mumbled as he used the chatbox to calculate.

He was still, in the end, one of the best students in the university. Not to mention that he could write very fast. In a short while, formulas appeared within the chatbox, then the formulas seemed to expand more than thirty pages.

"Whew, finally got it. Luckily, mathematical formulas are something Im good at. If it was someone else, he probably wouldnt be able to find where the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor even is!" After spending another hour, he was finally able to decode the ancient citys moving pattern, including where it would appear one second later, or even where it would appear one hour later. He could calculate all of his.

"If my calculation is correct, thirty minutes later, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor would appear near the Flaming Cloud Forest near Zhuque City in thirty minutes! He mumbled and polymorphed into a human form. He wore the Dark Shadow mask and used the Town Portal Scroll to return to the Imperial Dragon City, then used the teleportation circle to teleport to Zhuque City.

After he had appeared in Zhuque City, he didnt stop to rest and quickly left the city, heading to the Flaming Cloud Forest.