Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 110

Chapter 110 The Fairy Violetglow

Five Fingers Mountain!

During the Great Divine-Infernal War, Sun Wukong had been heavily injured by the Infernal Archmaster, and his body penetrated by the Infernal Miasma.

At that time, he was again ambushed by the Buddha, and he sealed Sun Wukongs body that had been afflicted with the Infernal Miasma under the Five Fingers Mountain.

However, as the Infernal Miasma within him was too powerful, causing the entire Five Fingers Mountain to become a desolate land.

I never thought that the Five Fingers Mountain would look like this. There really was a great difference between how I think It would look like and what it really is!

Jiang Feng looked at the desolated and lonesome Five Fingers Mountain that was covered by the Infernal Miasma.


When the Monster Cloud arrived at the Five Fingers Mountain, it became exciting and its clouds started rolling. It then headed toward the highest peak.



When they were flying, the Monster Cloud kept on blasting the earth with Lightning Bolts, as if celebrating the moment he would meet with his master.

"Dont worry, I will help you save your master!" He told it as he crouched down and used the Dragon Claw to softly soothe the Monster Clouds clouds as he felt its emotion.


Jiang Fengs words had made the cloud stop for a second, and it immediately increased its speed. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived at the peak of the Five Fingers Mountain.

When he was at the peak of the Five Fingers Mountain, the Monster Cloud immediately pounced towards a giant stone tablet that was several hundred meters tall and was erected at the top of the peak.

"Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hum"

On the stone tablet was a talisman, and the talisman had those six words written over it.

Each word was radiating golden light, and it held a great power to deter others. He couldnt even finish reading the six words before Jiang Feng felt that his head was in intense pain.


The Monster Cloud ignored the talisman and rammed into the giant stone tablet, but the moment that it struck the talisman, a golden light struck it in return. It lost almost 300,000 HP and was almost instantly killed.

"Monster Cloud, dont do it. Ill think of a way to save your master!" Jiang Feng said to the Monster Cloud when it was going to prepare to ram into the talisman again. He was slightly shocked by his action and extended his dragon claw to hold on to it.

He didnt expect that the talisman would be so powerful. His guess was that anyone or any monster that attacked it would be counter-attacked by the talisman.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

He heard a voice that was easy to the ear, and he quickly turned back and looked.

A beautiful woman whose looks were comparable to Mu Xi had appeared behind them. He did not notice when such a woman in purple had appeared.

Fairy Violetglow: Divine-Level NPC (Sealed)

Introduction: Ten thousand years ago, the Fairy Violetglow was the fairy that managed the Sunset in the Heavenly Court. After meeting Sun Wukong once, she fell in love with Sun Wukong. After Sun Wukong had been slain, she had then left the Heavenly Court and descended into the mortal world and had guarded Sun Wukong ever since. She had collected the Essence of the Sun and Moon, hoping to cleanse the Infernal Miasma that had contaminated Sun Wukongs remains.

As she had stayed in the Five Fingers Mountain for too long, even she herself had been contaminated by the Infernal Miasma. In order to prevent herself from spreading chaos if she were to fall and become an Infernal, she had sealed all her powers and depended on feeding on the Essence of the Sun and Moon to maintain her sanity.

HP: 500,000

Attack: 15,000-30,000

Defense: 10,000

After reading Fairy Violetglows introduction, he felt that he had a lump in his throat.

What could be called true love? This was true love!

She had protected the remains of her beloved for 10,000 years because she loved her.

In order to prevent her beloved from being tainted by the Infernal Miasma, she had spent 10,000 years and cleaned her beloveds remains by collecting the Essence of the Sun and Moon every single day and night.

Who else could do this for?


At this moment, the Monster Cloud rushed over and came to Fairy Violetglows side and kept on making grumbling sounds excitingly.

Fairy Violetglow was at first happy to see it. But after she looked at the Monster Cloud, she frowned and asked, "Youre Xiao Yun? What happened to you?"


The Monster Cloud shook its body and used its tail to point at Jiang Feng.

Fairy Violetglow raised her eyebrow and looked at Jiang Feng and said, "You said that he can save Wukong?"


The Monster Cloud flying up and down.

"Excuse me, but is there anything I can help you with?" Seeing that the Monster Cloud and Violetglow had finished going through the plot, Jiang Feng walked up and smiled at Violetglow and asked.

"Other than the Buddhas seal on the Shifter Sealing Rock, he had also sent the Four Great Arhats to protect Wukongs remains. While I can send the Essence of the Sun and the Moon to him through Wukongs mouth, I couldnt approach him. If you want to help me save Sukong, you will need the power to at least defeat the Four Great Arhats. As long as you could save Wukongs remains, I will repay you!"

Ding! System Prompt: Will you accept the first part of the Uproar in Heaven plot, the "Defeat the Four Great Arhats" quest?


Jiang Feng accepted without hesitation, then asked Violetglow. "May I know how powerful the Four Great Arhats are?"

"Each of the Great Arhats has reached Immortal-Level, and their levels are around Level 80!" Violetglow said.

Leve 80 Immortal-level NPC!

Looks like it was too early for him to trigger this plot quest. There was nothing he could do at this point. The opponent could probably kill him in one hit.

"Dont worry, I will definitely help you save Dashengs remains. But before this, I will need to first increase my power!" Jiang Feng said.

"Alright, I shall wait for you!" Violetglow said as she walked towards the Shifter Sealing Rock said, "I will let the Monster Cloud accompany you for a while. I hope that it can give you some help!"

When she was done speaking, a blue water ball appeared on her elegant right palm. She waved her left hand, and the talisman seemed to flutter, and a hole the size of a human fist appeared under the Talisman. Next, she sent that ball of blue water into the hole.

After a while, she receded her palm. There were still three drops of water in her palm. She gave her palm a wave, and the three drops of water fell into his palm.

"These three drops of Moon Essence are for you. You can use them when you are in danger."

Jiang Feng then took the three blue water droplets and looked at them.

Moon Essence: Immortal Level

After consuming, remove all negative status effects and heal to full health. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

This is a good item!

Jiang Fengs eyes brimmed with excitement when he saw the stats of the Moon Essence.

The Moon Essence would no doubt bring to him great help in the siege day after tomorrow.

After putting away the Moon Essence and the Monster Cloud into the steed space, then he looked at Violetglow who stared at the Shifter Sealing Stone and said with a sigh, "If theres a woman thats willing to treat me like this, it would be worth it even if I die!"

With that, he shook his head and used the Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Heh! Ha!

When he returned to the Ancient City, he saw the monster army that was still training. He smiled gratifyingly.

Next, he jumped into the air, and arrived at the top of the Ancient City, and began to scan the city.

After forty hours worth of repair, the Ancient Citys repairs were coming to an end. Its HP had reached a staggering amount of 10,000,000,000, similar to the HP of Imperial Dragon Citys wall, and ten times higher than Myth Groups HP.

Of course, all that Myth Group needed to do was to defend against 100,000 enemies. However, he needed to defend against 500,000 and he had fewer people on his side.

"There are still thirty hours until the siege begins. I should go and farm for monsters so that I could increase my level and power for a bit. Hopefully, it would be useful during the siege!" He mumbled and glanced at the map. He eventually chose a Level 40 monsters territory in the Southern Sea as his leveling area.