Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A Hidden Path

Underneath a dilapidated Ancient Fortress within the Battlefield of the Divine and Infernal, was a secret room.

Within that secret room was a blood pool with the word "Infernal" carved within. Inside the pool was a naked, beautiful woman.


At this moment, a teleportation circle at the corner of the secret room shone. A woman in a black dress wearing a black veil appeared.

Behind the woman with the black dress was a dreadful old woman.

If Jiang Feng were here, he would definitely recognize who the woman was.

It was indeed the Inheritor of the Infernals, Yao Qiong, and the old woman next to her was an Infernal Queen.

"Grandma Yesha, why did you bring me here?" Yao Qiong asked the old woman by her side.

"After the Great Divine-Infernal War, there is only one Infernal Archmaster that survived. That is Archmaster Moji," Yesha pointed to the beautiful woman within the blood pool. "That is Archmaster Moji, but she was severely wounded and her powers are sealed. You must find a way to heal her and unseal her power."

"Then, how should I heal her and unseal her power?" Yao Qiong asked.

"When you kill a human or Shifter, you can obtain their souls. Use their souls to nurture the Archmaster Moji. As for unsealing her, you will need the blood of Buddhas disciple!" Said Yesha.

"The blood of Buddhas disciple?" Yao Qiong asked in a surprised tone.

If one could become the disciple of Buddha, then his power level would be very high. She would not be able to defeat him.

"Do not worry. I have news that ten thousand years ago, the eldest of his disciples reincarnated and become a monk at Jinshan Temple. He is not as powerful. When the time comes, kill him and take the blood from his body. Ah, yes. Bring his flesh as well. It is very nourishing," Grandma Yesha smiled creepily, and made her already ugly appearance even more terrible.

"I understand." Yao Qiong nodded.

Grandma Yesha then led her out of the secret room near the ancient fortress.


Near the ancient fortress, Jiang Feng had dodged many Undead monsters and spirits. He had tracked down the coordinates of the Donghuang Bell fragments given by Shen Luo and found the ancient fortress in front of him.

On his way there, he had transmuted several skeletal remains. Unfortunately, these remains were not of high levels, and most of them were at the Spiritual Level or Immortal Level. He did not even find any Divine Level remains.

According to the map that he had, he noticed that he was but at the outer rim of the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals. His guess was that the remains of the powerful beings should be at the inner rim of the Battlefield.

That wasnt the only thing that he had noted. He had also noticed that there was not any equipment on the Battlefield for whatever reason. There were not even any fragments left. Jiang Feng could only respond with speechlessness as his original plans of getting a few Divine Artifacts were foiled.

"There is one fragment outside the Ancient Fortress and another inside. I should find the one outside, then enter!" He shook his head, trying not to think about the missing equipment. He then took out the Divine Fate Compass and looked at the locations of the two Donghuang Bell fragments and carefully approached the Ancient Fortress.

Near the Ancient Fortress, there was a giant crater.

As he looked down from the Monster Cloud, it felt as if the crater was created from the fist of a giant aiming at the ground.

In the crater, there was a lot of white dust. His guess was that the dust was bone ashes. And the owner of the fist must have punched them into ashes.

He could not transmute anything from the bone ashes. After using his Hide skill, he carefully descended from the air.

He had been extremely cautious ever since he entered the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals since any monster here could easily kill him in a second. He had to be.

He descended into the crater and there were not any monsters in it. There was only a hole around half a meter in diameter.

Looks like this hole was created when the Donghuang Bell fragment crashed. Lets take a look inside! With that in mind, he had Haozi out from the Qiankun Gourd.

Haozi was a Crimson Gold Rat King. After his resurrection, he had obtained the ability of a Tunneling Rat. That was why his current power was not any weaker, and he even had the basic ability to burrow.

Haozis size was similar to a small calf. Once he appeared and received Jiang Fengs order, he then began to dig following the hole. Jiang Feng followed behind him.

After twelves minutes, he still could not find the fragment and he began to doubt himself. "Could the coordinates be wrong?"


Just when he was beginning to doubt himself, he could hear something crack and a beam of light appeared in front of him.

He quickly looked at the source of the sound and saw that Haozi had dug into a sealed cavern.

He quickly entered the cavern and looked around.

The cavern was not very large, only around ten meters square. In the middle of the cavern was a humanoid skeletal figure sitting with its legs crossed. The light came from a piece of mirror that it was holding. Next to the entrance to the cavern was a metal piece the size of a human fist with strange runes carved into it. It was indeed the Donghuang Bell fragment.

Seeing the Donghuang Bell fragment, he was ecstatic. He quickly put the fragment away into the Qiankun Gourd.

After taking the Donghuang Bell fragment, he used Identify on the corpse and the mirror that was releasing beams of light.

Divine King Yulong: After being heavily injured by an infernal king, he escaped into this cavern. Due to his serious injuries, he died within the cavern.

Kunlun Mirror Fragment: One of ten Primordial Divine Artifacts.

"Just as I thought, its a fragment of the Kunlun Mirror," Jiang Feng said excitedly as he looked at the piece of a mirror within the body of Divine King Yulong.

He quickly went forward and took the Kunlun Mirror fragment into his hand, then he continued to light the cavern using it. He then used Transmute Monster on the body of Divine King Yulong.

Ding. System Prompt: Monster Transmutation Successful. Congratulations, you have gained one bottle of Divine Dragon Blood and one Map.

"Divine Dragon Blood!"

After hearing the system prompt, he almost jumped in excitement. He quickly took out the bottle of Divine Dragon Blood and the map.

Divine Dragon Blood: Bloodline (3 Drops)

After being consumed by a pet or monster, it could increase its bloodline value or bloodline purity. Has a chance of increasing a pets rank.

Map of the Heavenly Palace: The map of the Heavenly Palace.

"There are only three drops?" It disappointed him as he saw only three drops of Divine Dragon Blood in the bottle.

Originally, he thought there would be more Divine Dragon Blood in the bottle. If that were the case, once he leave the Battlefield, he could then break the curse on Xiao Longnu.

"I dont have any more Evolution Pills on myself either. I better save this one then. Hopefully, I can find more Divine Dragon Blood," He sighed as he shook his head weakly and put away the Divine Dragon Blood. He then looked at the map of the Divine Palace.

Under the light of the Kunlun Mirror fragment, he scanned the map in front of him.

After looking for a while, he was very surprised. "No wonder the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had never collided with the Heavenly Palace, it exists in another dimension in the sky."

"It doesnt matter, its not something that I should consider now. Ill wait until Im a Divine Beast!" He put away the map as he rolled his eyes.

After putting away the map of the Heavenly Palace, a thought arose in his mind, The Yulong Divine Dragon that I just transmuted should be one of the Divines from the Heavenly Palace. If not, he would not have the map to the Heavenly Palace. The reason that he had the Divine Dragon Blood should be because he was an Immortal Dragon steed, and the Divine Dragon Blood was used to nurture him."


"Boss, theres a hidden switch here!"

Just as he was about to leave and was ready to put away Haozi, Haozis claw suddenly extended into the wall of the cavern. Next, the cavern shook and a stone door was opened up.

He then saw a path appear before him.

"Perhaps theres another cavern at the end of this path. Maybe theres more treasure there too!" Jiang Feng said cheerfully as he looked at the path in front of him. After praising Haozi, he then walked toward the path.