Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Evolve

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Blue Poison Frog, Level 40 monster.

Located on an island in the Southern Sea.


A black cloud flew over quickly, then a dragon flew off from above to below, and landed near the several thousands of Blue Poison Frog.

Blue Poison Frog: Level 40 Monster

HP: 300,000

Attack: 9,000-11,000

Defense: 4,500

Skills: Poison Arrow

While the Blue Poison Frogs stats werent that high, the poison arrow was extremely annoying. However, the experience points that they gave were very high.

That was the reason that Jiang Feng chose to come here for leveling.

Looking at the thousands of Blue Poison Frogs in front of him, he took out the Jingu Staff and turned it into a dragon claw. He then pounced towards them without hesitation.

Imperial Dragon Restaurant. Within the Imperial Dragon City.

The Inheritor of the Infernals Yao Qiong, Inheritor of the Divines Qiu Si, Canaan, Shen Ye, Ling Yun, Hao Tian, Su Xingyu, and other guild leaders all gathered together.

Yao Qiong scanned all of these powerhouses within the game and said plainly, "Now that youve seen the power of the Shifters Inheritor, what more do you want to say?"

Shen Ye looked at Yao Qiong and the other guild leaders mockingly and said, "Hmph, did I not tell you that its best to unite the other larger guilds and kill off the Shifters Inheritor? But you all said that hes just an animal and didnt treat him as a threat. Haha, now you are all less than animals!"

While Shen Yes words were quite taunting, so much so that even Qiu Si frowned as he had lost to Jiang Feng. But he had always advocated for them to kill the Shifters Inheritor. So of course Shen Yes taunt didnt include him. He was also Shen Yes elder cousin, the other person that commandeered Myth Group. Shen Ye wouldnt have taunted him.

"Shen Ye, you better hold your tongue. Who are you saying thats less than animals?" Ling Yun said coldly.

"Of course, its you. Solo or group? Are you choosing the location? You think Im afraid of you?" Shen Ye said very arrogantly.


"If you want to fight later, thats up to you. Currently, the most important thing is that tomorrow the Shifters Inheritor would build his base!" Yao Qiong interrupted them in mid-sentence. "I hope that by the day after tomorrow, all your guilds elite would be there. Then, all of you shall listen to my commands and conquer the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. We cannot allow the Ancient City to be built, or It will bring danger to us!"

"Listen to your commands? Who the hell are you?" Qiu Si said calmly, "Do not forget who you are. You are the Infernals Inheritor. I dont care how you command the players that are with the Infernals, but those who are with the Divines will not listen to your orders. We will attack the Ancient City, but this has nothing to do with you!"

"YouIm" Yao Qiong said angrily.

"You? What? Dont tell me that youre from the army. Dont forget that this is not the real world, its just a game," Qiu Si said. "The reason that the Shifters Inheritor could have so much power today was that he wasnt bound by anything. He could do whatever he wants. That was why his growth speed would become this fast! So, stop being so innocent and bind the players with all your rules. In the end, they would all leave you!"

With that, Qiu Si stood up and said, "Myth Group will be there in the morning on the day after tomorrow. As for this politics class, Im not attending."

Next, Qiu Si and Shen Ye both left the restaurant.

The other guild leaders all left as well, and the meeting ended in failure.

"How did it end up like this?" Yao Qiong frowned as she looked at Canaan, who was the only one left.

"Because you forgot. You forgot that they all belong to different factions. Forgot that this is just a game. Many fought in here so that they could release the pressure they had from the real world. What you did would only stress them even more, so please remove the burdens you have and enjoy the joy that this game gave us for once." Canaan also left the room after she had finished.

Finally, Yao Qiong was the only one that was left in the room. She lowered her head and remembered what Jiang Feng told her. She then thought about what Canaan had said too. "Was I really wrong? But I didnt do anything wrong! I only wanted to help our country to win during the World War, but I understand now. I made a mistake!"

Yao Qiong had finally understood something and left the restaurant as well.

Southern Sea, on an island. Jiang Fengs claw stabbed into the body of a Blue Poison Frog, killing it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 36. You have received 3 free attribute points.

After farming for around 8 hours, he had finally reached Level 36.

"Transmute Monster!"

Looking at the Blue Poison Frogs corpse in front of him, he used Transmute Monster on it.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. Congratulations. You have received one Poison Sac, one Level 40 Experience Pills, and one Evolution Pill.

The chances of getting Evolution Pills had increased somewhat. This was already the second one I had. Now, I have six of them! Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the Evolution Pill in his hand.

When his Luck had reached 100, the chances of him transmuting the Evolution Pill and Bloodline had increased somewhat.

Other than the six Evolution Pills that he had, he had already consumed one drop of Blue Poison Frog Bloodline. He had three more drops of Blue Poison Frog Bloodline.

One could see how high his chances of transmuting an Evolution Pill and Bloodline had become.

Compared to the past, he could only obtain an Evolution Pill or Bloodline in one or two days. By this point in time, he could transmute a few pills and drops of bloodlines in the same day.

"I should continue to farm!" He mumbled and continued to farm for experience points to increase his levels.

Other than the time to go have meals and rest, most of the time he was farming.

He had only stopped when it was around two hours before the beginning of the siege.

He had reached Level 38. As his Insight stat increased, the experience points he gained had also increased.

He had also transmuted two more Evolution Pills and two more drops of Bloodline.

Ding! System Prompt: There are only two more hours until the siege on the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor begins. Please get ready!

Seeing that there were only two hours left, Jiang Feng had stopped farming and returned to the Ancient City.

Once he had returned to the Ancient City, Yanhu and his underlings all came towards him.

"Boss, there are several hundred thousand of them gathered outside!" Yanhu told Jiang Feng worriedly.

"Hows the training for the past few days?" Jiang Feng asked.

Heifeng said confidently, "Dont worry boss. The monsters now know how to position themselves and have learned evasion skills."

Jiang Feng nodded satisfyingly and said, "Bring all your underlings to the city gate!"

With that, he flew and landed on the gigantic city walls and looked towards the shore not too far away.

He saw that many players had already gathered. There were so many that he could only see them in dots, and that he couldnt see their end.

Looking at this, he held his claws tightly into a fist. "Everything has come down to this!"


With a giant roar, Yanhu, Heifeng, Houwang, Manwang, Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, Bluecloud Panther, and Double-Headed Wolf King all led a monster army and exited the gate, and prepared to form a formation outside the gate.

As the Ancient City had only one giant gate, all they needed to do was to protect this gate.


The Thunderclap Mantis yelled out icily and took flight, leading ten thousand flying monsters, the Hundred-Flower Butterflies, and landed on the city walls.

"Yanhu, Heifeng, Houwang, Haozi All of you, come here!"

When the monster army was all in position, he called out to all his followers.

"Boss, what is it?" Yanhu answered with a grin and the others ran towards him.

Jiang Feng looked at his underlings, and then took out eight evolution pills that he had saved through hard work from his spatial bracelet.

He waved and all eight evolution pills flew straight towards his followers.

"These Evolution Pills are rewarded to you all early. This time, whoevers team had the least losses but killed the most shall have priority in fusions and Evolution Pills. Any team that has suffered heavy losses will lose one chance of obtaining an Evolution Pill. From now on, you get Evolution Pills through meritorious placement!" Jiang Feng told the eight of his followers.

"Thank you, boss! You are always so handsome!" Yanhu said flatteringly as he munched on the Evolution Pill and swayed his tail.

"Thank you, boss! Eight Evolution Pills at one go, tsk tsk I wont accept anyone other than you"

"Scram!" Jiang Feng smacked Hei Feng sky high before he even finished his sentence.

"Haha" His other followers laughed heartily.


Seeing that his eight followers had all received an Evolution Pill, he gave them his command.

Next, all eight of his followers consumed the pill and began to evolve!