Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Archmaster Moji

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As soon as he entered the path, flames sprouted out from the braziers within the path, lighting up the entire path.

"Hm? This doesnt look like its heading to a cavern. It looks like a path heading to the Ancient Fortress"

Before entering the path he could only see darkness leading into a path. He thought it was heading into a cavern, but what he did not expect was that the path was actually heading toward the undergrounds of the Ancient Fortress.

"I wonder where this path would lead to?" He mumbled to himself as he put aside Haozi and continued onward.

The path was very long, and other than the braziers on the walls there was nothing else.

After walking for a while, he finally reached the end.

At the end of the path was a staircase leading upward, and he followed the staircase and headed up. At the end of the staircase was a trapdoor.


He pushed open the trapdoor, and a heatwave blasted outward and almost pushed Jiang Feng off the stairs.

Enduring the heat, he walked past the trapdoor and entered a secret room.

The secret room was quite large, surrounded by dragon heads that shot out flames. Some of the dragon heads were already broken, but they still continued gushing forth fire into the room.

In the middle of the secret room was a giant alchemical furnace, and it was being burned by the flames until it was red in color. He was not sure if there were still any pills in it.

He turned and looked, and he realized that the place that he came in from was hidden under a large praying mat. It was very well hidden.

He wondered if the Ancient Fortress belonged to the Divines or the Infernals.

But he could now confirm that the path was leading into the Ancient Fortress that he saw earlier.

The reason being he had quickly checked the map, and his current location showed that he was indeed within the Ancient Fortress.

"It doesnt matter if it belongs to either the Divines or the Infernals. I should take a look to see if there are any treasures here."

With that, he used Identify on the alchemical furnace in the middle of the room.

Teleportation Cauldron: Divine Level

Introduction: This cauldron was created by Taishang Laojun during the Great Divine-Infernal War. Its main purpose was to support the soldiers of the Divines and to protect their rear when they retreat. In order to prevent it from being used by the Infernals after the Great Divine-Infernal War, the Teleportation Circle within is randomized and can be used to teleport to any location.

Randomized Teleportation Circle: May randomly teleport to any location within the game. Uses 10,000gp each time it is used.

Returning: After using it, its master can choose to repossess the Teleportation Cauldron.

"Um I thought that its an alchemical cauldron, but I never would have guessed that its a teleportation circle camouflaged as an alchemical cauldron!"

After seeing the cauldrons stats, he summoned the Monster Cloud, transformed the Jingu Staff into a hook and lifted the cauldrons lid curiously.


The moment the cauldron was opened, a blazing fire blasted out. Luckily, he was prepared. The moment the flames erupted, the Jingu staff became a shield and blocked the flames.

After the flames were extinguished, he looked into the Teleportation Cauldron.

Indeed, there was a teleportation circle within the cauldron. It was even larger than the teleportation cauldron in the city.

"While its a bit useless, it is still a Divine-Level cauldron. Ill keep it, maybe Ill have a use for it later!" He mumbled to himself as he looked at the Teleportation Cauldron, then he dripped a drop of blood on it so that the Teleportation Cauldron would recognize him as its master.

Luckily, the Teleportation Cauldrons master was not Taishang Laojun, or perhaps he had died, and that allowed him to become the new master of the Teleportation Cauldron.


The moment he became the Teleportation Cauldrons master, it shrunk into the size of his palm and flew on his palm.


He took out the Qiankun Gourd and immediately took in the Teleportation Cauldron.

After taking the Teleportation Cauldron, he looked around the room. Seeing that there was nothing else, he left the room and appeared in a long corridor. Following the other Donghuang Bell fragments location, he headed toward that direction.

There were many rooms along the corridor, and the fragment was in one of these rooms.

After searching through all the rooms, he did not find anything interesting.

Only when he arrived at the room where the fragment was at, he discovered something.

"The fragment is supposed to be here in this room, but why cant I find it? Are the coordinates wrong again?" He doubted himself when he found nothing but some daily supplies.

"Haozi, come out! See if there are any hidden switches in this room!"

He would summon Haozi in all the rooms before this to look for hidden switches so that he would not miss any treasures. He did not make an exception this time and had Haozi search for any hidden switches.

"Boss, I found it!"


It did not take long for Haozi to find a hidden switch and trigger it, and he saw the ruined bed in the room begin to move. In just a short moment, a new path was revealed.

"Good one!" Jiang Feng praised Haozi cheerfully when he saw this. He then put him away and headed into the pathway.

The path was very long and headed straight to the deepest part of the Ancient Fortress.

After a long time, he appeared in a large secret room.

There were many rooms connected to the secret room, and there was even one teleportation circle. What surprised him the most was that in the secret room, a naked, beautiful woman was lying in a pool of blood with the word Infernal caved within it as she absorbed the blood within the blood pool.

Looking at the perfect figure of that woman, Jiang Feng gulped as he immediately used Identify on her.

Archmaster Moji: Infernal Archmaster (Severely Injured, Sealed, Deep Slumber)

Introduction: Archmaster Moji is an Infernal Archmaster. During the great war ten thousand years ago, she was injured by a Divine Archmaster who sealed the Infernal Miasma within her, causing her to fall into a deep slumber. The Infernal Army that was previously sealed by the Qiankun Gourd found her recently and began to heal her.

Stats: ???

"Sh*t. An Infernal Archmaster!" He mumbled in shock as he walked next to the blood pool, and looked at the sleeping Archmaster Moji.

As the game continued to develop, he began to understand the hierarchy for the Divines, Infernals, and Shifters.

The Divines were categorized into the Divine Soldiers, Divine Generals, Divine Kings, Divine Archmasters, and the Sacred Divines.

The Infernals were categorized into the Infernal Soldiers, Infernal Generals, Infernal Kings, Infernal Archmasters, and the Sacred Infernals.

The Shifters were categorized into the Spiritual Beasts, Immortal Beasts, Divine Beasts, Greater Divine Beasts, and the Sacred Beasts.

If he was correct, the other races hierarchy in terms of power should be similar. In order to even reach the level of a Heavenly Soldier, Infernal Soldier or Spiritual Beast, their levels would need to reach at least 100.

The Archmaster was the second most powerful in the game, and he could not see Archmaster Mojis stats at all.

"Based on her identity, her power after being sealed should be similar to when Xiao Longnu was at the height of her power. Since she was affected by the Deep Slumber stat, maybe I should kill her now! She might drop some Divine Artifacts!" Jiang Feng had a very courageous idea when he identified who she was and her power level.

"Even if death was the worst-case scenario, I should do this carefully. You can do this!"

After giving himself the pep talk, he placed the Teleportation Cauldron carefully next to the blood pool. If Archmaster Moji were to suddenly wake up, he could hopefully make his escape.

He was still in his human form. After all the evolutions, the duration of his polymorph had been extended to more than three hours.

If he were to start counting from the moment that he had entered the cavern, he had spent around two hours to reach this place. He still had one hour, more than enough for him to do what he needed to.

With that, he removed his boots and trousers as he slowly walked into the blood pool and approached her. He did not want his few articles of clothing to be soaked in blood if he could help it.

Please dont wake up, please dont wake up He muttered anxiously in his mind.

"Ah? What nicked my foot?!"

He suddenly felt his foot was slashed by something within the blood pool, and fresh blood started to gush out.

Looking at the blood from his foot, he moved his hand down to the blood pool and looked at the thing that slashed at him.

"A Donghuang Bell fragment!" He was overjoyed to have found the thing that slashed him was actually a Donghuang Bell fragment the size of his palm.

"I did not think that it would be in the blood pool. No wonder I couldnt find it!" He put the fragment into his spatial bracelet cheerfully.

He suddenly felt a chill down his spine. It was as if a monster was staring down at a prey. He looked up, and his eyes were met with the wistful gaze of a woman that was supposed to be asleep.

Archmaster Moji!

But before he could even react to her sudden awakening, his eyes began to lose focus as she let out a seductive smile.

"Ah What a beautiful gift my followers have presented to me" She said with a smile as she raised her hand and motioned Jiang Feng to approach her, and he did so without struggling.

"How naughty," Archmaster Moji removed the rest of his clothing and threw them aside together with the rest and caressed his strong physical features with her delicate fingers. "But your blood and essence, it tastes of something different Now, give me more"

Then, she gave in to her hunger and unleashed her carnal desires on him.

Ding. System prompt: Charm status expires!

When he finally came to be, he saw Moji was on top of him. He pretended that he was still under her spell, and it came to him easily as it was not his first time being controlled in a similar way.

Without showing it, he cursed himself for falling to the same trick twice.

After half an hour, Moji let out a satisfied moan.

"Youth-Stealing Technique!"

At the most opportune moment, he used the Youth-Stealing Technique.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. You have absorbed 20% of Archmaster Mojis base stats. You have also received the Infernal Shades skill.


At this moment, it was as if Archmaster Moji had sensed something, she screamed at him red-faced when she saw Jiang Feng had fully recovered from her mental domination and double-crossed her.

"Um Im sorry, I have something else to do, so, bye!"

He did not even have the time to take his clothes as he quickly used Blink to blink to the top of the Teleportation Cauldron.

"Argh! Boy, I will kill you!"

Seeing that Jiang Feng had blinked to the top of the Teleportation Cauldron, Archmaster Moji let out an angry wail and blasted out a wave of Infernal Miasma toward him.


At this moment, it was as if Archmaster Moji had sensed something, she had broken through her Deep Slumber status effect and opened her eyes. She screamed at him red-faced when she saw Jiang Feng on her.

"Um Youre awake. Im sorry, I have something else to do, so, bye!"

Seeing that Archmaster Moji had suddenly woken up, Jiang Feng was shocked and he gave her an awkward smile. He did not even put on his clothes as he quickly used Blink to blink to the top of the Teleportation Cauldron.

"Argh! Kid, I will kill you!"

Seeing that Jiang Feng had blinked to the top of the Teleportation Cauldron, Archmaster Moji let out an angry howl and blasted out a wave of Infernal Miasma toward him.

The moment Jiang Feng opened the lid and entered the Teleportation Cauldron, Yao Qiong appeared within the secret room and saw him enter the cauldron.

"The Shifters Inheritor!" She exclaimed in surprise.



The moment Mojis Infernal Miasma hit the Teleportation Cauldron, it turned into a white light and disappeared!

"Shifters Inheritor! I will destroy your entire race!" Moji roared out angrily when the Teleportation Cauldron disappeared as she floated above the blood pool. When she heard Yao Qiongs description of Jiang Feng, she became even more furious.

When Yao Qiong heard Mojis angry roar, her body shook as she thought to herself, Why is the Inheritor of the Shifters in this place? What did he do to Archmaster Moji to make her wake up and be so furious?

"What happened?"

At this time, Grandma Yesha had also rushed in when she heard the commotion and asked Yao Qiong curiously.

"Archmaster Moji!"

When she saw that Archmaster Moji had fully woken up, her ugly face wore the expression of both shock and excitement.