Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Five Fingers Mountain

Chapter 109: Five Fingers Mountain


Very silent!

Seeing that Jiang Feng had single-handedly killed the leaders of four guilds and two inheritors, the players who were still watching could only stare in awe.

"This This Shifters Inheritor is too strong!"

"The Divine Inheritor, the Infernal Inheritor, and four guild leaders couldnt stop him, who else could be his match?"

"No matter how strong it is, it is only one dragon. The Divines and the Infernals have millions of players, and we still cant deal with it with that number?"

As he stood on the Monster Cloud, he looked at the players who were in an uproar, he then ignored them, and was ready to leave with the Monster Cloud.

When he heard the monkeys all yelled out that the king had returned, he thought he could bring back all the monkeys from Mount Huaguo. They could be instrumental during the siege.

But when he looked at them just now, all of the monkeys were still doing whatever they were doing and continued to roam Mount Huaguo.

When he saw that, he understood. All the monkeys being so passionate about just now was but a background effect for the plot quest.

It was not possible for him to take control of all the monkeys!

Not to mention that he was not Sun Wukong. Even if he had the Jingu Staff, he wouldnt be able to command the monkeys.


Only after he left Mount Huaguo and flew on the Monster Cloud for a while did he notice something was wrong.

That was because he noticed that the Monster Cloud wasnt flying on the path that he originally asked it to.

"Monster Cloud, where are you bringing me to?" Jiang Feng asked curiously.


The Monster Cloud made some thunderous booms that Jiang Feng could not understand.

But then he remembered something, then asked about it, "You want to bring me to find Sun Wukong?"

The tail on the Monster Cloud swayed up and down as if it was saying yes.

"I see, I must have triggered a plot. Looks like I have to follow the plot for now. I wonder what kind of interesting things will happen during the plot." He smiled as he saw the Monster Clouds action and anticipation glint in his eyes.


The Monster Cloud suddenly increased its speed and flew towards a direction.

When he was on his way there, he tried to find cities closed to the Five Fingers Mountain and teleport over.

However, to his surprise, the map mentioned that the Five Finger Mountain did not exist.

That meant that he could only find Sun Wukong if he were being led by the Monster Cloud.

Since there was nothing he could do, he coiled himself as he was on the Monster Cloud. Since he was quite free, he opened the Monster Transmutation System and went for the lottery.

As he had continuously evolved twice, he still had two lottery chances that he did not use.

"Double, start the lottery!"

He pressed the button in the middle of the lotterys spinning wheel until it showed 2, then started with the lottery.

The indicator spun quickly and stopped at the pill category. Next, a golden chest and a diamond chest appeared in front of him.

"Pills? Give me a Matter Duplication Pill and a Double Stats Pill!"

He opened the two treasure boxes with anticipation.

There was a purple pill in the golden treasure box, while there were three golden pills in the diamond treasure box

Mid-Level Enhancing Pill: It can enhance any equipment below the level of Dark-Gold.

Evolution Pill: Once consumed by a monster, it can evolve into a monster of a higher variant.

"This is the first time that Ive drawn an Evolution Pill. And to have drawn 3 at one go, not bad," Jiang Feng put away the three Evolution Pills then looked at the Mid-Level Enhancing Pill. "Mid-Level Enhancing Pill. It can enhance any equipment below the level of Dark-Gold. That means that it can be used to enhance the Jingu Staff which is only at Yellow-Gold Level!"

He became excited once he thought of that and took out the Jingu Staff and used the Mid-Level Enhancing Pill.

In the next moment, the Mid-Level Enhancing Pill turned into a purple light and entered the Jingu Staff


Next, the golden runes appeared one by one on the Jingu Staff, and there were a thousand of them in total.


At this time, the iron rust on the surface of the Jingu Staff all fell apart and the staff became brightly golden in color.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations, the Jingu Staff had upgraded into a Dark-Gold Equipment.

Ruyi Jingu Staff: Dark-Gold Equipment (Weakened)

Strength +800

Attack +4000

Attack Speed +30%

20% chance of Critical Hit

20% chance of Daze

20% chance of Heavily Injuring

Passive Skill: Block: 20% chances of blocking any attacks.

Active Skill: Ruyi: Can change to any shape at will.

Consume: Can consume any weapons to strengthen the Ruyi Jingu Staff.

The Ruyi Staff had become even stronger after the enhancement. When he equipped the Ruyi Staff, his attack would reach around 10,500 and he was very happy with that.

Seeing that the Monster Cloud had not yet reached his destinations, he then opened the official message board and started browsing.

He noticed most of the posts that had a lot of clicks were posts about him.

Videos of him battling with Yao Qiong, Qiu Si, and Canaan and posts of the conversation between him and Ling Yun had been pinned.

And inside, there was a comment from the game companys higher-ups.

"The main reason that the game was created was to release the bloodlust that was within all players. Break your chains and do what you want. The Shifters Inheritor had done very well in this regard and we hope that everyone will learn from him. Only when you do that can your potential be fully discovered."

What the comment meant was, "This is how the game should be played. Do what you want and do not fear powerful enemies. One should dare to kill gods and demons, and one should dare to breach the nine-layers of heavens!"

There are other players that comment on the official comment. Some were supportive, some were against.

"This is so good! I wonder if I could change factions and work under the Inheritor of the Shifters. The sentence "I want Heaven and Earth to rotate for me" is so gutsy! Im now a fan!"

"Im with you! As an Infernal, not only is the Infernals Inheritor doesnt have the heart to kill, she kept on using the country to suppress this and that! Shes so unlikeable! The word "infernal" is getting worse in terms of impression in my heart!"

"Both of you are idiots. So what if youre powerful in the game? You still have to follow the law when you return to reality, dont you? Since this game was called the second world, then that meant that it should have rules, you understand?"

"Identification complete. The one above me is also an idiot. Hes a high-intellect NPC. What does the real world even mean to him? Hes not going to understand that! He should just keep doing what hes doing and have fun in the game!"

After browsing for almost two hours worth of posts, he rubbed his eyes and closed the message board.

As for those comments, he only smiled and didnt retort any of them.

In the players eyes, he was but an NPC. An NPC wouldnt join the war of keyboards.

Actually, the main reason that he said those words in front of him was to hide his identity so that everyone thought that he was just a highly intelligent A.I. Monster.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on finding the hidden map, "Five Fingers Mountain." You have gained 30,000 experience points.

"Were here!"

Hearing the Systems voice, he extended his head to the edge of the Monster Cloud and looked down.


As he looked at the Five Fingers Mountain, he was shocked beyond disbelief.

Around the Five Fingers Mountain were all filled with Infernal Miasma. When he looked out, there were no other monsters other than the large crows with the harsh sounds. There wasnt even a single plant.

"This is the Five Fingers Mountain? What happened here?"

Jiang Feng said to himself with a frown as he looked at the Five-Finger Mountain.