Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Tang Sanzang

Yaodi Island, Leihu Mountain, Level 50 Lightning Tiger territory.

Lightning Tiger: Level 50 Normal Monster

HP: 380,000

Attack: 15,000 17,000

Defense: 6,000

Skill: Lightning

The Lightning Tigers looked like normal tigers, but they had a small horn in their forehead. Lightning could be shot out from those horns.

Jiang Feng stood on top of Monster Cloud and looked at the Lightning Tigers that roamed the Leihu Mountains.

"Since I want to revive Yanhu, I shouldnt just simply find another monster to fuse them with. I need to fuse them with something powerful and high rank, only then would they become more powerful after their revival!"

After gaining experience from reviving Heifeng that one time, he was going to prepare some high-level monsters to revive his seven followers.

And if he wanted to find something with higher ranks, then he needed to find the bosses. Because the bosses ranks were always the highest.

With that, his giant draconic body jumped down and into Leihu Mountain.

When the Lightning Tigers on the Leihu Mountain first saw Jiang Feng, they were slightly surprised. Afterward, a dozen of those Lightning Tigers pounced towards him without hesitation.

"Looks like the Shifters were indeed lacking intelligence. Even if I had the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor under my control, I couldnt get their love. Looks like I have to focus my efforts on repairing the Donghuang Bell. Only after I repaired the Donghuang Bell could I command all the Shifters." Jiang Feng said as he sighed in his heart as he looked at the Lightning Tigers attacking him.

"How dare you?!"

Seeing a group of Lightning Tigers pouncing towards the Jiang Feng, Xiao Longnu scowled and directly attacked the Lightning Tigers.

Xiao Longnu was much more powerful than the Lightning Tigers. In but a few minutes, all of the Lightning Tigers were under her feet.

"Transmute Monster!"

Ding! System prompt: Transmute Monster Successful! Congratulations, you have received one Lightning Tiger Pelt and one Level 50 Experience Pills.

"Come, lets go find the Lightning Tiger King!" Jiang Feng said to Xiao Longnu after transmuting a Lightning Tiger. He didnt want to continue fighting them, and jumped up the Monster Cloud and headed deeper into the Leihu Mountains.

He was not interested in normal monsters as his primary aim was to find the Lightning Tiger King.

After recruiting so many bosses and killing even more bosses, it was very easy for him to know where the king of a territory was.

"Roar! Lightning Tiger King! You idiotic coward, come out!"

Correct. You provoke it, and the boss would come out because of the goading.

For players, it was much more difficult to find a boss. The main reason being that the players did not know how to speak the Tongue of the Beasts and didnt know that they could provoke the boss into action.

"Roar! Who dare challenge me in my own realm? Who wants to die?"

Just as Jiang Feng had finished goading, a tiger roar came. The Lightning Tiger King, which was slightly larger than the others, walked out from a more secretive cave within Leihu Mountain.

Other than being big, the horn on its forehead was also longer than the normal Lightning Tigers.

Once he saw the Lightning Tiger come out, he checked the Lightning Tiger Kings status. It was a Rank-7 boss, then he said to Xiao Longnu, "Go, beat him up!"

Xiao Longnus stats were similar to the Lightning Tiger King. Only after a dozen minutes did she finally defeat the Lightning Tiger King. Next, she used her tail to slap it onto the Monster Cloud.

"I hope that you wont resist, or you will die," He said to the Lightning Tiger King, and then took out Yanhus body and placed it next to it.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!" After he yelled out coldly, a giant cauldron fell from the sky and covered both the Lightning Tiger King and Yanhu.

Ding! System Prompt: Please choose the main monster and ingredient monster. If the transmutation succeeds, the main monster shall fuse with the ingredient monster and have its powers increased. If the transmutation fails, the main monster shall remain unchanged but the ingredient monster will disappear.

After listening to the System Prompt, he chose Yanhus body to be the main monster.

Next, the cauldron began to spin.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful!

The cauldron eventually stopped spinning after a while, and a tiger with flames and a horn appeared in front of him.

"Yanhu?" Jiang Feng asked the tiger.

"Boss!" The tiger cried with tears coming out from his eyes and pounced towards Jiang Feng, holding his forelimb. "Whaah I thought that I was done for! Thank you for reviving me, boss!"

He cried and wiped his mucus on Jiang Feng.


He kicked him away, and he looked at his stats.

Yanhu was originally at Rank 6. After fusion, he had reached Rank 7, and his stats had increased a lot.

"Come, lets revive Heifeng and the others," He mumbled and looked on his map and saw that there were no other tiger monsters that were of lower levels. The boss at Leihu Mountains would only respawn tomorrow, and they couldnt win against tiger monsters of higher levels. Since there was nothing that they could do, they rode the Monster Cloud and left the Ancient City, and flew downward.

He noticed that the Ancient City moved all over the map of Huaxia. After moving to Nanhai, this time it moved towards the opposite direction. And their current location was around Dongyu City.

There were many monsters in Dongyu City. There were around a dozen types of tigers alone.

Very quickly, he found a Rank 7 Level 50 Flying Tiger.

Between Xiao Longnu and him, they beat up the Flying Tiger and took out Heifeng to fuse him.

The fusion was also very successful, and he successfully revived the funny tiger Heifeng.

Once Heifeng was revived and saw that he had grown a pair of wings, he flew up into the sky by flapping them and taunted Yanhu, and said, "Little Yan Yan, look at me! I know how to fly! Are you jealous? Do you want to kneel and worship me? Do you want me as your boss? DO you"


A lightning bolt shot out of the horn on Yanhus forehead and struck at Heifeng, blasting him off the sky.

Yanhu then jumped and stepped on him, yelling out angrily, "Dont think you can call yourself boss just because you changed your appearance, you little punk!"

"Oh my Yan! Brother Yan! Boss Yan! I was wrong! Youre always my boss!" Heifeng said pitifully as he looked at him with teary eyes.

"Alright, enough."

Jiang Feng looked at his two followers and took them back into the Qiankun Gourd, and then flew towards Mount Huaguo, where he would revive Houwang.

On a mountain peak north of Dongyu City.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute monster failed. As the main monster has failed its fusion three times consecutively, both the main monster and ingredient monster will disappear!

He had spent half a day looking traveling between cities in order to look for a suitable monster to revive his followers.

But what made him distraught was that he ultimately only managed to revive four of his followers. The fusions of three of his followers had failed three times and disappeared.

The ones that were successfully revived were Yanhu, Heifeng, Houwang, and Haozi. The one that failed was Manwang, Bluecloud Panther, and the Double-headed Wolf King.

"Damn it, didnt you say that the main monsters wouldnt disappear? Why would they disappear after three times?!"

When he remembered how Manwang, the Bluecloud Panther, and the Double-headed Wolf King fought for him and that he could never see those three ever again, he was distraught and became even more resentful against the players from the Divine and Infernal factions.

Just you wait, I will have my revenge! He said in his heart as killing intent flashed in Jiang Fengs eyes and he clenched his fists.

"My lord, the aura of resentment on you is quite heavy. Why dont you come with me to study Buddhism?"

Just as he was getting furious, a voice came from behind him.

He turned and saw a very cute little monk appear behind him.

The little monk was carrying some firewood behind him and held a string of beads in his hand. He smiled at him, showing his pair of small dimples.

Curiously, he looked at the stats of the little monk in front of him.

Tang Sanzang: Level 40 Spiritual-Level NPC

Introduction: Also named Xuanzang and Tangseng. He was the reincarnation of the Golden Cicada, the eldest disciple of the Buddha. The Buddha had murdered Sun Wukong and had acted contrary to the tenets of Buddhism. The Golden Cicada was unconvinced and he had debated with the Buddha where he believed that the Buddhas action was against the teachings of Buddhism. The Buddha was greatly enraged and killed him. The Golden Cicada was reincarnated into a man. His father was killed, and his mother had thrown him down a river in a wooden basin. He was then adopted by the Chief Monk of Jinshan Temple when he found him as he flowed down the river.

HP: 600,000

Magic Attack: 30,000 50,000

Defense: 10,000

Skills: Diamond Sutra, Cleansing Mantra, Buddhas Light[1], Sanzang

He knew from one peak that Tang Sanzang had a focus role in support. While his stats werent that high, his skills were very powerful.

The Diamond Sutra could increase the partys defense. The Cleansing Mantra could remove any negative status ailments on the party. Buddhas Light could heal the entire party. Sanzang could increase the partys attack.

He was like an almighty support.

Tang Sanzang! Is this another plot quest? Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at Tang Sanzang, the cute 5-year-old in front of him.

[1] T/L Note: Ive checked, Buddhas Light was the full heal the violent monk was going to use back in the Chinese Ghost Story arc. Same name.