Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Berserk Slaughter Indifference

At the border between Qingyang City and the Slums.

A bright room within Huxin Residence.

A young man slept with a smile on his face.

But from the cold sweat, his tightened fist, and a tear down his cheek, it was like he had just fought in a great war.

This young man was Jiang Feng, who had been forced to log out after he had successfully defended in the siege.

After 24 hours of the battle that required his full attention, he felt extremely tired and needed some sleep.

Players who played Divine Dominion would all be in a state of light sleep. It was like dreaming.

It was fine if it was just a few days, but if one were to do it every day, it would harm the person in the spirit.

That was why after he played the game, Jiang Feng would log out of the game and sleep for another two or three hours.

But this time, it was different. Despite Su Qing and his dad calling him a few times, he kept saying that he was sleepy. Other than eating, he would be sleeping.

During this period, his appetite had also grown immensely. He could eat around five or six bowls of rice, and he would sleep straight after.

Only after sleeping for two whole days did he recover mentally.

But after his recovery, his eyes look a bit different. Every time Su Qing looked him in the eyes, she would quiver in shock.

There was nothing he could do, unfortunately.

When morning came, after cleaning himself up and did some exercise, he once again entered the game.

Once he entered the game, he appeared before the gate of the Ancient City.

He looked at the Ancient City in ruins, he then flew up into the sky and looked at the Ancient City from the air.

He saw that it was still dragged by eight Golden Crow phantoms and flew above the clouds. But the speed that they did had slowed down considerably.

When there were nine Golden Crow phantoms that pulled it, its flying speed could reach 10km per second. And now, it could only reach 9km.

"Boy, you are finally back! I thought you died!"

Suddenly, Yan Chixia came over standing on his sword. Xiao Longnu and the Thunderclap Mantis had also arrived.

Xiao Longnu came over and looked at him in worry. "Little Feng, are you alright?"

Jiang Feng shook his head, then bowed when he was in front of Yan Chixia. "Thank you for your help, Master."

"No need to thank me. I can sense that the aura of resentment on you is very thick. You should go and explore around. If not, Im worried you will lose your mind in the next war!" Yan Chixia said to Jiang Feng.

"Losing my mind?" Jiang Feng looked at Yan Chixia with hesitation.

"Look at your eyes." Yan Chixia waved his palm, and a mirror made from swords of light appeared, and he placed it in front of Jiang Feng.

When Jiang Feng looked into the mirror, he saw that his eyes were blood red. It was as if blood could flow out, and it was extremely terrifying.

Then, as if he remembered something, he opened the systems announcement panel and looked at it.

He remembered that there were quite a few system prompts during the siege, but he couldnt remember what they were about.

Ding! System Prompt: You have entered a Berserk state. Attack and Movement Speed increased by 100%.

Ding! System Prompt: Due to your heavy resentment, you have entered a state of Slaughter. During Slaughter, your consciousness shall fall into a deep sleep and slaughter reflexively. All stats increased by 100%. Once the Slaughter state has ended, level -2 and you shall become fatigued. Duration of 48 hours.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations, you have reached Level 40. You have received 3 free attribute points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations, you have reached Level 41. You have received 3 free attribute points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. You have awakened to the Consume Blood skill, receive 500 reputation points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on creating the Spiritual level skill Kill. As you are the first player to have created a Spiritual Level skill, you are rewarded with 100gp, 1,000 reputation points, and one Level Up Scroll.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations, you have reached Level 43. You have received 3 free attribute points.[1]


After looking at the string of system prompts, he was slightly stunned. He didnt realize that he entered two states of mind. The first one was Berserk. The second one was Slaughter.

The official website had also mentioned that players could enter special states in certain situations.

What he didnt expect was that both of them would be so powerful.

Looking at the description for the Slaughter status, he finally remembered why he was feeling so down for the last two days. He was affected by the negative effects of Slaughter.

He didnt feel anything special about the Slaughter status. Since it was quite difficult to trigger both states unless he had to fight another battle as difficult as the siege again.

Consume Blood: Drain 500 points of hit points per second from a target, until it is dead. If attacked the Consume Blood skill can be interrupted. Cooldown of 5 minutes.

This was a skill that he awakened when he was draining the blood of Yao Qiong.

Awakening was for skills that were newly learned but existed within the game. Only skills that were created did not exist within the game previously but were acknowledged by the system. For example, his Kill skill.

Kill: Active skill. Every time the word Kill is yelled out, you can move to a location within 10 meters. If there were enemies between the two points, damage the enemies for 150% of base damage. Can be used 9 times maximum. Can be interrupted. Cooldown 5 hours.

"This skill is so powerful, even more powerful than Dao Dao Dao! While it doesnt have as high damage as Dao Dao Dao, but every time I use the skill I could move to another location, that is the best part!" Jiang Feng became excited as he looked at his Kill skill.

"Dont get so excited yet, boy. Let me tell you something. The state after Slaughter is Indifference. Berserk, Slaughter, and Indifference. At that time, you would even kill those that are closest to you. When that moment comes, you will be more demonic than the Infernals, more coldhearted than the Divines, crueler than the Shifters." Yan Chixia told him with a frown, "You have already activated the Berserk and Slaughter states, so its easier for you to enter those two states than others. Once you have entered the Indifference state, no one can save you. All those who are close to you will die by your sword one by one. At this point in time, you should relax and unwind yourself. At least until the colors of your eyes return to their normal color."

"Master, is it really that terrifying?" Jiang Feng said with an eyebrow raised despite being shocked.

"Its far more terrifying than what you think. I have said what I needed to say, take care of yourself. But let me tell you this. If you have really entered the Indifference state, I will kill you!" Yan Chixia told him, then left the Ancient City as he stepped on the Red Sun Sword.

"Is the Indifference state really that terrifying?" Jiang Feng mumbled as he saw Yan Chixia left. He wasnt sure why, but he was becoming curious. What would it feel like to enter an Indifference state?

By his understanding, this was just a game. There was no way that it could emulate true indifference.

"Whew. Regardless, I should save Yanhu and the others first before I do anything else."

He shook his head and was then ready to find some monsters to revive Yanhu and the others.

During the siege, he had increased to Level 43. However, because of the negative effects of the Slaughter condition, his level had fallen to 2 and currently at Level 41.

When he opened his map, he noticed that the monsters on the Ancient Citys island were all above Level 50. With his current powers, killing a Level 50 monster wouldnt place much pressure on him.

After choosing a monster, he then pulled Xiao Longnu and stood on top of the Monster Cloud, and headed toward the depths of the island behind the city.

[1] guess the notification for level 42 was skipped