Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 116

Chapter 116 If The World Does Not Let Me Be Free Then I Shall Slay The World


The roars of battle pierced the sky, and the blood-soaked the skies!

Yan Chixia threw out the Red Sun Sword and jumped onto the sword, and flew toward the edge of the island while he stood on the Red Sun Sword. He had prepared to block the first wave of enemies by the shore.

Jiang Feng violently threw his Jingu Staff toward the edge of the island, and he jumped, falling right on top of the Jingu Staff.

"Boy, take this. When you used the Dao it would become even more powerful. Your draconic body is not suitable for that."

As they flew side by side, Yan Chixia gave Jiang Feng a pill.

Not only did Yan Chixia come to help him, he even gave him an item. Jiang Feng was overjoyed and took it in his hand.

Polymorph Pill: A monster can become anyone it wants to after consuming it. Duration of 10 hours!

The effects of the Polymorph Pill were much better than his own Polymorph.

His polymorph could only create an illusion of his form from reality. But the Polymorph Pill would allow him to adjust his appearance and had a much longer duration.

"This is great! Thank you!" Jiang Feng thanked Yan Chixia then ate the Polymorph Pill.

Next, a panel appeared in front of him. It was a panel where he could adjust his appearance, and it also had a search function.

He gave it some thoughts and made his appearance slightly exaggerated so that he wouldnt expose himself.

Silver hair, bloodied eyes, smooth hair, an angled face, and wearing a white robe. His design was very handsome, very cold.

Ding! System Prompt: Save this design?


Next, his giant dragon form disappeared, and he took the form of a man. He stood on his Jingu Staff wearing white, and he looked very gorgeous.

Next, Yan Chixia shot a light on his forehead using his finger.

Ding! System Prompt: Yan Chixia has extended the duration of your "Dao Dao Dao" skill temporarily to two hours.


He was slightly stunned and looked at him curiously. He wasnt sure why Yan Chixia was treating him that well.

Yan Chixia had seen through his thoughts, and said with a laugh, "Boy, the reason that I helped you this time is that when I am tired of being in all of this, you must reserve a residence in the Ancient City for me. Make sure that its in a beautiful location and that you have enough beer for me."

"No problem!"

So there was a reason for Yan Chixia helping him.

Once the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had been built, a residence could be sold up to a million. So it could be said that Yan Chixia had profited from this.

"Master, have a drink!"

Seeing that they were arriving at the islands edge, Jiang Feng remembered all the good wine that he had asked Xiao Longnu to buy for him. He didnt get to use them when they attacked Myth Group last time. He could use it at the siege this time. With that, he took out two jars of wine and gave one of it to Yan Chixia.

Yan Chixia took the jar of wine and put it by his nose to give a smell, and said loudly, "Good wine!"

Jiang Feng smiled, removed the seal on the jar, and poured it into his mouth using one hand.

With one jar already downed, he became drunk. Even his mind was getting foggy, but the feeling as if he was floating felt very good.

"Kill him!"

At this time, Shen Ye, Canaan, Qiu Si, Yao Qiong, Hao Tian, Su Xingyu, and the other large guilds had arrived on the shore.

"Slaughter them all!"

Seeing that, Jiang Feng yelled out coldly as he jumped down from his Jingu Staff. His hand grabbed towards his back, and the Jingu Staff became a sharp longsword.

Next, music began to play. The skill had its own triggerable BGM.

The musics beat was extremely quick and passionate. And in his drunken stupor, he felt that his blood was boiling.

"The Dao of the Mortals!"

As he fell onto the ground, he cried out icily as he danced with the sword in his hand, shooting out several flashes of light from his sword toward Shen Ye and the others.

Seeing that, Shen Ye quickly moved out with a mobility skill. The players that stood beside him had all been instantly killed by the lights shot out from the longsword.

The damage from the Dao Dao Dao skill was doubled during a drunken state. The 150% of base damage became 300% of base damage, meaning that his attacks had been tripled. No player, regardless of who they are, could block even one strike from him.

"Dao, Dao, Dao. Dao, Dao, Dao"

Every time he yelled out the word Dao, several beams of light would extend from his sword. Any players that had been touched by light would instantly be disintegrated into white light and disappear.

"Hes the Shifters Inheritor! Focus fire on him!"

Shen Ye yelled at the players nearby once he had identified Jiang Fengs stats and found out who he was.

Yao Qiong, Canaan, Qiu Si, and the others heard that the man wielding the sword was the Inheritor of the Shifters, they rushed towards him after a moment of surprise.

"Cloud Piercing Shot!"

"Thousand Demons Blade!"


"Rain of Fire!"

"The Dao that can be understood as Dao, is not the Eternal Dao!"

Seeing that so many skills were hurling towards him, he muttered a sentence, and his form became ethereal. Each incoming attack equaled him dodging an attack, and he easily moved out of the way of the skills.

At the same time when he passed Ling Yun and Hao Tian, he instantly killed both of them in a single strike.

"How could he be this strong?!" Shen Ye was stunned as he looked at Jiang Feng who danced within the group of players.

"Have all your members attack the base! Well hold him here!" Yao Qiong yelled towards the guild leaders as she glanced at Jiang Feng.

"Attack the base!"

"Attack the base!"

Canaan, Shen Ye, Su Xingyu, and the other guild leaders commanded their 300,000 strong players to assault the city.

"The Dao of the Heavens and the Dao of the Earth, the Dao of Humanity and Dao of the Sword!"

At this time, Jiang Feng cried out coldly once again. In the next moment, his figure disappeared from sight and appeared behind Yao Qiong. Several hundred swords of light attempted to surround her.

Yao Qiong became anxious when she saw that, and quickly used her mobility skill to evade them. But no matter if she ran into the skies or onto the ground, the swords of light followed her tightly and attacked her.

"Infernal Shades!"

Yao Qiongs face became pale and quickly used a skill. Several dozens of Yaoqiongs images appeared around her.

A hundred swords of light impaled them from above, killing all of Yao Qiongs phantoms.

Seeing that all her phantoms had been killed, Yao Qiong was just going to escape when she saw a pair of red eyes stab her in the chest with his sword as he looked at her with no hint of emotion.

"You are making yourself the enemy of the entire world!" Yao Qiong said to Jiang Feng after she was stabbed, her HP quickly depleted.

"So, what if I am to become an enemy of the world? I shall drink in delight when I am joyful and I shall be free and unrestrained in this mortal realm! To me, being free means that I can do whatever I want! If the world does not let me be free, then I shall slay the world! If the Divines and Infernals refuse to let me be free, then I shall slay them too!"


With that, Jiang Feng drew the sword out from Yao Qiongs chest. The blood from her spurted out and dyed his white robe in red.

If the world does not let me be free, then I shall slay the world!

If the Divines and Infernals do not let me be free, then I shall slay them too!

Canaan, who was wielding her sword appeared behind Jiang Feng. She was slightly stunned when she heard what he said and looked at him perplexingly.

However, she did not hesitate when she stabbed directly into Jiang Fengs body, and her sword pierced through his body.


Canaan drew out her sword, bringing out a gush of fresh blood.

Jiang Feng turned and looked at the wound in his chest, and smiled coldly at Canaan with his blood-red eyes.

When she looked into Jiang Fengs blood-red eyes and the aura of resentment from him, she quivered and was completely stunned.


At this moment, the blade of Jiang Fengs sword slashed through her neck and ignored her. He then went towards the 300,000 players that were attacking the city.

"So strong!"

Feeling a sharp pain from her neck, Canaan could only think of those words as her body slowly limped onto the ground and disappeared into white light.