Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Slaughter

On the walls of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!

Yanhu, Heifeng, and the others, all eight of them ate the Evolution Pill. All of them were instantly enveloped in fire cocoons.

From afar, it was like eight fireballs stood on the city walls.

Jiang Feng looked at Yanhu and his other followers, then he called Xiao Longnu over.

To prevent Xiao Longnus face from being exposed and wouldnt be able to do work for him in the city, she had returned to her original White Dragon form. She coiled in the air before landing on the city wall.

Looking at Xiao Longnu, Jiang Feng took out a drop of Moon Essence and gave it to her. "This is Moon Essence. It can remove all negative status effects. Go have a try!"

After he had the Moon Essence, he never thought of using it to break her curse. He only remembered about it when he saw her, so he was prepared to let her try.

But he wasnt sure if a curse would be considered to be a negative status effect.

Xiao Longnu looked at the blue droplet in Jiang Fengs hand and looked at him thankfully. Next, her tongue rolled the Moon Essence into her mouth and her stomach.

Once she had consumed the Moon Essence, a soft blue light radiated from her, as if to cleanse her body.


After around ten minutes had passed, a wisp of black breath came out from her mouth.

It was effective!

Jiang Feng was glad when he saw a black wisp come out from her body.

But what made him disappointed that it had only banished a little bit of the curses power.

But once he remembered that Violetglow had spent ten thousand years feeding Sun Wukongs remains with the Essence of the Sun and Moon every day and still failed to remove the Infernal Miasma, he was comforted.

Perhaps the Infernal Miasma and the curse were both high-level negative status effects, so removing them would be more difficult, and they couldnt be removed at one go.

Seeing that Xiao Longnus power had increased somewhat, he took out the other two drops and gave them all to Xiao Longnu without hesitation.

With her power increasing, it meant that the curses grip on her had also loosened.

Once she had consumed all three Moon Essence and her power was stronger than Yanhu and the others, that would be fine.

"Boss, whats Sis Long doing?"

At this time, Yanhu and the others had all finished their evolution and joined them.

He looked at his eight followers and discovered that all eight of them had some changes after their evolution. The fire that blazed on Yanhus forehead became a light golden color, Heifengs skin began to form some purplish patterns

But what made him even more joyful was after fusing so many bosss bloodlines, the Thunderclap Mantis finally successfully evolved, becoming a mutated existence.

Its original Bloodline ceiling was Rank 8, but now its ceiling had increased to Rank 18, equal to that of a Divine Beast. That meant that the Thunderclap Mantis could one day evolve into a Divine Beast.

"Not bad!" Seeing that the Thunderclap Mantiss stats had almost surpassed his own, Jiang Feng nodded in agreement. "Alright, the siege is almost starting. Go and organize your formations. Lets hope that this is going to be a good one!"

Next, Yanhu, Heifeng, Haozi, Houwang, Manwang, Thunderclap Mantis, Bluecloud Panther, Double-headed Wolf King each led an army and formed a strange formation, protecting the areas near to the Ancient City.

After spending about 20 minutes, Xiao Longnu had finally digested all three drops of Moon Essence.

Seeing that, he quickly looked at Xiao Longnus stats.

Xiao Longnu: Level 50 Immortal Monster (Cursed)

Introduction: Transformed from a White Dragon. She was heavily injured by an Infernal General from the Infernal race and had been cursed. Her power had decreased by 10 folds. As she has consumed the Moon Essence, a part of her curse has been removed. Her powers have been restored 5 folds.

HP: 600,000

Attack: 45,000-50,000

Defense: 15,000

"Hm? 5 folds? So they didnt multiply it with the original stats? Or this so-called 5 folds were calculated from a base value?" Jiang Feng wondered in confusion as he looked at Xiao Longnus stats with 5 fold of her power restored.

Before her curse was broken, her HP was 15,000, Attack was 2,500-3,700, Defense was 1,000. It could be said that it was too low. But what he did not understand was that even if her powers were restored by 5 fold, it couldnt be that high.

"My maths teacher did teach maths and not physical education. I got it wrong?" No matter how much Jiang Feng calculated it, he couldnt get the numbers to align with the so-called 5 folds. How could she become so strong?

"Roar, ha!" Xiao Longnu laughed as he looked at Jiang Feng being confused. She then explained and said, "Little Feng, the way you calculate it was wrong. What is meant by 5 fold of my power was 50% of my average power. Every 10%, the level of power was different. "

"I think I should explain it to you like this. I have the power of an adult dragon. But after I had been cursed, my power became that of a wyrmling. When the curse is slowly being broken, treat it as if Ive grown older. Once Ive been cursed, my power was that of a Rank 1 wyrmling. When one-fold of my curse was removed, my power would become that of a Rank 2 wyrmling. And the power difference between a Rank 1 wyrmling and Rank 2 wyrmling is more than double than that of a Rank 1 wyrmling. Understand?"

"I see."

After Xiao Longnus explanation, he finally understood why Xiao Longnus stats would be so low after she was cursed and became so high after 5-fold of it was removed.

This was not multiplication or addition. It was the difference in stages and ranks, and the power difference resulting from both were great.

"Thank you!" Xiao Longnu said to him gratefully after a portion of her curse had been lifted.

"You dont have to thank me. The restoration of your power would be good for me. I will depend on you during this siege." Jiang Feng said with a smile.

Originally, when he approached Xiao Longnu, he had some other motives. That was to use the Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy on her. But when he remembered that he would weaken Xiao Longnus power, he had given up on that.

And now Xiao Longnu would obey him no matter what he asked of her. If he were to weaken Xiao Longnu, she would grow distant with him, and even leave him. At that point, her loss would be too great.

"The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy is a very selfish skill. If only its beneficial to both." He shook his head as he thought of it. At this time, he suddenly heard the systems voice.

Ding! System Prompt: The siege will begin in 10 minutes. Please ready yourselves.

Seeing that he had 10 more minutes before the siege would begin, he summoned the Monster Cloud and landed on it, and expanded his body to the largest possible size.


Next, he took out the Jingu Staff and performed with it using his dragon claws for a while. Next, the Jingu Staff became unimaginably huge and stood in front of the gate to the Ancient City.

Then he flew up, his huge draconic body slithered around the Jingu Staff. Filled with splendor and murderous intent, he looked at the swarm of players.

As the sky was slowly becoming brighter, a bright red sun was slowly rising from the east.

That meant that the war shall begin soon.

"Victory or defeat, it all ends here! Come to me, players! I shall show you the power of us Shifters!" He mumbled as he looked at the rising sun and the players that were preparing to make a move.

Ding! System Prompt: The Siege will begin in 5 seconds and have a duration of 24 hours. May your defense be a success!

The siege would last 24 hours, which meant that this battle would continue for one whole day. As long as someone attacked, then he would need to defend!




"Roar! Slaughter them all!"

Jiang Feng unleashed a dragon howl when it reached the final second, and he grabbed the Jingu Staff with his pair of dragon claws, and violently smashed it on the players that were heading toward him!