Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Whoever Fails In Their Task Is A Wolfdog

Jiang Feng opened his friend panel, and what surprised him was that it was not Mu Xi that sent him the message. It was Nangong Tiaotiao.

There was only one line in her text, "Big Brother Jiang Feng, do you know where Xiao Bai is?"

He was not sure why, but his heart skip a beat when he saw the message.

He did not hate Nangong Tiaotiao. It could be said that she was the only one that he did not dislike that was from the Canaan Guild.

That was because Nangong Tiaotiao did not hurt him. Instead, she even sacrificed herself to save him.

But he did not expect Nangong Tiaotiao to have such a deep obsession with him. It had already been two months, and yet she still could not forget him.

He gave it a thought, and replied, "Whos Xiao Bai?"

Nangong Tiaotiao replied very quickly, "Xiao Bai is a very very strong tiger that looks like a kitty! Hes my hero, and I miss him very much!"

Jiang Feng replied, "I dont know where he is."

Nangong Tiaotiao then asked again, "Big Brother Jiang Feng, I heard that a white tiger has appeared at Mount Kunlun. Do you think that White Tiger could be Xiao Bai?"

Jiang Feng replied, "Maybe."

Nangong Tiaotiao then asked, "Can you accompany me to look for him?"

Jiang Feng responded, "Your Big Sister is very strong. Ask her to accompany you."

Nangong Tiaotiao explained, "No, I cant. Im no longer with Big Sister. Last time, an elven big sister brought me to a very, very pretty forest and said Im the Inheritor of the Elves. She asked me to do a quest first before letting me out."

Jiang Feng replied in shock, "The Elves Inheritor!"

Nangong Tiaotiao replied, "Yes. The elven big sister said that Im pure of heart, and is the best person to become the inheritor So Big Sis let me go with her."

Looking at Nangong Tiaotiaos replies, he was even experiencing shortness of breath as he became excited.

As the Shifters Inheritor, it was his duty to restore the Shifters. But this brought him enormous pressure as not only did he need to face the Divines and Infernals, he would even have to face the other races. If he could have the support from a few other races, it would reduce the pressure on him.

With that thought, he quickly replied, "If Xiao Bai were to need your help one day, and would probably die, will you help?"

Nangong Tiaotiao responded, "I will!"

He was moved as he looked at Nangong Tiaotiaos response, and replied, "Dont worry. Focus on your quests with the Elves. Once you have become stronger, Xiao Bai will go look for you!"

Nangong Tiaotiao replied, "Really?"

Jiang Feng responded, "Yes!"


After the chat with Nangong Tiaotiao, Jiang Feng took a deep breath as he grinned excitedly.

He did not expect Nangong Tiaotiao to become the Inheritor of the Elves. In that case, saving Nangong Tiaotiao earlier was worth it.

According to the introduction on the official website, the Elves were a pure and kind race. They did not join the Great War ten thousand years ago. Instead, they went into hiding.

That meant that the Elves still had a lot of powerful individuals with them, and still had a lot of kins alive.

If he could gain the support of the Elves during the Great Divine-Infernal war, his chances of winning would improve tremendously.

"This is good news!" He said with a cheerful smile. "Looks like the inheritors of the other races are all beginning to surface. I need to find the other fragments for the Donghuang Bell and get some more powerful followers. I also need to have Rocket and Robert to receive the Gnomes inheritance. I need to reach Spiritual level as well and complete the Chinese Ghost Story plotline. As for Uproar in Heaven, looks like that would have to wait."

He did not leave Darkmoon Forest after giving it some thought, and instead took out the Divine Fate Compass and began his search for any fragments nearby.

Looking at Shen Luo that had appeared on the Divine Fate Compass, he asked, "Shen Luo, are there any Donghuang Bell fragments nearby?"

Shen Luo shook her head and said, "No!"

When Shen Luo said that there were no Donghuang Bell fragments, he was disappointed.

"Thats fine. I should return to the city and think of a way to help Robert and Rocket inherit the Gnomes inheritance!"

With that in mind, he used his Town Portal skill to leave the Darkmoon Forest and return to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

After he had left, a beautiful figure appeared in the valley with innumerable spirits behind her.

"Master, why dont we simply kill him?" A spirit appeared next to the figure.

"No. He is the Shifters Inheritor. If he wants to restore the Shifters glory, many would die by his hands. Then, we Spirits would become even stronger. When we have no more use of him, I will personally kill him! Hmph!"

The figure was Xiao Lan. No, perhaps it was better to call her the Inheritor of the Spirits, Lin Lanshao. That was her full name. After she had become the Inheritor of the Spirits, the Lord God had granted her a higher station.

If Jiang Feng was here and could see her stats, he would let her seduce him a second time so that he could drain her again!

At this point in time, Xiao Lan had become very powerful. She had reached the same level as Laolao.


After his return to the Ancient City, he came to the plaza in front of the Shifter Emperors Palace and took out the Gnome Kings Statue.

After giving it some thought, he then let Heifeng, Yanhu, Haozi, Thunderclap Mantis, Houwang, and Xiaotian out.

When Heifeng and Yanhu came out, both of them had a drumstick in their mouths each. They were from the food that Jiang Feng had placed into the Qiankun Gourd. They wagged their tails at Jiang Feng and asked, "Boss, why did you release us?"

Jiang Feng then said, "Acting."

If Robert and Rocket were to receive the Gnomes inheritance, he would need a perfect explanation to explain why the Gnomes Statue was there.

Otherwise, Robert and Rocket would be hostile to him. He would not be able to control them then.

"Acting! Thats great! Do you still have any Evolution Pills?" Yanhu wagged his tail as he looked at Jiang Feng flatteringly.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes and said, "No!"

Yanhu and Heifeng were disappointed and said in unison, "Then, no!"

Jiang Feng took out the Jingu Staff and tossed it from one dragon paw to another. He stared at Yanhu and Heifeng, and said, "What did you say?"

Yanhu and Heifeng exchanged a glance and looked at the Jingu Staff that was in Jiang Fengs hands. They then said with an aura of pride and righteousness, "Whoever fails in their task is a wolfdog!"

Xiaotian looked at them disapprovingly with a blade in his maw when he heard their words, and said coldly, "You have something against me?!"

Looking at the enraged Xiaotian, Heifeng flapped his wings as he approached him. He was apologetic and shameful as he patted Xiaotians fur. "Sigh, Brother Dog Brother Wolfdog No, Brother Wolf, its my fault. I shouldnt have told you the truth that youre just a dog. Your IQ has been lowered to such a state Youre a wolf, not a wolfdog, so we werent talking about you, dont be so sensitive!"

"Ahaha, this is so funny Cough, wheeze! I cant, Houwang, take me to a tigress"

"Scram!" Xiaotian roared at Heifeng and Yanhu angrily.

My goodness, which designer designed these two jokers. Or that was the side-effect of Transmute Monster? This was challenging his understanding of the world!

Jiang Feng could only facepalm and he remained speechless.

Heifeng then said to Yanhu, "Brother Yan, hes asking you to scram. You better scram, so we can see how handsomely you scram"

Yanhu stared at Heifeng and said, "Why dont you scram?!"

"Shut up! Enough, both of you jokers!" Jiang Feng roared at Heifeng and Yanhu when he had had enough of it.

As soon as he had said that, Heifeng and Yanhu sat in front of him with their tongues sticking out, staring at him with their innocent eyes.

When they saw how shameful Heifeng and Yanhu were being, Haozi, Houwang, the Thunderclap Mantis all looked away as if they did not know who they were.

"Damn it, I have recruited two jokers!" Jiang Feng said as he looked at Heifeng and Yanhu pretending to be innocent.

"Alright, let me tell you what our next task is. I will give the next Evolution Pill that I have transmuted to whoever performed the best. I will let Robert and Rocket out, both of you have to"

He did not have the motivation to deal with them right then and there. Instead, he gave each of his followers a role and began preparation to make Robert and Rocket fall into their trap.

As long as Robert and Rocket would fall for their ruse, he would control the Gnomes once they had received the Gnomes Inheritance.