Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 118

Chapter 118 The Golden Crow Display Its Splendor And Blood Soaked The Morning Sun

At the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, the war continued.

The scene for Jiang Fengs kills were all extraordinarily bloody. All the players that had seen this scene that didnt lower down their graphical settings were all vomiting as they bent down.

Some of the female players were so scared by his bloody look that they no longer dared to attack the wall.

While it was just a game, many of the players lost their will when faced with intent so murderous that it breached the very heavens.

Many players were so afraid they dared not to attack the walls.

But even more, players were still fearlessly attacking the walls!

Jiang Feng continued to kill, and all those players that saw him all died by his blade.

Two hours had passed, and the wall had less than 20% HP left.

He became even angrier and used all his skills at the players that were still by the wall.


The Monster Cloud was making a thunderous sound, and the lightning bolts strike, instantly killing a number of players.

Xiao Longnu used her ultimate skill, a tidal wave appeared.

The Blackwater Drake used its ultimate skill. A waterspout appeared, taking thousands of players.

"Ten Thousand Swords!"

Yan Chixias hands made a gesture, and ten thousand swords of light flew upward from the Red Sun Sword. From where one could see, the entire sky had been covered by the swords of lights, and it was very majestic.

Any players that were struck by the swords of light were instantly killed.

In the blink of an eye, a huge patch of the area around the wall had been cleared. This had greatly slowed the speed that the wall was losing HP.

Jiang Feng also took out a talisman and held it in his hand.

"Ten Thousand Swords!"

This talisman was indeed the talisman that he had obtained from the Chinese Ghost Story quest. It was pointless to save it, and he used it on a group of players that were still attacking the wall.


As soon as Yan Chixias Ten Thousand Swords had been used, ten thousand swords of lights once again. The sky was once again covered by the swords of light and headed toward the players that were attacking the wall.

In a matter of seconds, another 10,000 players had been eliminated from around the wall.

After each of them had used their ultimate skill, they had slain around 50,000 players in one strike. A large patch of the area near the wall was completely cleared.

Jiang Feng took his sword and stood in the cleared area, and looked at the army of players.

"All those who come close to the wall shall die!" He yelled out icily, and many players that were originally rushing forward stopped dead in their tracks, watching Jiang Feng with fear in their eyes.

"Hey, they guys in front, go! The wall is almost out of HP! Attack it! Dont let him restore the walls to full health!"

"Why dont you go! I came back after being killed the third time and lost two levels. Damn it, if the guild leader doesnt compensate me, Im going to be done!"

"My goodness I think its better for you to go, big brothers. The Shifters Inheritor is too strong!"

"Beauty, since you died so prettily earlier, why dont we add friends with each other. Once our intimacy has been maxed out we can go get a kid."

The army of 400,000 stopped dead in their tracks, and they were quite rowdy. Players who had died two to three times didnt dare to rush forward anymore.

At this stage, they were no different than fodders when facing Jiang Feng. If they died once they needed almost one whole day to get their levels up.

Some of them were even being funny, getting the contact details of female players next to them.

It could be said that men and women were more tender after a battle of life and death. In a short while, several thousand players managed to befriend the goddess in their eyes.

After half an hour, anyone that attacked the wall was killed by Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and the Blackwater Drake.

Jiang Feng lowered his head, dragging his longsword as he stared with his bloody eyes at the army. He was like a statue, but anyone that dared to approach him, he would wave his hand and send that person back to the Respawn Point.

Ding! Server Announcement: Two hours until the siege ends.

After the server announcement had been heard, Yao Qiong and the rest once again appeared. They had been killed twice, and this was the third time that they had come.

"What are you all doing? You cant even destroy a wall after three hours? What are you still doing? Attack!"

When Shen Ye arrived on his Blazing Hawk, he roared angrily when he saw the army of 400,000 were stopped by Jiang Feng alone.

"Kill them! As long as we can destroy the Ancient City, all of the guilds will reward you according to the number of your deaths!" Qiu Si also yelled out loudly.

"Attack the city!" Ling Yun said.

"Attack the city!" Hao Tian said.

"Attack the city!" Canaan said.

Because of the orders of the guild leaders and Qiu Sis promised reward, all the players started to have some motivation and again, threw a bunch of skills at Jiang Feng.


Jiang Feng said coldly and used his mobility skill to avoid a bunch of attacks. He then appeared within the groups of players and continued the slaughter.


After twenty more minutes, the Ancient Citys wall had finally depleted its health points, and several points along the wall had crumbled.

"The wall has fallen! Go and destroy the Shifter Emperors Order!" Yao Qiong bellowed out excitedly when she saw that the Ancient Citys wall had been broken through, she led them all into the Ancient City.

The 400,000 armies followed her and headed into the Ancient City!




Jiang Feng didnt give up and continued his slaughter.

In his madness, he had used all skills he had. He then called the Monster Cloud toward him, and with its help, brought him next to Yao Qiong. Before she could escape, she Blinked toward her, grabbed her, opened up his jaw, and bit into her neck, draining her blood.

It could be said to be extremely crazy.

But what was weird was that as Yao Qiongs blood was being drained away, his HP was slowly restored.

Not only was his HP full, but even his hunger value was also somewhat restored. Yao Qiong looked at Jiang Feng in horror, and it was at this moment that Jiang Fengs palm became a dragon claw and pierced through her abdomen.

Yao Qiong fell onto the ground with a face of terror.


After killing Yao QIong, he dispelled his Polymorph and returned to his form of a dragon. He rushed into the ranks of the players and killed one player per bite without fail.


Just when Qiu Si and Canaan and the 300,000 armies reached the center of the Ancient City, the statue of the Shifter Emperor Donghuang Taiyi suddenly let out a violent cry. Next, a Golden Crow phantom that spanned a few thousand meters[1] in length flew out from it.

Flames burn on the phantom of the Golden Crow, its sharp eyes swept through the 300,000 players. It then unfurled its wings and flew directly into the army of players.


The phantom of the Golden Crow let out a cry and the flames on it burned even brighter. At this point, its body size had covered half of the Ancient City, and wherever it flew past the players would all turn into a white light and disappear.

In only five minutes, the 300,000 strong armies including Qiu Si and everyone else had been slain by the Golden Crow, all of them consumed by the burning flames.

The entire Ancient City was filled with burning bodies.


As if it had used all its powers, the Golden Crow released one final cry before the phantom turned into ashes and disappeared.

"This is the remaining power after Donghuang Taiyis death? This is so terrifying!"

Yan Chixia looked at the disappearing Golden Crow and he couldnt calm himself down.

Even he felt terrified by that attack. If that Golden Crow attacked him, he would probably be instantly killed as well.

When Jiang Feng saw the 300,000 armies had all been destroyed in a short while, he was stunned. But when he remembered something, he frowned.

If he had guessed it correctly, that phantom of the Golden Crow must be one of the nine Golden Crows that were flying the island.

That meant that once the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had been successfully built, he would only have eight of them left.

"What whats happening? All 300,000 of them dead?" A group of replacement players had also seen the phantom of the Golden Crow. Some of the leaders of the smaller guilds were on their flying steed, and they even saw how the army was instantly decimated.

"Leader, now that theres no one on the battlefield, should we go? A guild member on a Rank 3 flying mount asked his leader.

"Go? For what? 300,000 of them disappeared in an instant, whats the point of us going if were just going to end up killed? Retreat!"

"Are not going to besiege it?"

"Whats the point of attacking it? The 300,000 will need to queue for so long at the Respawn Point that they wouldnt be able to gather so many elite players without an hour or so. Who knows if that Shifters Inheritor still has any more tricks in his sleeves?"

"Maybe that was the last one? We still had around 400,000 players here. Should we go at least once?"

"Damn it! Are you the group leader or I am the group leader? I said retreat, you hear me?"

The phantom of the Golden Crow was so shocking that the players from the smaller guilds all retreated from a fear of loss.

And in the respawn points of various cities, the players all began to be respawned one by one. But each Respawn Point could only revive ten of them. Even if the players all came from different cities, and using different Respawn Points, they could only revive a few thousand players every second.

And those players that died had to queue up to be revived. They would need two hours to revive every single last player that was killed.

Even after they were revived, they still needed time to gather them. Once they had gathered, the Ancient City had already successfully been defended.

Jiang Feng was worried that the replacement players from the oceans would attack again. He quickly flew into the sky and his giant draconic body appeared in the air of the Ancient City, his bloodshot eyes stared at the ships on the oceans.

Only when the ships left did he heave a sigh of relief.

But he didnt completely leave and was still protecting the ancient city from above just in case someone launched a surprise attack.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations. The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor has been successfully defended.


The moment that the Ancient City had been successfully defended, eight phantoms of the Golden Crow flew out from Donghuang Taiyis statue. They then flew toward the edge of the island, and their tails extended to under the sea. In the next moment, the eight phantoms of the Golden Crow dragged the Ancient City into the skies once again.

"Ive won!"


As the Ancient City was once again being dragged to flight by the eight phantoms of the Golden Crows, he raised his dragon head and looked to the east where the sun, as if colored by blood finally rose. He smiled, and a sense of tiredness overwhelmed him, and his giant body fell into a pool of blood.

Soon, his body disappeared as he had been forced to log out.

When the players that still hadnt left yet saw this, they were all shocked.

"There are eight Golden Crows! Luckily, we didnt continue the assault. We would have all been wiped out."

"Regardless, this battle would be immortalized into the history of Divine Dominion. This is so awesome! I never thought that a Shifter that only led 100,000 monsters had withstood against continuous attacks from us players!"

"Shit, I still feel my blood boiling! This is even better than watching a special effect film! This is so cool!"

The Battle of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had been recorded into the History of the Divine Dominions. Many players were discussing the battle, and some of them would even feel their blood boiling when they talked about the battle.

Weibo, the Official Message Board, and Tieba, all were filled with posts about the war. They were even more prominent than some celebrities and news.

But from now on, they all would remember the one!

The one that dared to let the world be uncomfortable through his existence alone, the Inheritor of the Shifters!!!

[1] The author was vague here. The bird could range from 333 meters long to 3333 meters long.