Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 108

Chapter 108 I Want Heaven And Earth To Rotate For Me

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When the Jingu Staff appeared, the entire heavens was darkened!

All the players within Mount Huaguo were horrified the moment they saw the giant Jingu Staff came crashing down.

"The king has returned!"

The monkeys all had their eyes wet, screaming and yelling as they looked at the huge Jingu staff with their heads high. They did not see Jiang Feng, who was covered by the Jingu Staff.

While the players did not know what the monkeys were yelling about when they saw giant Jingu Staff and the monkeys that were screaming in madness, many of the players were shaking in excitement with glints of lights in their eyes.


Qiu Si was going to attack the Monster Cloud again when he saw the giant Jingu Staff. He was shocked beyond belief.

When Yao Qiong, Canaan, Ling Yun, Hao Tian, and Su Xingyu saw it, they were all terrified and gave up on the fight with the Monster Cloud, and quickly used positioning skills to move away from Jingu Staffs attack.


As the gigantic Jingu Staff came crashing down, Ling Yun and Hao Tian were directly smacked away. Then, the Jingu Staff struck the ground. There was a large boom, and the entire earth began to shake.


At this time, the Monster Cloud suddenly became huge, and appeared before Jiang Fengs dragon claws, carrying its huge draconic body.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations! You have triggered the Uproar in Heaven plot quest!

Ding! System Prompt: The Monster Cloud would like to temporarily become your mount. Do you agree?

"I agree!"

After the strike, he heard two notifications from the system. He was first stunned, then he became overjoyed.

"Haha! So the Uproar in Heaven plot quest required the Ruyi Jingu Staff to activate!"

When he took out the Jingu Staff, the Monster Cloud immediately saw him as its temporary master. That meant that the plot quest would only trigger when the Monster Cloud saw the Jingu Staff.

When he thought about the details of it, the difficulty of triggering the plot quest was very brutal.

His guess was that the Jingu Staff had been within the Earthcover Dragons body all along. For the players to find the gnomes, they need to be at least around level 70 or 80 to breakthrough the gnomes defenses and acquire the Jingu staff from the Earthcover Dragon. That would no doubt cause the difficulty to increase even more.

But because he had the Monster Transmutation System, he had obtained a lot of skills, causing him to acquire the Jingu staff earlier.

Once the Jingu Staff had appeared, the plot was actually considered to have triggered, and the Monster Cloud had appeared.

That was why it could be said that the Jingu Staff was the key item that triggered this plot.

He didnt expect that going to meet the gnomes three times and acquiring the Jingu Staff would cause the game to trigger the Uproar in Heaven plot.

"I am only the temporary master of the Monster Cloud Perhaps Sun Wukong could be revived?" He asked himself after the initial excitement.

He actually liked the Monster Cloud a lot, especially the Monster Clouds speed.

When it was a steed, the Monster Cloud had a bonus to movement speed. This meant that as his movement speed increased, the faster the Monster Cloud became. He can use it until the late game!

"Ah well, I should be grateful. Im happy as long as I can use it for the short time," Jiang Feng said to himself.


Jiang Feng was feeling quite happy. His dragon claw grabbed tightly at the Jingu Staff and pulled it, and it instantly became small and appeared within its dragon claw.


When the Jingu Staff became small, a pill flew towards him. Jiang Feng looked at it, and ate the pill, and smiled coldly at Qiu Si.

That pill was the Divine Speech Pill, allowing him to speak mans tongue within 24 hours.

Seeing that Jiang Feng had eaten the Divine Speech Pill, Yao Qiong put away the Beast Speech Pill that she was going to eat. She then appeared in front of Jiang Feng while stepping on a puff of black air.

Canaan, Qiu Si, Ling Yun, Hao Tian, and Su Xingyu had all appeared next to him, surrounding him.

Jiang Feng, who had eaten the Divine Speech Pill, scanned all six of them and waved the Jingu Staff as he asked coldly, "What is it? You dont want to let me leave?"

"I see, so in order to trigger the plot you would need the Jingu Staff!" Qiu Si looked coldly at Jiang Feng. He then questioned him, "How did you get the Jingu Staff?"

Jiang Fengs dragon mouth moved, and said, "The Jingu Staff was originally the Shifters holy relic. As the Inheritor of the Shifters, is it not normal that I would have it?"

Without waiting for Qiu Si to continue, Yao Qiong interrupted and said, "Inheritor of the Shifters, you know how important that this plot was to our country! As long as you are willing to give it to the country"

"Scram!" Jiang Feng looked at Yao Qiong with contempt and said, "You shouldnt keep on talking about countries and nations every single day. It made me dislike you, despite you. I have said it before, the Divines and Infernals were useless, we Shifters shall be the new rulers!"

"Not to mention that in your eyes, I am just an artificial intelligence with higher intellect only. I shall enjoy the life that the Lord God has given me. Heaven has no power over me, and I shall be the master of my own fate!"

The Divines and Infernals were useless, we Shifters shall be the new rulers!

Heaven has no power over me, and I shall be the master of my own fate!

The two sentences made Yao Qiongs heart skip a beat as the players below became thoroughly inspired by his speech!

"You are the Shifters Inheritor, correct? If you are willing to give me the Jingu Staff and the Monster Cloud, I can fulfill all your desires. Hows that?" Ling Yun stepped up and gave him a smile, preparing to use valuables to sway him.

"You can fulfill any of my desires?" Jiang Fengs eyes the size of fists narrowed.

"Yes!" Seeing that there is an effect, he was overjoyed and looked at Qiu Si and Yao Qiong proudly. But when he heard Jiang Fengs reply, he could no longer smile!

"I want this heaven to no longer cloud my eyes!"

"I want this earth to no longer bury my heart!"

I want life to understand my will, for the Divines and Infernals to disappear! I want Heaven and Earth to rotate for me!"

After he finished his final sentence, Jiang Feng waved the Jingu Staff in his claw and it once again enlarged. He slammed it on the ground and roared with grandeur!

"Can you give them to me? If you could, the Jingu Staff is here! Take it!"

The familiar quote made all of them experience a shortness of breath.

I want Heaven and Earth to rotate for me!

Arrogant, presumptuous, disrespectful, godless, and egocentric. Perhaps only Jiang Feng would dare to speak this way!


Knowing that he had been played, Ling Yun attacked Jiang Feng with the long sword in his hand.

"Such arrogance! Kill the Shifters Inheritor!"

Seeing that Ling Yun had attacked Jiang Feng, Yao Qiong yelled out in an icy tone as a black chakram appeared in her hand and rushed towards Jiang Feng.

Canaan, Su Xingyu, Qiu Si, and Hao Tian did not hesitate and used all their weapons in hand and used their ultimate skills on Jiang Feng, hoping to kill it instantly.

"If you wish to fight! Then I will fight!"

Jiang Feng yelled out coldly and used the Jingu Staff to sweep at them.

"Roar! Dragon Howl!"

Just when the six of them dodged the Jingu Staff, a dragon howl came out from his mouth. All six entered a daze in the next moment.

Yao Qiong, Qiu Si, and Su Xingyu instantly used their skills to negate the status effect and attacked Jiang Feng.

As for Canaan, Ling Yun, and Haotian, they were slammed away when they were in a daze.

"Thousand Demons Blade!"


"Rain of Fire!"

Three ultimate attacks came towards him.


At that moment, he quickly used Blink and dodged the Tornado and Rain of Fire. While he was damaged by the Thousand Demons Blade, he appeared close to Su Xingyu.

"High-Speed Movement! Violent Grab! Drain Blood!"

The Thousand Demons Blade was very concentrated and had a wide area of effect, so he was damaged and had lost one-fifth of his health. The then quickly used High-Speed Movement to appear next to Su Xingyu, a wizard, who was prepared to retreat.

He grabbed at Su Xingyu, dealing around 9,000 damage to her. She was already at Level 35 and had a set of Level 35 items, and her health was beyond 10,000. But before she could react Jiang Feng bit her shoulder, shredding it apart and drained her of all her blood, instantly killing her.

Boom! Boom!


Just as he had instantly killed Su Xingyu, two gunshots can be heard. Next, his back had been penetrated by two bullets and lost around 8,000 points of health.

He didnt care much about the lost health, but the bone piercing pain caused him to become enraged. He looked at Hao Tian who had made it back and shot him.


His second battlefield-control spell had been used, and Hao Tian and Ling Yun were instantly dazed.

"Tiger Roar!"

The Tiger Roar had managed to envelop both of them, causing 10,000 plus points of damage. Next, he swept them with the Jingu Staff, and both of them who had only 10,000 plus HP left were instantly killed.

"Shadow Slay!"


Canaans form blinked and appeared from his front to his back. Under his head where his reversed scale was located, dragon blood kept on bleeding.

Canaan was an assassin, and her critical hit had almost taken 10,000 HP from him.


After what had happened in the past few ties, Jiang Feng no longer had any good impression left of Canaan. So he didnt stay his hand this time, and his dragon claws slammed towards her head.

Unfortunately, before he could slam at Canaan, her figure appeared further away. She had used the Assassins mobility skill to avoid Jiang Fengs strike.

"Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff!"

Seeing that he didnt kill Canaan and saw that Yao Qiong and Qiu Si were approaching him, Jiang Feng didnt stay his hand. He turned the Jingu Staff slightly smaller and clashed with them in melee.

Clang! Clang!

The Jingu Staff was wielded to the point where it could create a sonic boom, and the shadows of the staff were like lightning. They clashed with Qiu Si and Canaans weapons, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

The four of them had fought very quickly and couldnt have their attention diverted. The entire sky was their shadows as they fought. In order to prevent Qiu Si and Canaan from falling, Yao Qiong had expanded the black air underneath her to the size of a basketball court, and allowing them to fight freely in the air.


Jiang Feng was feeling quite helpless. He didnt expect the three would be so strong in melee. None of the strikes from Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff had hit them. If not, he could kill them in one strike.

"Soul Bound!"

After a dozen rounds, Yao Qiong quickly used her battlefield control skill on Jiang Feng when he had his back to her.

In the next moment, Jiang Fengs Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff had been disrupted and he entered a daze.

"Full power, now! Heavenly Demon Wheel!"

"Divine Dragon Pierce!"


Just when the three ultimate skills fell on Jiang Feng and caused him to only have a slither of life left, hundreds of lightning bolts descended from the heavens and kept on blasting at them.

"No, its a trap!" Yao Qiong was paralyzed as she was struck by the lightning. When he looked on top of her, she was surprised when she saw the Monster Cloud had appeared on top of them.


"Blink! Tornado!"

A second later, Jiang Feng had awakened. He used Blink and reappeared further away, then used the Tornado skill that he had been saving.

In the next moment, the three of them who were still paralyzed had been dragged into the Tornado and were continuously struck by lightning when they were in the air.

In around three seconds, the three of them had been killed by the Tornado and the Monster Clouds Baptism by the Five Thunders!