Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 130

Chapter 130 : The Gnomes Inheritance

After practicing with his followers, Jiang Feng brought them into the Shifter Emperors Palace.

Mainly it was because he did not want to let Robert and Rocket see the Gnome Kings Statue.

His dragon body shrunk and he jumped into the throne within the palace.

He took out the Qiankun Gourd, its mouth pointed at the hall, and released Robert and Rocket.

"Brother Feng, you have finally let us out! There is nothing for us to do other than eat and drink! Where is the smithy room you promised us?" Robert complained as soon as he came out.

"That is right, I have not mined and handled any smithing hammer for so long that my hands are getting itchy!" Rocket said in agreement

All this while, Jiang Feng had bought a lot of food and beer and placed them near Robert and Rocket so he had fulfilled that part of his promise.

Jiang Feng said with a smile, "Ive prepared the smithy room for you. How can I forget what Ive promised my brothers!"

At this time, Heifengs time to act had come. He wagged his tail as he approached Robert and said, "Thats right. Do you know how many people the boss had offended so that he can create the worlds best smithy room for you two? He was almost killed! Fortunately, the boss is favored by the Heavens and he managed to build the worlds best smithy room for you two!"


Robert and Rocket were shocked when Heifeng suddenly jumped out from behind them. When they looked back, they saw six different monsters all staring at them. When they saw Yanhu, they pointed at him in surprise and asked, "Ah, you Why are you here?"

Yanhu blinked and looked at Robert and Rocket in confusion, "You two know me?"

"Hm?" Robert and Rocket looked at Yanhu carefully and doubted themselves.

Jiang Feng smiled and said, "Dont worry, you two. He wasnt the tiger that attacked you. Look, he has horns on his head, and the fire on him is different too. Just like both of you, I saved him when he was in danger."

Robert scanned Yanhu once again, and muttered, "Now that you say it, he is different than the one that attacked us. Looks like we did make a mistake."

Robert nodded. "It is indeed not the same one."

Fortunately, Yanhus physical appearance had changed after fusing with the Lightning Tiger King. Otherwise, he would not let them meet.

Seeing that Robert and Rocket had lifted their suspicion on Yanhu, he smiled and said to the two of them, "Brothers, allow me to bring you to the smithy room I have prepared for you!"

"The smithy room!" Robert and Rocket exchanged a glance in excitement.

Jiang Feng summoned the Monster Cloud and had everyone stand on it. The Monster Cloud raised a curtain of clouds shielding their view and quickly headed to the center of the city after exiting the palace.

As he was out of money, there was still extensive damage on the walls that he could not yet repair. The smithy room already existed within the Ancient City, but it was slightly run down.

However, it had been fully repaired by the builders he recruited. He even had it expanded.

The smithy room was located in the smithy, and the largest smithy in the Ancient City was located near the gate.

When they reached the gate, he brought Robert and Rocket to the Smithy.

"Its huge!" Robert and Rocket exclaimed in surprise after they had entered the smithy.

The smithy was separated into two levels and was around five hundred meters square wide. It had a complete set of counters, racks, and tools. On each level, there was a row of smithy rooms, and these smithy rooms were of different specifications.

At the Imperial Dragon City, only Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced smithy rooms were available at the smithy. Here, he had set up an Exotic Level Smithy Room.

Not only were there food and drinks available, but he had even prepared the mold for the Dragonballs.

"Hehe, my dude, arent you satisfied? The boss had literally spilled his blood in exchange for these. To tell you the truth, the boss treats you two much better than he does to us. I want to cry now that I think about it" Heifeng said as he approached Robert and Rocket, flapping his wings.

"Satisfied, were satisfied!" Robert nodded in excitement, then he bowed to Jiang Feng and said, "Brother Feng, thank you so much! If there is anything that we can help you with, let us know! My brother and I will surely help you!"

Jiang Feng then gave them both a mysterious smile. "Dont be so happy just yet. Let me bring you two to see something!"

Just as Robert and Rocket were still confused, he brought them both to the plaza in front of the Shifter Emperors Palace.

"This is"

When Robert and Rocket came down from the Monster Cloud, both of them were stunned when they saw the Gnome Kings Statue on the plaza.

Both of them walked around the Gnome Kings Statue a few times with scowls on their faces.

Then Robert and Rocket questioned Jiang Feng aggressively, "Why is the Gnome Kings Statue here? Did you steal it from the Gnomes?!"

The Thunderclap Mantis warned them, "Watch your tone!"

Xiaotian also said coldly, "If we stole it, would we have shown it to you? Whatre your brains for?"

Once Robert and Rocket heard what the Thunderclap Mantis and Xiaotian had to say, they started to doubt themselves too. Thats right. If Brother Feng stole it, why would he show us?"

"Bro, stop guessing blindly," Yanhu started playing his part. "Do you know that after you left, the Gnome Kings Statue was stolen? The priest thought that you stole it! But our boss is a Divine Dragon that is just and all-powerful, he wouldnt let the two of you be wronged like that! The boss used a lot of effort to find the statue and finally found it in the hands of the Infernals. He was almost killed because of that."

Houwang said, "Thats right! The battle with the Infernals had darkened even the Heaven itself! We accompanied the boss and assaulted them seven times before we got the statue back."

"Thats right, those b*stards even grabbed at the fur on my butt!" Haozi said angrily and stressed at the word b*stard as he looked at Heifeng.

Heifeng was the one who had suggested it to Jiang Feng, after which he quickly munched a mouthful of fur from Haozis butt. There were still bloodstains on it. He was so angry that he fought with Heifeng for thirty rounds.

"Tsk tsk, so sexy," Heifeng walked behind Haozi and patted Haozis butt using his tail. Then, he turned to Robert and Rocket and said, "See? We sacrificed so much for your statue. Not only was Haozis fur stripped, he even had to sacrifice his good looks! Haozis butt is a little bit sexy, his tail is also waving so seductively. Even Im feeling a bit tempted. No wonder those Infernals were attacking so fiercely!"

"Scram!" Haozi rolled his eyes at Heifeng as he turned and walked away. He was not courageous enough to stand beside a joker.

Even Jiang Feng was looking at Heifeng irritably and was at the brink of giving him a good kick.

"I see. We apologize, Brother Feng. We have wronged you," Robert and Rocket said in shame once they had listened to the explanation by Heifeng and the others.

Jiang Feng shook his head as he smiled, "No problem. As long as the two of you promise me one thing, I will give the Gnome Kings Statue to you two as a gift."

"Really?" Robert and Rocket asked excitedly.

The Gnome Kings Statue carried the Gnomes Inheritance. If they were to obtain the Gnome Kings Statue, that would mean that they had obtained the Gnomes Inheritance, and could become the Gnome King in the future!

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "Yes!"

Robert and Rocket exchanged another glance and then said, "Then tell us, Brother Jiang. We will agree to whatever you want!"

"Its very easy. Work for me for five years, what do you say?"

Five Years?

Robert and Rocket exchanged a glance and gave it a thought.

The lifespan of a Gnome was very long. They could live ten times longer than a human being. Five years was not very long for them. That duration of time would pass quickly when they spend it on mining and smithing.

"Alright, we can do that!" Robert nodded. What was five years in the face of obtaining the Gnomes Inheritance?

"Right. Im not saying I dont trust you, but how would I know if you wont regret and renege on that promise?" Jiang Feng asked.

"I see. We can make an oath in the name of the Lord God. If we renege on our promise, then let us disappear!" Robert said.

Jiang Feng pursed his mouth and nodded. "Alright!"

To an NPC, such an oath was not a simple pledge. It would be monitored by the System. Once an oath had been made, it would be monitored. If they were to act against such an oath, it would be deleted by the System.

He obtained this information from Yanhu and Heifeng since they were NPCs as well.

"We swear upon your name, Lord God! If Brother Feng gives us the Gnome Kings Statue, we shall swear fealty to Brother Feng for five years. If we were to break this oath, may we be eradicated!" Robert and Rocket swore their oaths.


At this time, a shaft of light descended from the sky and entered Roberts and Rockets bodies.

"Great! The Gnome Kings statue is now yours," Jiang Feng said excitedly.

As long as Robert or Rocket could obtain the Gnomes inheritance, that would mean that he could gain additional support during the Great Divine-Infernal War.

While most of the Gnomes were mostly incapable in battle except for the Gnome Warriors, they were extremely capable smiths. They could forge powerful equipment for his followers and the Shifter Army, and could even help him earn some money.

After receiving the Gnome Kings Statue, Robert then said to Rocket, "Brother, let us see if we are worthy to receive the Gnome Kings inheritance!"

Rocket nodded and said, "Yes."

Next, they went toward Xiaotian and extended their arms. Xiaotian looked at them murderously as they sliced open a wound on their forearms using his blade. As the wound was bleeding, they quickly ran toward the Gnome Kings Statue and dripped their blood on it.

As their blood fell on the statue, the statue released a soft, golden glow as it drained their blood.


At this time, both Robert and Rocket quickly chanted in Gnomish as they knelt on the ground and prayed.


As they prayed, the Gnome Kings Statue light began to intensify to the point where it would be blinding to those who looked at it. A ball of red light in between the eyebrows of the statue shot toward Roberts forehead.

Next, Roberts body began to float as he accepted the Gnome Kings Statues inheritance.

Soon, the red light disappeared, and a giant red hammer appeared in Roberts hand.

"Haha! I never thought that I would become the Gnome King one day!"

Robert wielded and waved the red smithy hammer in his hand as he laughed excitedly, and then smashed the hammer on the ground viciously.