Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Recruiting Followers At Mount Kunlun

Mount Kunlun.

The games first Mount.

It had monsters of all races from levels 50 to 100 scattered around it.

It was also one of the most dangerous places for players other than the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals.

Normally, no players would come and level near the slope of the mountains. Most of them would level up near the base of the mountain.


As he approached it while on the Monster Cloud, the angry roar became louder.

Very quickly, he arrived on top of the location where the roar came from. To stop himself from being detected, he shrunk his body and used the Monster Cloud to cover himself. Then, he looked at where the sound was coming from.

By a waterhole on the mountain slope, a dozen Infernal Soldiers were leading a number of armed Infernals and fighting with two level 50 bosses. Several bosses had been tamed by the Infernal Soldiers, while three of them had already been killed.

"Hm? Why would there be so many bosses here? Is this because of the Infernal Soldiers?" He thought to himself curiously as he looked at the bosses.

The leader of the Infernal Soldiers was called Mo Shang, who was at level 60. That meant that he was equal to a level 60 Spiritual Beast.

Mo Shang looked at one of the two bosses, a Redscaled Python, and said to it coldly, "Either surrender, or die!"

Damn, how dare you steal my line! Just you wait, Ill kill you! Jiang Feng cursed under his breath when he heard what Mo Shang said.

The Redscaled Python roared as it stared at Mo Shang despite being a bloody mess, "The Shifters will never become slaves! If you want to kill me, then kill me! If I were to die, then so be it!"

With that, the Redscaled Python slithered its gigantic body and swooped toward Mo Shang.

The Shifters would never become slaves!

The Redscaled Pythons words shocked Jiang Feng, and he felt his blood boil.

"Damn you Infernals! Damn you and your Archmaster!"

Jiang Feng yelled out coldly as he took out his Jingu staff and enlarged his body. The Jingu Staff was also enlarged, and he rushed toward Mo Shang.

Even though he was no match for Mo Shang and the group of Internals, he could not bear seeing such a valiant Redscaled Python die for nothing.

He hovered in the air, reaching the top of the Infernals in the blink of an eye.

"Roar! Dragon Howl!"

He unleashed a dragon roar and used the Dragon Howl skill, causing them all to be dazed.

One whole group of Infernals and all the monsters, including the Redscaled Python, was standing dazedly on the ground.

"Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff!"

He did not hesitate to unleash the Jingu Staffs attack on the group of Infernals.




He realized that he could not even break through the Infernal Soldiers Defense but could barely break through the Infernals leaders defense. It made him very dispirited.


When the Infernal Soldiers and Infernal Leaders were going to be free from the Daze status, he used another crowd-controlling skill. However, he did not attack, but took out the Qiankun Gourd and took the corpses of the three bosses on the ground.

"Follow me!"

After taking all three boss corpses, he told the Redscaled Python and the other boss, a Greenwood Bull King.

The Redscaled Python and Greenwood Bull King exchanged a glance and nodded.

Next, he put the Redscaled Python and Greenwood Bull King into the Qiankun Gourd.

"Hm? Inheritor of the Shifters?! Die!"

Once Mo Shang had recovered and seen Jiang Fengs stats, he recognized that Jiang Feng was the Shifters Inheritor that Archmaster Moji had ordered to pursue and capture. He was overjoyed and quickly attacked.

"Tornado! Slam of Mount Tai!"

He did not wait for Mo Shang to reach him and used Tornado to blow Mo Shang up, next a gigantic mountain appeared out of nowhere from the sky and crashed into them.

"Mo Shang, go back and tell the Archmaster that once Im done with my business, Ill settle my score with her!"

Jiang Feng called for the Monster Cloud and quickly left after leaving him a message.

The Monster Cloud was on full speed, and it was already several hundred meters up in the sky in the blink of an eye while Mo Shang and his Infernal Soldiers were either still being caught in the tornado or were dazed by the Slam of Mount Tai.

When the negative status effects from the Tornado and Slam of Mount Tai expired, Mo Shang realized that Jiang Feng had disappeared. He roared out furiously, "Find him! Find the Shifters Inheritor!"

With his order, the Infernal Soldiers, Infernal Leaders, Infernal Warriors, and tamed monsters all began to look for Jiang Feng nearby.


When Mo Shang was still looking for Jiang Feng, he was already far, far away on the Monster Cloud.

At this moment, he was standing in front of the Redscaled Python and the Greenwood Bull King in the Qiankun Gourd.

"You are the Shifters Inheritor?" The Redscaled Python asked Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng nodded and asked, "Yes, I am. Why did the territory kings all gather in one place? How were you all discovered by the Infernals?"

The Greenwood Bull King said angrily, "Thats because the Scaled Boar King gathered us all there. The Scaled Boar King was Infernalized, and had betrayed the Shifters!"

The Redscaled Python became discouraged when it heard that and said, "There are many Shifters that have been Infernalized by the Infernals. All of them are Territory Kings. They have captured many of our tribesmen from Mount Kunlun, and they would kill all those who refuse to surrender. I heard that the Divines are also capturing our tribesmen. At this stage, all the other races are attacking us Shifters!"

When he heard what the Redscaled Python and Greenwood Bull King had said, he quickly checked the official message board.

There was a small patch note released on the official website mentioning that the players Capture skills success rate had been increased. Many of the posts on the message board were players showing off the pets that they had captured. While most of them were normal monsters, but all the other ones were Territory Kings. While the ranks and levels of these monsters were not high, they had still greatly increased the combat capabilities of the Divine and Infernal players.

The Shifters intelligence was quite low compared to the other races. That had already caused them to be at a disadvantage. Now that the Divines and Infernals Players were capturing them as pets, that had caused their factions powers to increase tremendously.

Even the Infernals were Infernalizing the monsters, strengthening themselves.

Only they, the Shifters, were limited in numbers. While they could respawn after being killed, they still would not be able to withstand a full-scale war.

I need to build up the Shifters as soon as possible!"

When he thought of that, he turned to the Redscaled Python and the Greenwood Bull King and asked, "Are you two willing to follow me to restore the glory to the Shifters? Once the Shifters have been restored, I will make you both Divine Beasts!"

"I am willing!" The Redscaled Python replied.

"Me too!" The Greenwood Bull King said in agreement.

They were both level 50 boss monsters and had high intelligence. Looking at Yanhu, Heifeng, and the other Territory Kings approaching them, they did not think twice and agreed to it.

"Haha! Congratulations, boss! Our team has become even stronger!" Yanhu said as he ran toward Jiang Feng.

"Brother Mang, Brother Niu, welcome! Come, I have some fresh chicken drumsticks! Come, lick!" When Heifeng saw the new team members, he was very excited as well. He brought them both chicken drumsticks that were filled with teeth marks and saliva with an honest smile.

"Ugh" Xiaotian felt that he was going to vomit again.

"Wolfdog, why must you vomit every time you see me with a drumstick? What is the meaning of this?" Heifeng said as he stared at Xiaotian.

Because of the chicken drumstick incident last time, Xiaotian did not want to eat chicken drumsticks ever again. The moment he eats chicken, he would remember the gross chicken drumstick that he had eaten.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heifeng and said to the Thunderclap Mantis, "Thunderclap, youre the most experienced among all of them. From now on, go train them whenever you are free!"

With that, he stopped paying attention to his followers little quarrel and left the Qiankun Gourd.

As for the three boss corpses, he was saving them. Once the Monster Transmutation System had finished upgrading, he would transmute them.

He could revive them, unfortunately reviving them meant that he would need to kill three other boss monsters. That would make the entire point moot.

"Onward, to the Boneyard Abyss!"

He told the Monster Cloud as he coiled on the Monster Cloud. He lowered his dragon head as he thought to himself, The Old Lumberjack could survive in the Infernal Miasma without a scratch on him, he must have a treasure or a method to resist the effects of the Infernal Miasma. I must have it. Then, I can stop my followers from being Infernalized when the Great Divine-Infernal War comes!"