Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Upgrade The Monster Transmutation System

After Robert had received the Gnomes Inheritance, his Smithing skill was increased to Spiritual Level!

In addition, he had even obtained a Divine Artifact. A Smithing Divine Artifact. A Smithing Divine Artifact that was for the Gnome King.

Even though Rocket did not obtain the Gnome Kings Inheritance, he was not very disappointed. He was actually quite happy for his younger brother.

Even though Robert had obtained the Gnomes Inheritance, he did not ask Robert to leave. Instead, he had his sibling operate the Smithy and officially become the owner of the place.

"Now that I have an operator for the smithy, I still need operators for an Herbal Shop, a Tailor Shop, a Restaurant, and a General Store. I mean, I cant have monsters operate them. Even if I could, they probably dont have the ability to do it. Looks like its still going to be quite difficult to restore the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to its former glory. I dont even have the money to repair it!"

"Looks like I have to make Robert and Rocket forge some equipment and repair the city after earning some money. I would also need to recruit some traders and start operating the Ancient City. If I dont start earning some money, how can I raise so many followers?"

He sat on top of the Monster Cloud and looked at the damaged walls and buildings, frustrated.

"I just have to take one step at a time. The path to restoring the Shifters former glory is quite difficult!"

He shook his head as he summoned the Monster Cloud and left the Ancient City. He was heading toward the Five Fingers Mountain. He was going to go to the Boneyard Abyss and submit his quest.

As there was nothing he could do while on the Monster Cloud, he took out the four drops of Divine Dragon Blood from the spatial bracelet. He was going to take this opportunity to evolve.

One of the drops of Divine Dragon Blood was from his previous exploits, and the other three drops were from the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals.

Looking at his current Dragon Bloodline and Purity, he took out three drops of Divine Dragon Blood and consumed them.

Next, he felt as if two fire dragons were soaring in his stomach as his face twisted in pain.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. Your Bloodline has reached 120% and Purity has reached 120%.

His original Dragon bloodline and purity were both 30%. They had reached 120% after consuming three drops of Divine Dragon Blood.

Once the Bloodline and Purity had been raised, he took out the only Evolution Pill that he had and ate it.

After he had consumed it and chosen the Dragon Bloodline, his body was enveloped in flames and it formed a fire cocoon.


Ten minutes later, the fire cocoon burst open as the Monster Cloud shook.

A fifty-meter long brown dragon burst forth from the fire cocoon. The dragon was Jiang Feng, who had evolved to rank 6.

Once he had evolved into rank 6, his size had doubled. His horns had formed a fork and he was no longer a Wyrmling, but an adult dragon.

After his evolution, his attack had increased by 10,000, HPs by 50,000, defense by 5,000. They were far higher than his previous evolution.

His current HPs, attack, and defense were:

HPs: 252,000

Attack: 33,080

Defense: 13,452

"My stats have increased by so much, can it be"

Looking at his stats, he quickly looked at the Bloodline stats in his Status Panel as if he had thought of something.

Only to see that the Dragons Bloodline and Purity that were originally at 120%, had all fallen back to 0%.

That meant that the reason that his stats had increased that much had to be because of that extra 20% in Bloodline and Purity, other than the fact that he had become an adult dragon.

"That means that the higher the concentration of my Bloodline and Purity, the more my stats would increase after my evolution. I wonder what the highest rating is? And how much my stats can increase afterward? I should test it whenever I get enough Divine Dragon blood!" He said joyously as he looked at the increase of his stats.

Other than his stats, he realized that he had a new skill. The Earth Cover Dragons ultimate skill, Slam of Mount Tai!

Slam of Mount Tai: Active Skill. Summons a huge mountain and slams it at enemies within 10 meters, dealing 150% of base damage and dazing them for 2 seconds. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

That was a very powerful skill. Not only was the damage high, but it also had 2 seconds worth of crowd control.

With his current attack, any player would be instantly killed by this skill. Even a wave of monsters could be killed if he were to combine it with his three other crowd control skills.

After looking at his stats, he looked at the Monster Transmutation System and he went for a lottery.

"Lets see if I can get something good!"

He was not going to save his one lottery chance and used it immediately.

The roulette wheel appeared and the lottery began as the indicator began to spin.

After spinning for twelve seconds, it finally stopped at the special category.

Next, a grey chest appeared in front of him and surprised him.

"Why is there a grey chest?"

Jiang Feng was confused as he looked at the grey chest in front of him.

However, he still decided to open the treasure chest despite having questions.

There was a scroll within the chest, and he looked at it curiously.

System Upgrade Scroll: After use, the Monster Transmutation System would be upgraded. During the upgrade, the Transmute Monster would not be usable. Duration of one week.

"Hm? The Monster Transmutation System could be upgraded?"

He did not hesitate and used the System Upgrade Scroll.

Ding. System Prompt: The Monster Transmutation System is upgrading

As he heard the System Prompt, he realized that Transmute Monster, Polymorph, and Lottery had all been greyed out and could no longer be used.

I wonder what the system will look like after getting upgraded? Jiang Feng became excited at the thought.

It was all thanks to the Monster Transmutation System that he could grow to this stage.

It was all thanks to the Monster Transmutation System that he could have his current power.

While he did not know where the system came from, he knew that the system was not as simple as what he thought.

"Roar! I will kill all of you!"

Just as he closed the Transmute Monster Systems panel, a monsters raging roar came from afar.

Curiously, he looked at where the roar came from.

He saw that a tall mountain peak had appeared in front of him.

The mountain peak was covered by mists, and he could see nothing other than hearing the angry roars coming from within.

"Mount Kunlun!"

Looking at the mountain peak, he used Identify on it and found out where he was.

He did not realize that he would pass by the games First Mountain Peak, Mount Kunlun, while on his way to the Boneyard Abyss.

There were countless monsters in Mount Kunlun. Monsters between levels 50 to 100 were all scattered throughout it.

The roar he heard came from halfway up Mount Kunlun.

"Monster Cloud, lets go see whats happening!"

He became curious when he heard the monsters angry roar, and asked the Monster Cloud to bring him over there.


Just as Jiang Feng was riding to Mount Kunlun, he did not know that his body in the real world was being changed.

Back in reality, Jiang Feng was lying on his bed as a faint, red light was pulsing where his heart should be.

The light went from his heart to his head, then formed a ring of light. Then, as if it was a scanner, it went from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. The rings surrounded him continuously, to the point where it was like he was being enveloped by a barrier of light.

"Monster Transmutation System is upgrading"

At this time, a voice came from where his heart should be. Next, the rings of red lights all disappeared.

If anyone were to witness what had happened, they would no doubt be dumbfounded!