Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Rebuilding The Ancient City Of The Shifter Emperor

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When Jiang Feng passed the transparent globe that surrounded the island while holding the Shifter Emperors Order, he was pulled towards a giant door in the city.

The gate was aroundseveral hundred meters tall.1Standing in front of the gate, he felt as if he was a mere vermin.

Holding the Shifters Emperors Order, he floated toward the gate. Using the order to wave on it, the gate slowly opened.

He passed the gate and was now on the streets of an ancient city.

The streets were very wide, and buildings were built by its side.

He flew for a while until he finally reached the center of the ancient city.

Only to see that in the middle of the ancient city was a giant statue of around 360 meters tall.

The statue was of a three-legged golden crow. The Golden Crow wore a crown and stood on two of its legs, and another leg stepped on the Donghuang Bell, looking into the heavens, spreading its majestic aura!

"I see, then this must be the stature of the Shifter Emperor, Donghuang."

After looking at the statue for a while, he then continued to fly deeper.

Very quickly, he entered a palace that was floating on clouds. This palace was the Shifter Emperors Palace, where the Shifter Emperors Order was placed.

As he owned the Shifter Emperors Order, he was allowed entry to the Shifter Emperors Palace very easily and arrived at the place where they came to hold their council meeting in the Shifter Emperors Palace.

He jumped using his dragon body and landed on a giant golden throne that was facing the gate facing outwards in the middle of the hall.

This throne was indeed the throne of the Emperor, with many Three-Legged Golden Crows carved on it.

At the back of the throne was a gap, and the shape of the gap was similar to the Shifter Emperors Order.

He gave it a thought and inserted the Shifter Emperors Order into that gap.

Ding! System Prompt: Will you rebuild the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor?


Since he was already here at the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, of course, he would want to rebuild it.


As soon as he finished replying, the entire island was shaking and the throne radiated a golden light. On top of this throne, his phantom had formed. A dragons phantom appeared above the throne that kept on gliding.

Ding! Server Announcement: The Inheritor of the Shifters "Rank 5 Wyrmling" had rebuilt the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Three days later, all races may attack the city. The attacking force has a cap of 500,000. The duration is 24 hours. If the defense succeeds, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is rebuilt. If the defense fails, the Shifter Emperors Order shall shatter, and the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor shall disappear forever!

"Hm? A great army formed from 500,000 of all the races? Haha, the Ancient City itself is tens of thousands of meters in the air, how could they attack us?" Jiang Feng gave a cold smile when he heard the server announcement.

However, the next server announcement wiped the smile off his face.

Ding! System Prompt: The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is being rebuilt and could no longer maintain its flight. It has fallen in the Southern Sea at 35121.63463. The Ancient Citys 100,000 Shifter army had been deployed. The Shifter army may not leave the islands radius and will disappear after the siege!

"Damn! The Ancient City cant fly when its being rebuilt and you give me a mere 100,000 Shifter Army for defense? 100,000 versus 500,000? Are you joking?" Jiang Feng became agitated and mumbled. "Hopefully they are all at level 100, or I wont be able to hold against them!"

With that, he pushed himself off the throne using his dragon claw and flew off using his dragon body, and appeared outside the Shifters palace.

Bang. Bang.

"We greet Your Majesty! May Your Majesty rule all under the heavens and live as long as the heavens!"

The moment he appeared outside of the palace, he saw the army made from tens of types of monsters all knelt before him, and worshipped him using the Tongue of the Beasts.

Jiang Feng, being worshipped by 100,000 monsters felt his blood boiling with excitement.

The feeling of being supreme made him feel good.

He was like the emperor within the movies, receiving the worship of all men under the heavens.

"This must be a feeling that everyone dreamed of. An emperor? It feels good. No wonder there are so many people snatching the throne from each other, even if it meant blood being spilled!"

Jiang Feng coiled his body, his eyes as big as fists released a glint of light, enjoying the feeling that he had.

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was being rebuilt. The server announcement had rung through the entire Huaxia Server.

Huaxia had a total of 30,000,000 players registered, and there were around 20,000,000 players that were online. When they heard of the announcement, there was an uproar.

"The Inheritor of the Shifters is going to rebuild the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor? Haha, this must be the joke of the century! A mere data had such ambition, and it is just a wyrmling too! Their final destiny is to just become a pet for us players."

"Anyone know where the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is located? I want to go take a look and see how that Shifters Inheritor could defend against an attack from 500,000 players!

"Didnt you watch the Analyze the Divine Dominion TV show? The guild leader Canaan said that the Shifters Inheritor was only a monster that kills for the sake of killing. Its just an animal with some level of intelligence, there was no need to fear them. I dont think we need 500,000, just 100,000 would be enough to destroy them!"

To this group of players, monsters were only worthy of being their pets. Even if its their inheritors. No one was treating Jiang Feng as the real deal.

Even many of the large factions had the same train of thought.

However, the Inheritor of the Divines, Qiu Si thought differently as he had been killed by Jiang Feng twice.

"Cousin, go and gather the guilds that have good relationships with us. We cannot allow the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to be rebuilt, otherwise, we would have endless trouble!"

Qiu Si had been killed by Jiang Feng twice. He wouldnt believe that the Inheritor of the Shifters was all brawn and no brains.

By his estimate, the 500,000 players sieging the Ancient City probably would have a hard time thanks to Jiang Feng.

"Alright, Ill contact them!"

Shen Ye remembered it. One of the two dragons that attacked them was the Shifters Inheritor. If it werent because of the two dragons and the bosses they led, their base wouldnt have fallen.

And he had heard from Qiu Si about Jiang Fengs strength, so he didnt believe that Jiang Feng would depend on raw power alone.


After sending a few messages, Shen Ye was very disappointed with the replies he had received.

"Haha, Guild Leader Shen Ye, its just an animal. Is there even a need to start a guild leader meeting? Dont worry, our guild will send out 10,000 members. Ill guarantee that they would defeat that Shifters Inheritor."

"Guild Leader Shen Ye, dont be such a coward just because your base had been destroyed. No need for a meeting. Three days later, I will bring some members over."

Looking at the replies sent over by the other guild leaders, none of them didnt treat Jiang Feng as a threat. Instead, they even sneered at Shen Ye for being a coward.

"What is it?" Qiu Si asked Shen Ye.

Shen Ye didnt speak but merely showed Qiu Si his chat history.

After reading it, Qiu Si also started to frown. "These people are even more arrogant than I am. If these guilds were as disunited as this, then its quite possible for the Ancient City to be rebuilt. If it is rebuilt, then were going to be in trouble when the Great Divine-Infernal War begins!"

"Im going to leave for the next three days to work on a quest. Train our members on their cooperation. Three days later, we cannot allow the Shifters Inheritor to rebuild the Ancient City!" Qiu Si told Shen Ye after he seemingly remembered something, and then used the Town Portal Scroll and left.

Just as when the guilds and players didnt treat the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor as a legitimate threat, Jiang Feng floated on top of the ancient city and looked at the ruined walls around the city with irritation.

While the city was intact after the war ten-thousand years ago, several parts of the walls had been heavily damaged. Because the walls were very high, repairing them would require a large number of resources.

"Looks like the auction needs to start earlier this week. I need money fast so that I can repair these damaged walls!"

With that, he gave Uncle Fu an order to start the auction early and throw everything he doesnt need into the shops storage.

He even asked Uncle Fu to do a round of promotion just for this.

Ding! City-wide Loudspeaker: Hello everyone. I am the steward of the Imperial Dragon Auction House, Uncle Fu. Due to the request of several of our clients, the auction that is scheduled for Friday will be rescheduled to tonight. At the time, we will auction off a Rank 8 pet egg, a Rank 6 pet egg, a full set of Level 35 White-Silver Undead set, and other high-level equipment. We await your patronage!