Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Come Lick

He left the Snowflake Plains.

He lay on the Monster Cloud with his hands behind his head. He was slowly falling asleep as he stared at the drifting snow and felt the coldness from the game.

In a short while, the duration of his Polymorph ended, and he automatically returned to his Dragon Form.

In order to stop him from falling, the Monster Cloud enlarged itself.

As the duration of his Polymorph was too short, he could not return to the city using the Town Portal Scroll. It was also too far for him to directly return to the Boneyard Abyss as it would take him no less than five hours. He gave up on submitting his quest, and he simply allowed the Monster Cloud to float about randomly.

The main reason that he was relaxing was that after he had killed the first player, a desire to kill all of them had risen in his heart.

As he had a feeling that he was entering the Indifference state, he was worried that it could affect his emotions back in reality. As such, he was going to stabilize his own emotions and his desire to slaughter.

That was why he was not thinking of doing anything and simply lay on the Monster Cloud in peace.

He did not think that as he was lying down, he would fall asleep a second time within the game.

As he slept, the cloud continued to float as the snow fell.

The moon rose as the sky darkened.

The sun rose as the sky was lit up.

Jiang Feng was covered by a heavy layer of snow when the Monster Cloud floated outside a gloomy shadow.


Sounds of blades being sharpened came from within the forest.


Woken up by this sound, Jiang Feng turned and the snow fell from him as he opened his draconic eyes.

He felt re-energized, and it was even more comfortable than sleeping one whole day back in reality.


The sounds of the sharpening of the sword did not stop there. Jiang Feng ordered the Monster Cloud to move and looked at where the sound came from curiously.

In just a short while, he had appeared on top of a wooden house, He looked down and saw a young man with a white, wolf tail sharpening a blade.

He used Identify on it with curiosity.

Moonhowl Wolf: Level 20 Spiritual Beast

Introduction: Moonhowl Wolf, one of the Spiritual Beasts. Could transform between human form and beast form since birth. Knows how to live like a human and possess high intelligence. Lives near the Darkmoon Forest. Once killed, cannot be revived.

HPs: 250,000

Attack: 15,000-20,000

Defense: 7,000

Skills: Bite, High-Speed Movement, Lunar Slash

Hm? Its a low-level Spiritual Beast. How rare. What is he sharpening the blade for? He thought to himself curiously as he looked at the Moonhowl Wolf that was sharpening a blade as it sat in front of the wooden cottage.

He then came before him on the Monster Cloud with interest.

Seeing his arrival, the Moonhowl Wolf was shocked.

But seeing that it was a dragon, it then continued to sharpen its blade without fear.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Sharpening a blade!" The Moonhowl Wolf said without batting an eye and continued to sharpen the blade.

"Im asking why you are sharpening the blade."

"To kill!"

"Who are you killing?"

"To kill those who deserve to be killed!"

"And who can be killed?"

"All the Infernals under Heaven can be killed!"


After the short conversation, Jiang Fengs initial surprise became joy.

He did not expect the Moonhowl Wolf to have such high intelligence, and because of this he wanted to recruit him.

The Moonhowl Wolves were Spiritual Beasts and had already reached rank 16. They had no need to take Evolution Pills, all they needed to do was to level up.

While it was not very powerful for the time being, its powers would exceed his once it was properly leveled up.

It would be hard to find a follower that did not need any Evolution Pills.

However, he realized that the Moonhowl Wolf seemed to have a story to tell. If not, it would not be able to say something as cruel and hateful as killing all the Infernals.

Jiang Feng then said to the Moonhowl Wolf, "If theres anything you need, tell me. I will help you!"

"The entire Moonhowl Wolf tribe has been captured by the Infernals, and they have killed many more of my people. If you can save my people and kill all of them, then my life is yours!"

Ding. System Prompt: Will you save the Moonhowl Wolfs people and kill all the Infernals that captured the Moonhowl Wolf tribe?

Hm? Its a quest. And it looks like its a pet quest.

He guessed that if a player were to accept and complete this quest, that player would get a level 16 Spiritual Beast.


He would not refuse since he wanted to take in this follower. He nodded and agreed to the Moonhowl Wolfs request.

"I can help you, but can you tell me where they are?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Come, I will bring you to them!"

The Moonhowl Wolf transformed into a silver wolf, a blade in its mouth, and ran deep into the forest.

Jiang Feng shrunk his body and crouched on the back of the Monster Cloud.

Darkmoon Forest. A territory for monsters level 40 to 60.

He had met many monsters between levels 40 and 50 when he was on his way. The Moonhowl Wolf was highly intelligent indeed as it knew how to avoid the monsters as it headed toward a certain location deep inside the forest.

After running for around half an hour, they finally reached a valley that was shrouded by Infernal Miasma.

Within the valley, there were many Infernalized monsters and Infernals.

At the corners of the valleys were many cages and many of them held monsters within them. But most of the monsters had been corrupted by the Infernal Miasma.

Among the captured monsters, he found the Moonhowl Wolfs tribesmen. There were twenty of them. They were all low-level Moonhowl Wolves, around level 40. And they had all been Infernalized, raging within their cages.

Seeing so many monsters being caged and infernalized, Jiang Feng became extremely enraged.

The Moonhowl Wolf by his side was gritting its teeth in anger.

Seeing that the Moonhowl Wolf was going to attack, he extended his dragon claw and stopped it.

"You are too weak, leave this place to me. And Its fine, youll understand it soon," Jiang Feng said to the Moonhowl Wolf. He wanted to say something to him in the end but gave up.

With that, he summoned Yanhu, Heifeng, the Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, and Houwang.

"Heifeng, look after him!" Jiang Feng told Heifeng as he pointed at the Moonhowl Wolf. Next, he took out his Jingu Staff and waved it. Next, he pointed it at the Infernal NPCs and the Infernalized monsters in front of him, and said, "They dare to pen members of us Shifters like some kind animal, kill them all!"

"Kill them!"

Yanhu, the Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, and Houwang assaulted the valley under his command, with him following behind them.

By his assessment, the reason that the Infernals began to capture a large number of Shifters was to expand the Infernals army so that they could have a large army during the Great Divine-Infernal War.

It was the same ten thousand years ago. These Shifters had no choice. It was either they became the pets of the Divines or to become Infernalized monsters used by the Infernals. There could be no worse fate for them.

After I return to the Boneyard Abyss and submit the quest, I will need to focus my efforts on finding the Donghuang Bell fragments and recruiting powerful followers. When it is time for the Great Divine-Infernal War, I will have you all see how the very Heaven tremble before me! He swore silently. At this time, the Jingu Staff in his hand expanded and slammed toward a group of Infernal NPCs and Infernalized monsters.


Seeing that Jiang Feng had led a few of his followers into the fray, the Moonhowl Wolf was going to join them with the sharpened blade in its mouth. However, its was stopped by Heifeng.

"Move!" The Moonhowl Wolf said to Heifeng coldly.

"Bro, are you a masochist? Why dont we just stay here and watch?" With that, Heifeng took out half a chicken drumstick from his fur and gave it to the Moonhowl Wolf. "Here, this is the chicken drumstick that I asked from the boss. Theres still half of them. Lets just sit here, have a lick, and look at the battle. Isnt that a great idea?"

"Scram!" The Moonhowl Wolf glared at Heifeng and jumped forward, intending to rush out.

Heifeng suddenly jumped up and gnawed at the Moonhowl Wolfs tail, then threw it to the back and said, "Whats wrong with you, doggy? You cant even beat me with that small paw of yours. You want to feed the enemy and make your friends life difficult?"

"Im not a dog, Im a wolf!" The Moonhowl Wolf corrected him.

"Ah, Im sorry brother dog. I am somewhat face blind. Dont mind me, hehe," Heifeng apologized with a smile.

"Im a wolf!" The Moonhowl Wolf became incensed.

"Um Right, youre a wolf. Brother wolfdog, you are so famous! Your killing blade is known across the universe! Youre unbeatable, even walls cant hold you About that, lets have a lick at the chicken drumstick. It took me a while to reheat it. Its not delicious if its cold!" Heifeng said in full seriousness, but he gave him an honest smile when he reached the second part of the sentence and gave the Moonhowl Wolf the drumstick.

"Im not a Wolfdog, Im a do No, a wolf!" The Moonhowl Wolf was almost breaking down, and suddenly placed the blade by Heifengs neck, "If you dont want to die, shut the hell up!"

"As long as you dont go, I will zip up my mouth!" Heifeng dared not go against Jiang Fengs direct orders. While Jiang Feng could revive him, if he failed at what he was supposed to do, his Evolution Pill would be delayed. He still wanted to become a being that surpassed Baihu, the White Tiger.

"Alright, but do not bug me!"

When the Moonhowl Wolf saw how persistent Heifeng was, all it could do was to crouch down and look at the battle between Jiang Feng and Infernals. While it was angry, it was not proper for it to attack Jiang Fengs followers.

Heifeng crouched down next to the Moonhowl Wolf and gave it a smile. He then came closer to it and put the chicken drumstick in front of the Moonhowl Wolf and said, "Come, lick!"