Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 113 1

Chapter 113 Besieged Part 1

One stretch of the ocean near the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor were all ships. On the ships were countless players.

The players all came from different guilds.

While the number of players had only reached 300,000, there were still many players at the shore, standing by.

To them, attacking the Ancient City wasnt too difficult.

As the siege has a duration of 24 hours. The monsters that guarded the Ancient City could not be revived. They could easily destroy the Ancient City by simply using their advantage in numbers.

That was why most players did not treat the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor as something that they needed to treat seriously.

In one of the giant ships that could carry 2,000 players, the flag of Canaan Guild fluttered in the winds.

Han Qianqian walked toward Canaan, who was on the deck and asked, "The Siege will begin soon. Should we set sail?"

Canaan shook her head. "Since Myth Group said that they would lead the charge, then let them kill some monsters first. We can wait!"

"Big Sis, do you think Xiao Bai would be there?" Nangong Tiaotiao asked Mu Xi, who was next to her.

Because Jiang Feng had saved Nangong Tiaotiao once, she had an obsession with him. She couldnt forget him.

Mu Xi sighed and patted Nangong Tiaotiaos head and didnt say anything.

She glanced at the Ancient City, and didnt choose to join but left together with Nangong Tiaotiao.

She was someone quiet and cold and wasnt that interested in combat. The only reason that she played the game was to help Canaan in her bet. And then, she had won the bet. Canaan Guild was above Tianxia Gang in status.

And that was why she was extremely free and could choose whether to get involved in a battle or not.

Canaan glanced at Mu Xi who chose to leave and didnt say anything, then had her sight set on the direction where the Ancient City was.

Ling Yun stood on the deck of a shop and looked at the 100,000 strong armies assaulting the Ancient City. He laughed coldly and said, "Shen Ye was indeed quite smart. While he did say that he will lead the charge, but those who actually did the charging were all the players at the bottom of the pyramid!"

Chen Mo looked at Ling Yun, then walked over and said to him in a whisper, "Leader, I have news. I heard that the Myth Group would also build their base today!"

Ling Yun wasnt surprised at all, and replied to him with a smile, "I know. He wasnt the only one that chose to build his base today when everyones attention was diverted to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Building the base as soon as possible would allow them to face fewer enemies, and the Shifters Inheritor wouldnt be able to meddle this time."

Chen Mo then asked, "Shall we build our base now?"

Ling Yun then said, "Of course we will. But it is not as important as being the first one or second one anymore. We will build our base after Myth Group has finished building theirs!"

When the leaders of the guilds were scheming against each other, Jiang Fengs battle had already begun.

"Roar! Kill them all!"

His two claws were holding the Jingu Staff and flew up into the sky to the top of the 100,000 players that were rushing over, and his Jingu Staff was violently slammed to the bottom of him.

The Jingu Staff, when it was Sun Wukongs Divine Artifact, had no area of effect skills. However, when it became gargantuan, it became the area of effect skill.

While it was quite barbaric, it was very practical.


The Jingu Staff slammed the ground and slammed into the group of concentrated players. In the blink of an eye, thousands of players had been instantly killed.

"Hm? These players are too weak. Hoho, after their strongest had been killed by me, they still look down on me. But its fine, I can save some effort!"

If it was players above Level 30, his normal attack couldnt kill so many in one hit. What he did not expect was that the players that Myth Group had sent were so low level.


With that, he changed the size of the Jingu Staff to something comfortable for his size and used the ultimate skill on the players.

The enlarged Jingu Staffs power was also quite great, but it drained the hunger bar very quickly. He needed to eat something after he attacked every few times or his stats would decrease.

The attack just now had sent many players into shock.

Their speed in advancement had become much slower.

"Tidal Wave!"

At this time, Xiao Longnu had also rushed over.

Next, a tornado and a tidal wave both crashed into the players, killing loads of them.

"Haha, these humans are too weak! Its like cutting vegetables, so meaningless!"

Yanhu brought a group of his Blazinghorn Tiger and rushed over. They could kill a player in about two hits, making him feel that the battle was too easy.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Myth Group for the Guild Bases Completion. The monsters will begin the Monster Siege at 12 pm today. There will be three waves of monsters attacking the base. Other forces may join the attack. The limit on the monsters and players that may join the siege is capped at 100,000. We wish Myth Group a successful defense!

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Tianxia Gang for the Guild Bases Completion. The monsters will begin the Monster Siege at 12 pm today. There will be three waves of monsters attacking the base. Other forces may join the attack. The limit on the monsters and players that may join the siege is capped at 100,000. We wish Tianxia Gang a successful defense!

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Lingyun Pavilion for the Guild Bases Completion. The monsters will begin the Monster Siege at 12 pm today. There will be three waves of monsters attacking the base. Other forces may join the attack. The limit on the monsters and players that may join the siege is capped at 100,000. We wish Lingyun Pavilion a successful defense!

Just as Jiang Feng was fighting with the members from Myth Group, five server announcements were made. Myth Group, Tianxia Gang, Lingyun Pavillion, Xingyu Gang, and Tiexue Guild all had built their bases.

When Jiang Feng heard the server announcement, his eyes narrowed and he said coldly, "Good, very good. I was curious why there werent any guilds building their bases around this time, theyre all waiting for me to defend against a siege. No wonder the players from Myth Group were so weak, all the strongest players are at their bases!"

And he had to admit it was a good plan.

Building a base at this time when many of the players were being entangled by the Ancient City, that caused the number of players to attack their bases to be severely reduced. And they could also send the weaker players to attack the Ancient City and the stronger players to defend their bases.

In six hours, they would have successfully built their base and also expended the Ancient Citys strength.

"Yanhu, have the army to defend the city. The few of us here would be more than enough!"

In order to stop the guilds scheme and reduce his own losses, he wouldnt have the monster army join the battle. If the monsters died, they could not be revived.

Boss, please dont tell me you want the ten of us to attack the 100,000 strong armies?" Yanhu gulped despite already being in battle.

"Thats right, the players powers arent that high. We could kill them instantly and they couldnt even break through our defenses. There was nothing to be afraid of!" Jiang Feng said to Yanhu as he swept the players using his Jingu Staff, and instantly killed a dozen of them.


Yanhu nodded and had all the monsters concentrate near the Ancient City in order to reduce their losses and to prepare for the battle ahead.

"Everyone, hold on! Contain these players here for ten hours. Once the ten hours has passed and when the other guilds have completed their bases, the true war will start then!" Jiang Feng let out a dragon roar to remind his followers.

Then, Xiao Longnu, his eight followers, and he stood in ten locations. Any players that passed them would be slaughtered completely.

Even if many players breached through their defense, they didnt pay them much attention. The Level 40 monster army was at the back, and they couldnt breach their defenses as well, so there was no need to worry.

Not to mention that they werent going to clean up these players, but only to contain them.

Since the battleground could only fit 500,000, the 100,000 low-level players took much of the capacity. It would be best if they could contain them until the real elites arrive.

Even when 500,000 very powerful players rushed in, only some of them might join the battle.

And this could further reduce the number of elite players entering the battleground.

Those players that didnt join the battle all looked in amazement.

"Damn, you gotta be kidding! 10 versus 100,000 and they could still handle it like it was nothing!"

"Heh, the main reason was that the players sent by Myth Group are all low-level players. Look at them, most of them are around Level 20. They couldnt even breach their defenses. How are they supposed to fight?"

"So that was what Myth Group meant by leading the charge? Find a bunch of noob players and they probably couldnt even pierce through my defense. If it was me, I could easily handle them too."

"Kill them all!"

After fighting for about four hours, Jiang Feng had suffered very little losses. Instead, Myth Group had lost around 40,000 out of their 100,000.

Many of the guilds that didnt attack Shen Ye and the others nor building their own bases could no longer stand idly by and do nothing. Hundreds of smaller guilds led their own army and rushed over.

"Heh, I completely forgot about these guilds. Looks like well need to fight first. Yanhu, have the army on the ready!" Jiang Feng roared at Yanhu when he saw the 400,000 players from the hundreds of smaller guilds rushed in. He then ignored Myth Groups army and flew toward the shores of the island where the Ancient City was at.

He was going to slay one group of them before the 400,000 armies could reach the shore and attack them!