Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Entering The Ancient City Of The Shifter Emperor

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Flaming Cloud Forest.

The skies were like being burned, it was very strange indeed.

All the monsters within were monsters of the fire element.

Jiang Feng didnt rest, and quickly flew to one of the giant trees and looked at the burning clouds in the sky with amazement.

"I never thought that a place like this could exist in the game. The entire sky was clouds of fiery red!" Jiang Feng raised his dragon head and looked into the sky.

He looked at the clouds that were like fire in the skies, then looked at the time. The Ancient City would be here in five minutes.

As he saw that, he became curious. "Is the Ancient City moving on the ground or in the air?"

While he knew that the ancient city moved, but he didnt know if it was moving in the air or underground.

"Should be in the air. If it moved underground, it wouldnt be possible for it to move that quickly by breaching through the mantle." He gave it a thought and decided to wait in the air.

On the official website or message board, no players had ever posted anything about an ancient city that could move. That meant that either the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was underground or it was high above in the air.

By his estimation, it was much more possible for it to appear in the air.

With that, he flew into the air and quickly flew into the air.

In four minutes, he flew thousands of meters and flew above the burning clouds.


When he appeared on the flaming clouds, he realized that there was a group of monsters flying on it. Even the flaming clouds were dense enough to stand on.

Firecloud Hawk: Level 50 Monsters

HP: 350,000

Attack: 5,000-7,000

Defence: 3,500

Skill: Great Fireball


Just as he had reached the top of the fire clouds, a group of Firecloud Hawk let out a screech and came towards him, throwing fireballs the size of water tanks towards him.

"Bling! Hide!"


Seeing that, he quickly used Blink and blinked up further in the air and used Hide to hide his form.

He didnt want to fight with the Firecloud Eagles at this time since he had something more important to do.



After flying for a few hundred meters in the air and left the area of the flaming clouds, he appeared further upwards where there were white clouds.

At this time, he suddenly saw a gigantic object moving towards him.

A gigantic object was ten kilometers away had swiftly appeared above him a second later, floating tens of thousands in the air.

"Its so big!"

He raised his head to look up into the sky, but the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had covered half the sky. Its size was even bigger than the Imperial Dragon City, and it was so magnificent.

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor existed within a transparent globe of light as if it was within a water droplet.

But what made him even more surprised was that on one side, there were nine giant phantoms of the Golden Crow, and each Golden Crow was enveloped by flames, and each of their sizes was like a small mountain.

At the tails of phantoms of the Golden Crow, a chain made of flames locked it together with the bottom of the ancient city.

It seemed that the reason that the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor could move was because of the nine Golden Crows.

"Nine Golden Crows dragging an ancient city. Who designed the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor? This was so damn magnificent! If I can have this ancient city, it would be so eye-catching!" Jiang Feng said to himself excitedly as he stared at the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and the nine Golden Crow Phantoms until they all disappeared.

"Chase it down!"

His location just now was too far from the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, and he couldnt get to the inside of the ancient city in time. So all he could do was to find another place to chase it down.

He took out the Qiankun Gourd and released Xiao Longnu and he himself hid inside the gourd, and let Xiao Longnu bring him further south to Nanhai City.

This time, in order to be able to get into the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor he chose a place where it would appear one hour later.

Under Xiao Longnus lead, he arrived at Nanhai City.

According to his estimation, he had confirmed the location of where the ancient city would be in an hour. After Xiao Longnu left Nanhai City, he then came out from the Qiankun Gourd, put away Xiao Longnu, and directly flew into the air.

The Southern Sea is the ocean close to Nanhai City.

In the skies of the Southern Sea, a dragon kept on flying towards the sky, and its speed was very quickly!

That dragon was Jiang Feng!

"Theres still around 50 minutes. Lets hope I could fly high enough into the skies!"

He kept on flying, higher and higher.

From the sky, he could even see the island where Canaan Guild had built their base on.

Canaan Guilds base was also called Canaan City and was currently building shops and residences.

Once the shops and residences had been built, Canaan City would be able to earn money by renting the shops out and selling the residences.

The price of hoses in the game was similar to the prices in reality. A basic house would need around 300,000, similar to the prices of homes in the slums. A high-level residences price could reach up to 5,000,000, similar to the price of houses in a first-tier city. This was before you included the luxurious residences.

While that being the case, there would definitely be players buying homes without them waiting for too long.

This is because there was a marriage system in the game. Other than both sides reaching an intimacy rating of 1,000, they also needed a house.

Marriage in the game was not just for show, it was also to get kids.

Once a kid was born, their basic stats were all very high and had the growth speed of Spiritual Level monsters, and were very powerful. Once the kids had grown up, they would become much stronger than pets. That was the objective of the marriage system in the game.

Of course, helping a kid grow was quite difficult. One needed to feed them food and pills to increase their stats at the beginning. Bringing up a kid in the game could be more expensive than bringing up a kid in the real world.

"I wonder if I can get married. What will my child be like after he or she was born?" He was looking forward to it once he thought about that.

"Thats fine. Marriage was a little bit too early for me. I should rebuild the ancient city first!"

He shook his head and removed the thought from his head as he continued fling into the air.

After half an hour, he finally reached the tens of thousands of meters high in the sky. He couldnt see anything anymore if he looked down.

At this time, he also felt some sort of pressure and couldnt fly upwards.

He did try to continue to fly upward, but in just a while his HP had quickly fallen, and that shocked him enough to quickly fly back down.

"Hm? Its here!"

After staying in the air for a few more minutes, he once again saw the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!

He gave it a look and already saw the trails of the ancient citys movement. It was slightly lower than he was, and he heaved a breath of relief. All he needed to do was to wait for the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to come forward and enter it as soon as possible.

Now, he was almost parallel with the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, and he could see it even more clearly.

The nine Golden Crow phantoms that were pulling werent the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor itself, but a giant island. The ancient city was built in the middle of the island. The island was twice as big as the island that Canaan City was on, and there were plenty of monster territories and resources nearby.

At this time, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor emitted a thick mist. Within the mists, a group of red-crowned cranes was flying around while emitting clear cries. Mountains and rivers, the flowing waters, waterfalls, flowers, pavilions, and tall buildings. It didnt look like a place where the Shifter Emperor would live, but more like a utopia.


In just a blink of an eye, the nine Golden Crow phantoms had pulled the island where the ancient city was not far from where he was underneath him.

"High-Speed Movement! Blink!"

One second before the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor appeared right under him, he had used multiple mobility skills to rush down as quickly as possible. In the next moment, the ancient city appeared under his feet. He took out the Shifter Emperors Order, his claw holding it tightly, and rushed past the transparent light globe and entered within the ancient city.