Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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‘I wonder if I could transmute the corpse of a monster.’

A thought crossed his mind as he looked at the corpse of the Blaze Wolf King.

The Monster Transmutation System did not mention if the target of Transmute Monster needed to be dead or alive. It could be. Or it did not have to be.

“Let me try! Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

1He did not want to simply give up on the body of a Blaze Wolf King, but he did not dare to fuse with it as he had too many items on him. If the fusion failed, it would make him very miserable.


As soon as he had finished his words, a burst of fire consumed the Blaze Wolf King’s body.

Very quickly, the Blaze Wolf King’s body had been burnt into ashes.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successfully. You have received one pair of Wolf King’s Fangs, one Wolf Pelt, one drop of Wolf Race Bloodline, and one piece of equipment.

3“Haha! I did it! I even transmuted a piece of equipment out of it!”

Jiang Feng became excited once he heard the system prompt.

He did not expect to succeed in transmuting the corpse, and the result was a lot better.

He took out the Wolf Bloodline from the fire and consumed it. He threw the equipment into his drop panel, but he ignored the wolf pelt because his Drop Panel was full. He could only hold the Wolf King’s Fangs using his teeth.

It was not long after he left, Ling Yun and the others in his group managed to return.

He looked at where they had battled but it was empty, and he became infuriated.

“D*mn! Even all the loot was gone. Where did that cat come from? Why did it attack us?”

“It should be a unique monster. If not, it wouldn’t appear here.” Chen Mo said.

“Sh*t, tough luck. We have spent so much effort and didn’t get anything. We even lost a level!” Bai Tong yelled out angrily.

They didn’t know that all the items that were part of the loot have all been taken away by the “cat” that they had mentioned. If they knew, not only would they be astonished, they would even lodge an official complaint.

No monster would kill-steal from players after all. Such a thing would never appear in any game.


Jiang Feng did not leave the Blaze Wolf Canyon and instead headed down deeper into the depths of the Blaze Wolf Canyon. He found a hidden cave and walked into it.

As he lay on the edge of the cave, he began to check on what he had obtained this time.

Other than the four unusable items in the Drop Panel that the system had bound to him, the other remaining six were the fruits of his labor, and he could use them.

Among the six items, there were four pieces of equipment, one skill book, and one rune.

Wolf Fang Dagger: Green-Bronze Equipment

Strength +5

Physical Attack +15

Attack Speed +10%

Equipment Level: 8

Masterwork Magic Staff: Green-Bronze Equipment

Spirit +3

Magic Attack +20

Mana Regeneration Rate +10%

Masterwork Boots: Black-Iron Equipment

Agility +4

Movement Speed +15%

Equipment Level: 8

Leather Armor: Black-Iron Equipment

Endurance +3

Stamina +1

Defense +10

Equipment Level: 8

Assault: Low Tier Skill Book

When activated, it deals 120% of base damage to an enemy. 20% chance of dealing double damage. Cooldown 10 seconds. Consumes 50 mana.

1Level 1 Rune: Attack Rune

+5% Attack

Socket Requirement: Weapon

“Haha. I never thought that these are great items. While these are only equipment used during mid-game, I can sell them for some money!”

4Looking at the stats for the six items, Jiang Feng becomes excited.

‘If I can do a few more of this, I can definitely earn those 50,000 within a week!’

1When he thought about this, he became even more motivated and driven.

‘I don’t have enough slots in my Drop Panel, so I better sell these before doing anything.’

Every time he evolved, he would increase the duration of his Polymorph by ten minutes. After two evolutions, his duration for the Polymorph still had lengthened from one minute to twenty-one minutes.

5Almost half an hour. He had enough time to sell all of these out.

Then, he looked at the Wolf King’s Fangs that he carried in his teeth.

Wolf King’s Fangs: Hidden Quest Item

You may receive a great reward if you give this to the village chief.

‘Hidden Quest! I guess the reward must be quite good.”

Jiang Feng became happy and quickly untied the string for the Requiem Bell and strung the pair of Wolf King’s Fangs by the side of the bell. He then wore it back around his neck.

2After he finished cleaning, he moved and headed towards the outside of the cave.

“What an intelligent little kitten.”

Just as Jiang Feng was going to leave the cave, a sharp voice came from inside the cave.

Jiang Feng had only walked for two steps, stopped, and turned to look back into the cave.

“Kek kek~ Come here, little kitty.”

The voice came once again.

“Meow, who are you!”

1Jiang Feng shouted into the cave, but unfortunately, all that came out was a deep cat’s growl.

“Do not growl so simply, little kitten. Come here, and allow me to give you an opportunity!”

The person inside the cave didn’t seem to understand the Beasts’ Tongue and did not understand what Jiang Feng was saying.

“Keep your opportunity to yourself!”

Jiang Feng angrily shouted at the cave and promptly turned and left the cave.

He had too many items on him. Without knowing who was speaking in that cave, he wouldn’t enter. If he died and the things on him were dropped, then he could only cry.

But there was one thing that he was sure of. That inside the cave was an NPC. But he didn’t understand why an NPC would appear in this cave, and he didn’t want to know now.

Now, he only wanted to sell all the equipment on him. Once the players’ level had all increased, the prices for these items would have decreased somewhat.

Just like the Black-Iron item that he got from Li Yi. Li Yi spent a few hundred to buy it, but you couldn’t even sell it for a hundred now.

“Hey hey~ Don’t go, Meow~ Meow~ Meow~”

2Feeling that he was leaving, the person within the depths of the cave became anxious. He kept yelling and kept mimicking the sound of a cat, trying to attract him over.

Unfortunately, he was no cat. He was also not a monster from the game. He was a player that had become a monster, and he had a brain!

“This cave is a bitstrange. I better take alook at it after I sell the equipment. I really hope that it’s an opportunity.” Jiang Feng whispered once he ran out of the cave.

After he went through the Blaze Wolf Canyon and avoided the sights of some players, he secretly came close to the Starter Village.


When he saw that there was no one around, he used Polymorph and became a human, then ran into the Starter Village.

2Once he entered the Starter Village, he saw a lot of players had set up stalls next to the exit of the Starter Village. He found somewhere that was much more conspicuous and opened up the menu for setting up a stall, and chose toset one up.

In the next moment, an item window opened in front of him.

He put all six items thatwere on the Drop Panel and wanted to sell into the item window, and all the prices have been set to 9999 GP. The reason that he put the price that high was because he didn’t want to sell it for in-game currency, and he wanted to sell it for yuan.

The stalls name was written as “Best Quality Level 8 Green-Bronze Equipment and Skill Book on sale!”

He needed money badly, so he did not even use the Skill Book and he was going to sell it for money.

4After a few minutes, no players were coming to his stall. However other players kept visiting the other stalls. This made him speechless.

2He spied on several of the stalls that had a lot of customers, and he almost vomited blood when he read them.

The stalls all had something similar written: Newly Obtained Divine Artifacts On Sale. Treasure Map for Divine Artifacts on Sale. War God Set for 1 GP

1Damn, he never knew that he could do that. The names of the stalls were so exaggerated. It looked like he had to depend on some shouting!

He took a deep breath and felt his lower belly, then he shouted, “Super Divine Artifacts being sold at a super cheap price! All buyers, I will give you lolitas, mature ladies, uniform temptations, and other high definition uncensored adult films worth one terabyte of data!”

9After hearing his shout, all the other stall owners fell off their seats.

Many of the male players that went by glinted with light in their eyes and began to walk over.