Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Where The Sword Points Bones Scatter For Miles

Night had descended upon the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

The sounds of slaughter had never ended.

A siege had caused bones to be buried across the island!

The bloodied Jiang Feng stood on the Monster Cloud and headed toward the 300,000 strong armies that were assaulting the Ancient City.


The Monster Clouds speed was very quick. In a few seconds, he appeared before the 300,000 strong armies.

At the same time, the bloodied Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, Blackwater Drake, Undead General, Yanhu, Heifeng, Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, Houwang, Manwang, Bluecloud Panther and the Double-Headed Wolf King stood in front of the army of 300,000.

As for the 40,000 monster army, they were still kiting the 100,000 plus players aggro, stopping them from leaving.

Shen Ye, Qiu Si, Su Xingyu, and the other guild leaders who were still alive were riding on their flying pets and confronted Jiang Feng together with their army.

They stared at each other, and they said nothing.

Ding! Server Announcement: Five hours left for the Siege of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!


Once the server announcement had been made, Jiang Feng and Qiu Si had both shout out the word "Attack".



The 300,000 strong army warcry had trembled even the heavens, and they all came for Jiang Feng.

At the current stage, Jiang Feng, Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and the Blackwater Drakes were the highest and could be considered as invincible.

But facing so many players, they still needed to exert much effort to kill them.

"Attack the city! Tear the city down!"

Shen Ye yelled at the army behind him then fired a shot of Meteor Arrow and struck at the gate.

All the players didnt fight with Jiang Feng and the rest of them and attacked the walls.

"Damn it!" Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng became extremely tense and roared, "Defend the walls with your lives!"

With that, he then rode on the Monster Cloud. When he arrived on top of the wall, he then held his sword and jumped down from the top of the wall.

"The Dao of Black, the Dao of White, the Dao of Yellow, the Dao of Red. The Dao of All, t0he Dao of Things, all Dao is Dao"

He kept on singing the words of Dao as swords of light flew down to the players that were attacking the walls down below. All that it had been, blood would flow and clear out an empty space.

But as he saw the HP of the wall began to slowly decrease, he became even more anxious, and he continuously attacked the players without limit.

"Dragon Howl, Tornado, Tiger Roar, Violent Grab, Rockfall, Bite"

All the skills that he could use, he used them all. Several thousand players near the gate all disappeared into white light.

"Heh, theres 500,000 of us, and you want to kill us all?" Shen Ye stood on the Blazing Hawk and looked at Jiang Feng from above, who was already drowning in blood from his maddening slaughter.

"500,000? Even if its a million, I will kill them all just the same!" Jiang Feng glared at Shen Ye with his bloodshot eyes and roared. He then jumped up, the Monster Cloud appeared under his feet, carrying him toward Shen Ye.

When Shen Ye saw that, he quickly turned tail and ran.

At this stage, Jiang Feng was already at the edge of madness. And now that his damage was three times his original value, he would die in just one strike. He naturally wanted to avoid him.

Unfortunately, the Blazing Hawks speed was lower than the Monster Cloud, and he was chased down by Jiang Feng in a few moments.

"Haha! Kill me then! The wall has already lost half of his HP! In a little more while, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor will be no more!" When Shen Ye saw that he couldnt escape, he then stood on the Blazing Hawk and sneered at Jiang Feng.

"So what if you are the Shifters Inheritor? So what if you have so much power? You are not our match! Let me tell you, the Shifters do not belong on the stage in the future! They belong to the Divines and the Infernals! All of you shifters are but clowns dancing for our amusement!" Qiu Si came toward him riding on another Blazing Hawk and said to him.


At this moment, Qiu Si opened a portal using the Portal item. On the Blazing Hawk, a portal opened. Yao Qiong, Canaan, Ling Tian, and Hao Tian all came out from the door of light.

"Shifters Inheritor, as long as you obey us and give us the Ancient City, we will stop the siege immediately!" Yao Qiong stepped out from the portal.

"Give up, in less than an hour, the Ancient City would crumble. Working with us is your only and best choice!" Canaan said in agreement.

"Shifters Inheritor, give up, and follow me. Ill bring you to conquer the world, how does that sound?" Ling Yun said and pointed toward the walls. "See, your followers are almost all dead, why are you still fighting so hard for?"

When he heard the words from Qiu Si, Yao Qiong, and the others, he turned and took a look. Only to see that Manwang was the first one to fall. His huge body was soaked in blood on the ground.

The second one was Haozi. He wasnt huge, but he was very loyal. He had never complained even once.

The third one was the Double-Headed Wolf King. It died after being struck by hundreds of skills.

"Ahaha! Boss, Im so sorry! Ive disappointed you!" As he cried, Houwang jumped up high and caught on to a player. With his last slither of life, he killed himself together with that player.

"Boss! I love you! But this time, I really cant do it anymore, Im so tired, so tired" Heifeng let out a howl and died after hundreds of players hacked him to death.

"Haha! Heifeng, you fool! Why dont you wait for me before you die!" Yanhu unleashed a roar and rushed toward the players that killed Heifeng, and he himself died after being struck by a dozen of magic and died on top of Heifengs corpse.

In a short while, even the Bluecloud Panther had died.

Out of his eight followers, only the Thunderclap Mantis was left alive.

"Ah! To hell with all of you!"

Seeing that, Jiang Feng let out an angry roar and quickly controlled the Monster Cloud and headed to the corpses of his underlings and had all seven of them on the Monster Cloud.

"Im sorry, Im so sorry"

A blood tear flowed down his cheeks as he touched their bodies and had them all put away into the Qiankun Gourd before they disappeared.

After he had all of seven of his followers bodies hidden away, Jiang Feng then walked toward Yao Qiong and the others in the air, step by step. His head was lowered, his body slightly arched, dragging the longsword in his hand.

With every step he took, the Monster Cloud became larger and formed a cloud staircase, letting him walk on it.

"I was just a dog. It was the Shifters Hierophants sacrifice that allowed me to become the Inheritor of the Shifters. In order to become stronger, I cannibalized the monsters from my own race so that I can become stronger. I cannibalized those of the same race as I to become stronger. I must evolve. Evolve again and again. Evolve endlessly"

As he walked, the blood on him was so thick that as they flowed down, the Monster Cloud was dyed in blood red.

"Do you know how lonely it is? Do you know how envious I am whenever I see all of you players traveling in groups?"

"Luckily, Yanhu and the others had accompanied me. If not, I wouldnt have come this far!"

The players that were fighting down there had all stopped and looked at Jiang Feng with their heads raised.

Yan Chixia could only sigh as he shook his head. Xiao Longnus tears could not stop.

With that, he raised his head, violence radiated from his sight as he stared at Yao Qiong. Then, he roared with wrath unmatched by any others.

"That is why I have sworn that whoever has hurt my brethren, I shall have them returned by manifolds!"

As he had finished his speech, Jiang Feng became berserk. He ran toward Yao Qiong and the others on the Monster Cloud.

Ding! System Prompt: You have entered a Berserk state. Attack and Movement Speed increased by 100%.

"Those who tormented me, die!"

In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Shen Ye. His sword extended and he already passed Shen Ye. Before Shen Ye could even react, Shen Ye and the Blazinghawk had been split in half, both disappeared into white light.

"Those who cursed me, die!"

The other few all wanted to run, but he shouted out coldly and appeared next to Qiu Si, and he beheaded him with his sword.

"Those who harmed me, die!"

"Those who affronted me, die!"

"Those who betrayed me, die!"

"Those who are against me, die!"




Every time the word die appeared in his speech, he would then slay one person. Each strike would mangle them, and Yao Qiong and the rest of their bodies had all been torn apart. Slain!

When he had killed the last of them, he then rushed toward the players. He had already lost his mind and could not differentiate between virtual and reality. All he knew was but one word. Kill!

His form could no longer be distinguished as he was fully covered with blood. Only a pair of blood-colored eyes could be seen. And any place that the eyes look at would become a patch of corpses in the next moment.

Where the sword pointed, the bones scattered for miles!

When Yan Chixia looked at Jiang Fengs current condition, he could only mutter in shock. "That That boy had created such a powerful technique during a slaughter! Its even more powerful than Dao Dao Dao! This is so frightening!"