Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Recruiting The Moonhowl Wolf

The Infernalized monsters and Infernals were all around level 40 to 50, and all of them were normal monsters and Infernals.

Even normal players at this stage could easily kill all the monsters and Infernals within the valley.

That was to say that he had easily killed them all together with his four followers.


A Tornado threw around a dozen Infernals into the air.

Before the Infernals fell to the ground, he became enlarged and pounced on them, his Jingu Staff kept on beating them violently.

His attacks had already reached around 20,000 and the defense of normal monsters at level 40 was around 9,000 plus. Meaning that each attack would deal around 10,000 plus worth of damage to the Infernals and Infernalized monsters.

The HPs of normal monsters were around 40,000, meaning that he could kill each normal monster after hitting them around twenty times.

Once he used skills, it would only make it easier for him to kill them.

"Transmute Monster!"

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have gained one Infernalized Backblade Bear Pelt and one Level 40 Experience Pills.

While he was killing the Infernalized monsters, he also used Transmute Monster on them.

There were around three hundred Infernals and Infernalized monsters within the valley. After around thirty minutes, he had cleared the entire valley.


At that moment, a giant rock came crashing down onto Jiang Feng from the cliff face of the valley.



Jiang Feng could not react fast enough, and he was sent flying by the rock, losing around 40,000 HPs.

After being knocked away by a rock, he stabilized his body as he looked at who threw the rock at him. He felt he had lost all his dignity by being damaged by the rock.

He saw that the giant rock came from the entrance of a cave. In front of that entrance was a wide-faced man wearing a black robe. His body was dispersing Infernal Miasma.

"I never expected the Shifters Inheritor to come to my Infernal Altar! You must have a death wish! Archmaster Moji had promised great rewards for either your capture or your death. This time, it is my, Tu Lus turn to shine!" The black-robed man ate a Beast Speech Pill and said to him. Then, a machete appeared in his hand as he rushed toward Jiang Feng.

Tu Lu: Level 40 Infernal Soldier

HPs: 500,000

Attack: 45,000-55,000

Defence: 20,000

Skills: Infernal Shades, Hide, Triple Slash

Infernal Soldiers were at the same level as rank 16 Spiritual Beasts but they were slightly weaker than normal warriors from the Infernals.

But what made Jiang Feng so surprised was that Archmaster Moji had placed an Infernal bounty on him.

"Youre just a fodder before me, and you want to kill me?"

With that, he confronted Tu Lu with the Jingu Staff in hand.


The sounds of a ringing bell arose, and Tu Lu was dazed for one second. In that one second, Jiang Feng came in front of Tu Lu and violently gnawed at him and used his Drain Blood skill.

Tu Lus HPs were decreasing by 500 per second. Meanwhile, Jiang Fengs HPs were increasing by 500 per second.

Tu Lu, awakened from his daze, wanted to free himself from the dragons bite. Unfortunately, he could not escape as the dragons teeth had firmly chomped into his flesh.

When he had lost around 5,000 HPs, he roared out in rage, "Infernal Shades!"

A dozen of his shades appeared around them, and all of them struck at Jiang Fengs dragon body.

"You arent the only one that knows how to use that skill! Infernal Shades!"

Jiang Feng also used Infernal Shades and ten of his shades had appeared, attacking the ten of Tu Lus shades.

He managed to get this skill when he used the Yin-Yang Union of Joy on Archmaster Moji.

Infernal Shades: After activation, ten shades appear around the user. The user can exchange location with any of the shades. Each shade has 70% of the users power. Disappear upon defeat. Duration of 10 minutes. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

When he saw that Jiang Feng also knew how to use Infernal Phantasm, Tu Lu was stunned. He did not expect Jiang Feng to be able to use skills from the Infernals.

"Dragon Howl, Tornado, Tiger Roar, Dao Dao Dao"

In order to quickly end the battle, he did not delay it unnecessarily. He immediately used his crowd control skills and dazed Tu Lu and his shades. Next, a tornado appeared and threw him into the air as Jiang Feng and his shades attacked him madly.

When Yanhu and his other followers had finished their battles, they came to help him. Very quickly, Tu Lus shades were destroyed one by one.

With the destruction of Tu Lus shades and Jiang Fengs advantage in numbers, Tu Lus HPs had been rapidly depleted.

"Tell me, where did you hide the other Moonhowl Wolves?" He asked Tu Lu, who was helpless in his claws. He did not kill him directly as he still needed to interrogate him.

"They have all been brought away by the Infernal King! Just you wait. Soon, all of the powerful Shifters would become nothing but our weapons!" With that, he threw that machete toward the cage and unlocked the cage that was imprisoning the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves.

Jiang Feng was angered by this and squashed Tu Lu in his hand into shreds.


At this time, he noticed that all the released Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves that were freed were approaching him.

"Boss, what should we do? Kill them?" Yanhu asked Jiang Feng as he looked at the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves that were surrounding them.

"Kill them!"


The Moonhowl Wolf that was previously stopped by Heifeng had run over and put itself between Jiang Feng and the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves.

Jiang Feng frowned and said, "They have been Infernalized, they no longer have their own will. They are no longer Moonhowl Wolves!"

The Moonhowl Wolf shook its head and said, "No! They are my tribesmen, I cant simply look at them being"

Just when the Moonhowl Wolf was still trying to stop Jiang Feng, the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves all pounced at it, biting and shredding the Moonhowl Wolf.

"Kill them!"

Jiang Feng frowned and ordered Yanhu and his followers, and attacked the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves. In but that short moment, the Moonhowl Wolf had already been heavily wounded, blood splattered all around him.

"How How did it come to this?" The Moonhowl Wolf looked at its tribesmen that were Infernalized with what little health it had left. It wept. In the next moment, he polymorphed into his human form. He stood up, took the blade from the ground, and assaulted the Infernalized Moonhowl Wolves.

"Im sorry, tribesman! I have to do this to release you from your suffering! Dont worry, I will kill all the Infernals and avenge you!" The Moonhowl Wolf roared as he slaughtered them with tears.

Looking at the roaring Moonhowl Wolf, Jiang Feng frowned once again and sighed. He tightened his dragon fist, and thought to himself, Damn Infernals! I will make you all pay!

Very quickly, there was only blood and corpses within the valley.

Jiang Feng, his followers, and the Moonhowl Wolf all had blood on them.

Looking at the blood on the ground and the rage in his heart, he could feel the bloodlust within him becoming stronger.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. You have completed a quest successfully. You have gained a favorable impression with the Moonhowl Wolf. He will now follow you.

When the quest mentioned that he needed to save the Moonhowl Wolf, it was most likely to save the Moonhowl Wolves that had not been Infernalized. Unfortunately, all the Moonhowl Wolves had already been Infernalized by the time he had arrived. All he could do was to kill all of them, and that was why the System still considered it as him completing his quest.

"From now on, youre Xiaotian," Jiang Feng gave the Moonhowl Wolf a name.

"Alright!" The Moonhowl Wolf nodded with little emotion, except for the sadness in his eyes.

After recruiting Xiaotian, he looked at Heifeng and questioned him, "What did I tell you earlier?!"

Heifeng wagged his tail and said, "Boss, you know what. I got Natures call! I went to do my business and he disappeared! But thats not important. The most important thing is that he ate my chicken drumstick!"

Xiaotian picked at his teeth and gave Heifeng a cold stare, and said, "He wanted me to lick it. So, I ate it!"

"See, boss?! I was saving that chicken drumstick! I didnt even give it to brother Yanhu! The chicken drumstick that Ive licked for the past few days is all gone!" Heifeng was so sad that he almost started crying.

When Xiaotian heard that Heifeng had licked it for a few days, he almost vomited.

Jiang Feng looked at Heifeng speechlessly, and took out all the food from his spatial bracelet and dumped them all into the Qiankun Gourd. "Its just a chicken drumstick. Look at yourself."

With that, he put away all his followers.

Beep. Beep.

Just as he was about to leave on the Monster Cloud, his friend panel started to blink.

There were only two people in his friend list: Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao. As for Canaan, he had blacklisted her after hearing what she had to say about the Shifters. He also did that so that Canaan would not find out who he was.

"Is Mu Xi looking for me? I wonder why."

Jiang Feng frowned. To him, Mu Xi was also part of the Canaan Guild. As he disliked Canaan, he disliked Mu Xi as well. However, he did not see Mu Xi during the siege, and that meant that she was not part of the offensive team against the Ancient City. That was why he tolerated Mu Xi and did not remove her from his friend list.

With that in mind, he opened the friend panel.