Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Do Not Provoke Me

"I shouldnt waste a bosss corpse!"

He did not care about the yelling from behind as he looked at the corpse of the Snow Monkey King in front of him and used Transmute Monster on it.


A blazing fire arose from the Snow Monkey Kings corpse.

As others could not see the flames from Transmute Monster, he could use it without alerting the others.

In just a short while, the Snow Monkey Kings corpse had disappeared, and a few items appeared from the fire.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations, you have gained one Snow Monkey King Pelt, one Level 40 Experience Pill, one piece of Equipment, one Evolution Pill, and one Guild Building Order.

"Hmm? Looks like my luck isnt bad. Not only did I get an Evolution Pill, but I also got a Guild Building Order!" He cheered up as he looked at the items that came from the flames.

This was the first time that he had gotten so many items from using Transmute Monster.

Jewel of the Snow Soul: Level 40 Yellow-Gold Equipment

Spirit +500

Magic Attack +1500

Water Elemental Attack +10%

Skill Cooldown reduced by 10%

Skill Damage increased by 10%

Mana Regeneration Rate increased by 20%

Passive Skill: Chill. Whenever a skill is used, there is a 20% chance of reducing the targeted enemys movement speed by 20%.

Active Skill: Freeze. Freeze an enemy for 2 seconds. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

Prerequisite: Level 40 2nd Tier Spellcaster Class

"This equipment is quite good."

The Jewel of the Snow Soul was a transparent pearl, and it was snowing within the pearl. It looked gorgeous. He was not expecting it to be a level 40 spellcaster equipment with good stats until he checked.

Not only did it increase Magic Attack by 3,000 points, but it also increased three of the stats that were important to spellcasters. Not to mention that it had one active skill and one passive skill that were both for crowd controlling.

It was definitely one of the best pieces of equipment yet.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Jewel of the Snow Soul was a very good piece of equipment, he could not use it. As such, he dumped it into the Spatial Bracelet.

He then looked at the Guild Building Order next. At this point in time, a Guild-Building Order was only around 1 million. Its price could not be compared to the first one. Regardless, it was still something valuable, so he put it away together with the Evolution Pill.

Once he had cleared everything, he then looked at the group of people that was making a ruckus.

The moment he turned, the yelling had died down. He then scanned the players in front of him.

"Hm? Ms. Yu?"

What surprised him the most was that he knew most of the players in the group.

These players were the teachers and peers from his university.

As for those that he did not recognize, his guess was that they had changed their faces so much that he could not recognize them.

He looked at their stats, and it surprised him that they were all under the same guild called Qingyang.

It was a no-brainer that Qingyang Guild was formed by people from his university and that most of the members were from Qingyang University or its graduates.

What a coincidence. He did not expect to meet his teachers or peers here.

Looking at the people in front of him, he gave them a smile. A smile filled with wickedness.

"Silver hair, red eyes, and so handsome Whoa! Hes the Shifters Inheritor! Im standing so close to the Shifters Inheritor! My God!"

"Liu Xiaoyun, stop being such a fangirl. Hes the Shifters Inheritor, an NPC. Hes just a string of data. Theres no need to fall in love with someone that doesnt exist, why dont you fall in love with me instead?"

"Damn! Its really the Shifters Inheritor! Ive been to the siege of the Ancient City of the Shifters Emperor and saw him in this form! Hes a demon! Ms. Yu, we should leave now. If he becomes enraged, were all going to die here!"


In just a short while, many from the group of players recognized who he was from his current form and were shocked.

But what made Jiang Feng astonished was that there were those from his peers that admired him. Quite a few of him too.

What he did not know was that after the Siege of the Ancient City of the Shifters Emperor, the conversation that he had with Ling Yun and Yao Qiong when he was bloodied helped him in gaining a lot of fans.

I was originally thinking of killing them all, but since theyre my teachers and peers, I guess I should just let them go. If not, I would have killed them just based on how they yelled at me! He thought to himself as he scanned his teachers and peers. He looked at the duration of his Polymorph, he then turned and left.

There was less than ten minutes left, and he was going to use this time to teleport back to Dongyu City. He could then return to the Boneyard Abyss and finish the Old Lumberjacks Quest.


At this time, Yu Zheqing yelled at him.

He turned and stared at her. "Something I can help you with?"

Yu Zheqing then pointed to where the Snow Monkey Kings corpse had disappeared and said, "You stole our boss!"

Jiang Feng gave her a smile. "So, what?"

Yu Zheqing said angrily, "Give it back to me!"

As soon as Yu Zheqing finished her sentence, a student next to her pulled at her and said, "Ms. Yu, hes the Shifters Inheritor. If you anger him, all of us might have to die!"

Just as Jiang Feng and Yu Zheqing were talking, another group of people approached them.

A warrior player was leading the group, and he was screaming before he even reached them, "Zhao Yang said that someone stole our boss! Who dares to steal our guilds boss? Who wants to die that badly?!"

The moment he heard the screaming, the smile on Jiang Fengs face disappeared.

The players that were observing him saw the smile disappear, and all became silent. Their hearts were pounding.

"Damn! Wheres the person that stole our boss?! I dont care who he is, Im going to kill him today!" That player was still screaming without stopping, and he looked like an idiot.

When she heard the first shout, Yu Zheqing already knew who was coming. It was a rich guy from her class. Other than being wealthy, he was completely useless. When Yu Zheqing heard Wang Wei yelling without end, she became disheartened and said to him, "Wang Wei, shut up!"

Oh ho. Wang Wei, Li Yi, and Zhang Qian are all here.

Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked angrily at the people that were leading the approaching group. It was Wang Wei, Li Yi, and Zhang Qian.

He looked at their stats, they had all reached level 35. They also had a complete set of White-Silver equipment. No wonder they were so arrogant.

"Who was the one who said that he wanted to kill me?" Jiang Feng asked coldly as he looked at Wang Wei.

"Its me, you Youre the Shifters Inheritor!"

As Jiang Feng was blocked by Yu Zheqing, Wang Wei did not see Jiang Fengs face clearly. Only when he was close enough to see who it was, his arrogant tone became one of surprise and fear.

Li Yi walked over, then looked at Jiang Feng and said, "So youre the Shifters Inheritor?"

Jiang Feng did not look at him but continued to stare at Wang Wei with a cold smile.

Li Yi became angry as he was ignored, but Wang Weis heart continued to beat even faster as he was startled by Jiang Feng. It was as if he was a beautiful woman who had winked at him.

"Did you yell at me?" Jiang Feng asked Wang Wei.

"I I" Seeing all the students staring at him, Wang Wei did not want to surrender. He straightened his back after mumbling for a moment, then said, "So what if I did? Youre just an animal, made of data. What"


Before he could even finish his sentence, the Jingu Staff had appeared in Jiang Fengs hand. The staff instantly enlarged and he pounded him to death using one hand.

Looking at the dead Wang Wei and the blood flowing from his body, the entire place went silent.


Pin-drop silence!


Next, he waved the Jingu Staff in his hand and pounded Li Yi to a pulp.

After Li Yi had been killed by Jiang Feng so many times to the point where he lost all his levels, he had since chosen to become a tank warrior. All his points were added to Stamina, meaning that he had a lot of HPs. With the equipment on him, he had almost 30,000 HPs. Jiang Feng could not kill him with one hit.

Needless to say, Li Yi was quite speechless. He was not the one that yelled at him, why would he attack him?

He then yelled out in rage, "Damn you, I wasnt the one that screamed at you! Why did you attack me"

He had not even finished, and the staff came again one more time, instantly killing him!

However, the Jingu Staff did not stop there. It killed Zhang Qian as well as a few other students that had bullied him in university.

"You stop!" Seeing that around eight students had been killed, Yu Zheqing yelled at Jiang Feng.


The bloodied Jingu Staff stopped at the tip of her nose.

"Dont provoke me!"

Jiang Feng said to Yu Zheqing. He then summoned the Monster Cloud and left, leaving behind a stunned Yu Zheqing and her group.