Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 107

Chapter 107 The King Has Returned

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Dongyu City, Mount Huaguo!

It was a place where the mountain was green and the water was clear, and a place where the birds chirp and the flowers fragrant.

There were plenty of monkey type monsters, ranging from Level 30 to Level 50.

On top of Mount Huaguo, was a cloud that was blacker than night.

It kept on floating on top of Mount Huaguo, and would sometimes shoot down lightning, killing players that were hunting monsters within Mount Huaguos territory.

"That damn Monster Cloud! My second class-change quest was to kill 50 Level 40 Coldice Monkey. But every time I came over and killed a few monsters I would be blasted to death. Forget about the class-change quest, my level had now dropped to below Level 30!"

"Look, its the Inheritor of the Divines Qiu Si, the Inheritor of the Infernals Yao Qiong, the games first guild leader Canaan, the Tianxia Gangs leader Hao Tian, Lingyun Pavillions Ling Yun, and Xingyu Guilds Su Xingyu had all gathered together. Looks like they were paying a lot of attention to the Chief of the Ten Main Plot Quest."

"Of course. The official site had said that the rewards for the Ten Main Plot Quests are going to be very good, but it cant be completed at one go. I heard that every plot quest has elements that can be done in the late game. And there are plenty of side quests involved, finishing any of them would take tremendous effort!"

After Jiang Feng had arrived at Mount Huaguo, he then saw a group of players gathering within Mount Huaguo. None of these players were killing monsters, afraid that the Monster Cloud would blas them to death. The reason they came here was that they heard that the major guilds were trying to find a way to take the Monster Cloud and trigger the plot quest and came here to watch how things develop.

He turned his body smaller and hid in the cracks between the rocks and listened to the players conversation. All of their eyes were at the people heading towards the top of Mount Huaguo.

The Inheritor of the Divines Qiu Si, the Inheritor of the Infernals Yao Qiong, Canaan, Hao Tian, Ling Yun, and Su Xingyu. All of them had a flying pet with them.

"All of them are here? But if they want to vie against me, then lets have a warm-up before the siege!"

He will not simply let others have the quest for the Chief Plot of the Ten Main Plots as the rewards were definitely going to be very good. If they had obtained it, it would be bad for him.

"Qiu Si had acted!"

At this time, Qiu Si, who was holding his Divine Dragon Sword rushed towards the Monster Cloud while he was riding the Blazing Hawk.


Just as Qiu Si was fifty meters away from the Monstrous Cloud, the Monstrous Cloud shot a bolt of lightning towards him.

Monster Cloud: Level 50 Unique Monster

Introduction: Originally being named as the Prismatic Cloud of Fortune, it was Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukongs steed. After Sun Wukong was stabbed in the back, it returned to Mount Huaguo, waiting for Sun Wukong to return. In order to protect Mount Huaguo from being harmed, anything that dared to harm even a single blade of grass would be killed. Eventually, due to its violence, it transformed into the Monster Cloud.

Combat Stats

HP: 500,000

Magical Attack: 10,000-12,000

Defense: 5,000

Skills: Lightning Bolt, Lightning Snake, Baptism by the Five Thunders.

Mount Stats

+10% Agility

+300% Movement Speed

"Its suicide!"

After seeing the Monster Clouds stats, he was quite surprised and then smiled coldly at Qiu Si.

Qiu Si and the rest couldnt identify monsters that were five levels higher than them, which meant that they couldnt see the Monster Clouds stats.

Even if they could see its stats using items, they could only see its basic stats, but not its mount stats.

Jiang Feng was already a Shifter, so no matter what kind of monsters they were, he could always see their stats clearly.

And that was why he said that Qiu Si was suicidal for attacking the Monster Cloud!

While the Monster Cloud didnt have very high stats and Qiu Si could comfortably deal with it, but when the Monster changed into its Mount state, its speed would be unrivaled at the current stage of the game.


Qiu Si dodged the incoming Lightning Bolt and was preparing to attack the Monster Cloud. Suddenly, it grew a small tail. In the next moment, the Monster Clouds speed sharply increased. In the blink of an eye, it appeared on top of Qiu Si and struck him with a lightning bolt directly on his head.


Qiu Si had been struck by the lightning until he was black as ash, and he fell from the sky together with the Blazing Hawk as they were both paralyzed.

Luckily, the paralysis didnt continue for long. The moment he woke up, he quickly used a mobility skill to dodge away and fall into Mount Huaguo, leaving the Monster Clouds aggro radius.

"Haha! So the Inheritor of the Divines was only at this level, Ill go and try!"

Seeing that Qiu Si had failed, Ling Yun sneered and rode his winged pet, a rank six Greenhill Hawk, and flew toward the Monster Cloud.


But before he could even come close to the Monster Cloud, he was struck by a lightning bolt and had to leave the Monster Clouds aggro radius.

Qiu Si looked at Ling Yun with disgust and took flight again.

This time, he had learned from his past experience and immediately used his ultimate. "Divine Dragon Pierce!"


In the blink of an eye, he had appeared behind the Monster Cloud and the Monster Cloud had ten thousand worth of damage floating up from its head.

When he saw Qiu Sis attack, Ling Yun frowned.

That skill could be considered as a skill that focused on dealing critical damage. With their number of HP, the most they could do was to absorb a few hits from him. "Looks like I did underestimate him!"

"Divine Dragon Slash!"

After he had dealt 10,000 worth of damage, he quickly used his mobility skill to move behind the Monster Cloud and used another power skill.


After being slashed by the Divine Dragon Slash, he didnt let the Monster Cloud change its state and used another area-of-effect skill to throw the Monster Cloud into the air while he kept on attacking.

"Looks like after he had unlocked the Divine Dragon Swords other skills. Otherwise, he would not have access to the Tornado area-of-effect skill. Looks like the Inheritor of the Divines was still quite strong!" Jiang Feng looked at the battle and mumbled to himself.

The Myth Groups players were all screaming in support when they saw Qiu Sis handsome form.

Hao Tian merely looked at the players that were screaming and snorted. "The Monster Cloud is mine. No one could take it from me!"

With that, he rode a Rank 7 Cloudstep Wolf and hurried over.

"If you want the Monster Cloud, then you will have to prove yourself to be the strongest then!" Ling Yun had fully healed himself and rushed over once more.

The very beautiful Su Xingyu also stepped on a Hundred-Flower Butterfly and joined the fray.

Yao Qiong didnt say anything and stepped over an Infernal Cloud and flew over with Canaan behind her.

At one moment, Qiu Si, Hao Tian, Ling Yun, Su Xingyu, Canaan and Yao Qiong attacked the Monster Cloud in a hexagram formation to tightly surround it and kept on attacking the Monster Cloud.

The Monster Clouds attacks were all single targeted skill, but because of its deep grudge, it didnt choose to escape but fought with all six of them so that he could protect Mount Huaguo.

It needed one or two seconds in order to switch from one state to another. Once he had changed to the mounts stats, he would have lost attack power. And once the six of them caught the opportunity, it would lose half his HP. But once he had switched his stats over, the most it could do was to attack one of them.

If this continued, it would definitely die!

"Dang it, the plot quest has to be triggered and not by killing it!"


Jiang Feng was done hiding and his body ballooned directly and shattered the rocks, scaring the nearby players as they ran. He unleashed a dragon howl, his giant body appeared in the air, and a thick staff appeared in his claw. That was indeed the Jingu Staff, and it kept on growing.

"Bigger! Bigger! Get bigger!"

And very quickly, the Jingu Staff was as broad as a water pail and almost a hundred meter long!

"Roar! Get out of my way! That Monster Cloud is mine!"

He wielded the Jingu Staff and used it to strike all six of them violently. The powerful aura even scared off many of the watching players to the point where they dropped to the ground.

At this point, even the monkeys that were playing in Mount Huaguo all began to cry and scream when they saw the familiar giant staff in the heavens.

"The king has returned!"