Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Even The Heavens Shall Tremble

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The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. The sky was getting darker.

In front of the gate, monster corpses were littered everywhere as the blood flowed into rivers.

Jiang Feng looked at the players who were using the Town Portal Scrolls, and then looked at the ships that were quickly approaching, his frown was becoming intense.

"Roar! Slaughter them, stop them from using the Town Portal Scrolls!"

A dragon howl rang through the skies, and about 60,000 monsters pounced at the players that were going to teleport out and have their aggro drawn toward them so that they couldnt use the town portal scrolls.

The attackers have a cap of 500,000, and there were already 400,000 in the battleground. If the other larger groups elite players wanted to come in, they could only send in a small number of players. That was why the players from the small guilds were all preparing to use the town portal scrolls to leave and giving their places to the players from the bigger guilds.

Unfortunately. Jiang Fengs monster army could only manage to draw the aggro of around 200,000 players. The other 200,000 had all teleported back to the cities.

That meant that there were still 300,000 places left. Once the elites were ready to come over, they would instantly fill up the 300,000 places.

The 60,000 monster army could drag the 300,000 players with the sheer amount of their HP for about five hours. But what about the remaining five hours?

The players could be sent into the battlefield without limits continuously, but his monster army did have a limit. A killed monster could not be replaced.

Seeing that the monster army was containing the 200,000 players, and the players themselves stopped attacking but kept on running everywhere. They were ready to use the Town Portal Scroll as soon as they left the aggro radius of the monsters to give their place to the elite players.

And because of that, the battle on the battlefield had stopped for a while.

For the elites of the major guilds to find their way over from the other side of the shores, they would need a dozen minutes. That meant that Jiang Feng had a dozen minutes to catch his breath.

"I alone have killed around 80,000 just now, and my level has reached the peak of Level 39. I also have around 800,000 honor points. I better go to the honor shop and see if I can exchange them for some support!"

Using this chance that he had, he looked at his stats.

His level had reached Level 39 with his experience bar filled at 99%. That meant that he could reach Level 40 as soon as he passed the bottleneck.

After killing so many players belonging to the Divine and Infernal factions, his honor points had reached 836,192.

That meant that he could exchange for things in the Honor Shop.

The moment he thought of that, he quickly opened the honor shop and checked, to see if he could find anything that was useful in this war.

Originally the honor shop only had three menus selling equipment, pills, and materials. However, they now had five menus. Originally, his honor points were too low and he couldnt enter the other two menus. But now, his honor points had reached 800,000. It seemed that he could exchange for many things.

The two menus were bloodline and specials.

When he looked at the bloodline menu, all of them were Rank 1 to Rank 10 bloodlines. These were originally for players that wanted to improve the ranks of their pets. The higher ranking the pet was, the more stats they gained when they level up.

But he wasnt interested in these bloodlines at all as he had the Monster Transmutation System.

He closed the Bloodline Menu and opened the special menu.

The items within the special menu were all special. For example, Portals, Talisman of Summoning, Talisman of Calling, Fireball Talisman All of them were different types of talismans. Of course, he could only buy ten types of items from the special menu. The others werent shown, and he guessed that he needed even more honor points.

After glancing at all the talismans that were available on the special menu, he chose two of them.

One of them was the talisman of summoning, and the other one was the talisman of calling.

Talisman of Summoning: May randomly summon a monster of the same race as you are that does not exceed 10 of your own levels. Duration 2 hours. Price: 100,000 Honor Points.

Talisman of Calling: May call friends or NPCs to your side. If the person refuses, the talisman is wasted. Price: 200,000 Honor Points.

He gave it a thought and used 800,000 honor points to exchange for two Talismans of Calling and four Talismans of Summoning.

"Lets try the Talisman of Summoning. Hopefully, I could summon a Level 49 Divine Beast."

With that, he used all four Talismans of Summoning.

In the next moment, four summoning circles appeared. The summoning circle radiated a soft light. In a short moment, four monsters appeared from within.

The first one was a Level 40 boss and one that he had seen many times on the 5th floor of the Cave of the Undead, the Undead General.

The second one was a Level 22 Normal monster Giant Croc.

The third one was a Level 35 Normal monster Double-Headed Wolf.

The fourth one was a Level 40 Spiritual-Level Blackwater Drake.

"Whew. Two of the Talismans of Summoning were mostly wasted. Luckily, I have managed to summon two powerful Level 40 monsters as support."

While the Giant Croc and Double-Headed Wolf were almost useless, the Undead General and the Blackwater Drake were very powerful. Their stats were higher than his, and the Blackwater Drakes stats could even be compared to Xiao Longnu and they could make a great difference.

After he had used the Talismans of Summoning, he ten looked at the two Talismans of Calling, and he prayed. "Lets hope that Violetglow and Yan Chixia would come over and help, if not its very difficult to defend this place!"

With that, he used both the Talismans of Calling, and a message box appeared in front of him. He wrote the reason and request, then the two Talismans of Calling became a temporary Teleportation Circle.

"Please come, please come!"

His giant eyes stared at the teleportation circle and prayed.


Just as he was praying the teleportation circle that was calling Violetglow had let out a small hum and then lost its light. Soon, it disappeared.

Violetglow wasnt willing to come.

The Talisman of Calling was wasted, meaning that he had lost 200,000 honor points for nothing!

When he gave it some more thought, only then did he understand. Violetglow still had to collect the Essence of the Sun and the Moon. Only Sun Wukong was in her eyes. Of course, she wouldnt come.


At this time, the other teleportation circle started to have some movement. In the next moment, a middle-aged man with a bush beard appeared. Yan Chixia walked out with a smile.

"You are in some trouble, my boy?" Yan Chixia said to Jiang Feng after he walked out.

"Its a very big trouble." Jiang Feng gave him an awkward smile and pointed behind him.

"Ho!" Yan Chixia turned and looked, and saw the players that were fighting in front of the gate. He then looked at the players that were steering over from the other side of the ocean, and he was shocked, "What did you do? Why did you have so many enemies?"

"I am besieged!" Jiang Feng said.

"Hm?" Yan Chixia looked at the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, then he looked at Jiang Feng, somewhat surprised. He said, "The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, you are the successor to the Shifter Emperor!"

Jiang Feng nodded. "You can understand it that way."

Yan Chixia looked at Jiang Feng and said with a sigh, "The Shifters had fallen. What you are doing is against the will of Heaven!"

"Heaven?" Jiang Feng laughed, then said with pride, "So what if it is Heaven? Does it not tremble?!"

Looking at Jiang Fengs arrogance and the fierceness coming from him, Yan Chixia was stunned and he was completely astonished.

"Haha" And Yan Chixia laughed. "Even Heaven will tremble! Good! My boy, I have to say that I like you very much!"

Jiang Feng was overjoyed, and quickly asked, "So you are willing to aid me in the siege, Master?"

Yan Chixia asked, "Do you have enough beer?"

Jiang Feng laughed. "Definitely enough!"

Yan Chixia then took out the Red Sun Sword. "Then, what are we waiting for? Let us slaughter them! This is a very good time for me to try my newest ultimate attack that I have created!"

Jiang Feng nodded and took out his Jingu Staff. "Lets kill them all!"