Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 114 2

Chapter 114 : Besieged Part 2

His dragon body coiled at the edge of the island, his giant dragon claws were holding the Jingu Staff. His head held high as his dragon beards fluttered in the wind, and looked at the players that came forward on their ships with majesty.

There were at least ten thousand of those shops, and each of them flew flags of different colors and images. If one were to look at them from the sky, they were like ribbons of multiple colors.

They sailed very quickly, but once they saw Jiang Feng, they all slowed down!

One of the guild leaders roared at his followers that was sailing the ship. "Why did you slow down! Lets go and kill him!"

That follower said fearfully, "But he was the Shifters Inheritor"

"So what? Theres 400,000 of us, is that not enough to kill him?"

The players who were sailing could do little. But that was the order from the higher-ups, and they could do nothing but follow it to the letter and headed quickly toward Jiang Feng.


When Jiang Feng saw that the ships had reached the shore, his giant body flew up into the heavens. The Jingu Staff in his hands became gigantic and slammed at the ships that were still in the oceans.


As the staff crashed and created waves of dozens of meters high, a globe of light appeared to protect the ships that swayed on the water. While they lost a number of HP, none of them had been overturned.

Of course, that strike caused players to have fallen into the oceans.


In order to buy more time, Jiang Feng continually used the Jingu Staff to slam at the ships so that they couldnt get to the shores.

But it was difficult for him alone to delay ten thousand ships. Not to mention that the island was huge, and the ships that came afterward were scattered and landed at other locations.

But he did not give up and kept on attacking the ships that had lost a large number of HP.

In about twenty minutes, the ships finally began to be torn apart and destroyed and then sunk into the oceans.

There were about 300,0000 players on the island. Once the players had reached the island, a group of them went directly to the Ancient City, another group of them had surrounded Jiang Feng.

As Jiang Feng was being in the aggro radius, he couldnt fly.


Tens of thousands of magical balls and skills dyed the entire sky into a prismatic painting, and they were all hurled towards him.

"Blink! Tornado!"

With a blink, he dodged all the skills that were thrown at him. Next, he used his ultimate skills. Then, his Jingu Staff turned into a dragon claw, and he thrashed into the players.




As he fought amongst the players, he had received many attacks because of his immense size.

However, his HP had reached 100,000. And he didnt pay much attention to those numbers.

"Drain Blood!"

He used his Drain Blood skill on a player acting as a tank role to restore some of his lost HP, then his dragon claw crushed him to death.

While many of the 300,000 players were just fodders, there were still many players that were quite powerful. Their levels were all above 30 and had changed their classes twice, and mane could pierce through his defense. While the damage wasnt much, but if he let them continue, they could still kill him.

Once hes killed, he would be sent back to the darkness, and only be revived after five minutes. If that was the case, his presence would be gone and might cause his followers to lose morale.

"Thunderclap Mantis!"

Seeing that there was quite a distance to cover, it was difficult for him to break through the players. Seeing that there was little he could do, he raised his head and roared at the Thunderclap Mantis.

"Kill them all!"

When the Thunderclap Mantis heard Jiang Feng calling its name, it released a low roar and led the 10,000 flying monsters towards where Jiang Feng was.

Seeing that Jiang Feng was in trouble, Xiao Longnu ignored the players from Myth Group, and rushed to his aid in fury.

"Tidal Wave!"

In a moment, Xiao Longnu had arrived on top of Jiang Feng, and an ocean wave appeared, and many of the players surrounding Jiang Feng had been instantly killed.

Even Xiao Longnus attack at her lowest had reached 40,000. This amount of damage could not be defended against by players.

She swept at the players with her dragon tail, and another group of players was instantly slain extremely brutally.

"How dare you hurt Little Feng! You will all die!"

Xiao Longnu roared out in fury and used all her skills on the surrounding players. Any players that were caught in them were all instantly killed very viciously.


At this time, the Thunderclap Mantis and his Hundred-Flower Butterflies that they led came to support them.

The Thunderclap Mantis roared at the Hundred-Flower Butterflies, and the Hundred-Flower Butterflies fluttered their winds in the air, and powder began to fall unto them.

These powders were the Hundred-Flower Butterflies poison powder, and they could deal 500 HP worth of damage per second for a duration of 10 seconds.

As for the Thunderclap Mantis, it danced with its scythes and kept on killing as it rushed into the players.

With the help of Xiao Longnu, the Thunderclap Mantis, and the Hundred-Flower Butterflies, the pressure on him was reduced tremendously.

He summoned the Monster Cloud and jumped on it, then asked him to fly into the skies.

As he was within the aggro radius, he could not fly. So, he had to depend on the Monster Cloud to help him with that.

When he was in the air and the players couldnt reach him, he took out a few roast chicken and stuffed them into his mouth to restore his hunger. He also ate a Large Recovery Pill, restoring his HP.

Once his hunger and HP had been restored, he once again dropped himself onto the players and began the slaughter anew.

This time, he didnt put away the Monster Cloud and let it use its lightning bolt to continually bombard the players and allow it to become the first aider on the field of battle.

As soon as someones HP would reach 0 soon, he would let the Monster Cloud bring it into the air to restore their HP.

That was because when he came down from the Monster Cloud, he had placed a lot of Large Recover Pills on it.

Any monsters that would be brought into the air could use it themselves.

The battle had suddenly become a tug of war.

Once the battle had started, eight hours had passed and it had reached the afternoon.

Jiang Fengs monster army kept on losing members. After eight hours, the Hundred-Flower Butterfly army had only 5,000 members left. The other races army had also lost a total of around 40,000 members.

The monster army only had around 50,000 members left, but the players numbers were not decreasing.

The entire island was filled with fresh blood, and the air was filled with the disgusting scent of blood. If they didnt disable their sense of smell, they couldnt continue the fight at all.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Myth Group on defending their base successfully!

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Tianxia Gang on defending their base successfully!

Slowly but surely, the guilds that had built their base all had successfully defended their base. Once he heard of the server announcements, Jiang Feng became incredibly tense.

"Roar! Shifters, hear my command! All head to the gate, defend the Ancient City with your lives!"

With that roar of his, all the Shifters that were fighting all retreated towards the gate. He bore the responsibility of leadership, leading Xiao Longnu, the Thunderclap Mantis, and the remaining Hundred-Flower Butterflies to open a bloodied path.

After half an hour, the Shifters army had gathered at the gate leading into the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

He rode the Monster Cloud and flew into the air and stared into the distance.

He saw that there ships appearing on the oceans, and above these ships was a black cloud and hundreds of people were standing on it. According to the flags on these ships, he knew that Canaan Guild, Myth Group, Tianxia Gang, Lingyun Pavilion, and other large guilds had begun their assault.

As for the hundreds on the cloud, they were the Infernals Inheritor Yao Qiong and her followers.

"Retreat, return to the city!" At this moment, the leaders of the smaller guilds yelled out, and the players that were fighting all stopped.

Players on the battlefield all began to use the Town Portal Scrolls to leave, wanting to let the players from the larger guilds to replace them.

"Come! All those trump cards that I have been saving, I should use them now. Hopefully, I can stall them for ten hours!" Jiang Fengs unleashed an aura of ferocity as he stared at the ships on the oceans. "Roar! Go, stop them!"

While all these players had reached Level 30 plus and changed their class twice, but they had all fought for a long time and were very tied. He couldnt let them leave. Once they left, the elites from the bigger guilds would become very hard to handle in their assault.