Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 133

Chapter 133 The Infernal Repellant Pill Formula

The Boneyard Abyss was around one hundred fifty kilometers away from Mount Kunlun.

In between the Five Fingers Mountain and the Boneyard Abyss, the Infernal Miasma had filled the skies. That was the reason why he could not see Mount Kunlun when he was in the Boneyard Abyss and the Five Fingers Mountain.

Now that he had traveled from Mount Kunlun, he knew the direction he needed to take after this.

Next time, all he needed was to teleport to Kunlun City and fly for one hundred fifty kilometers.

He penetrated the Infernal Miasma when he was on the Monster Cloud. A field of bones appeared before him, its gloom sending chills down the spine.

As he arrived at the Boneyard Abyss, he started searching along the abyss.

It did not take him long to find the Old Lumberjack.

"My son, why did you have to die" The Old Lumberjack wiped his tears as he cried.

No wonder there were so many players still actively playing the game, and that it had so many good reviews! The game was so surprising in terms of its plots.

Looking at the crying Old Lumberjack, he was once again reminded why the game was so enticing. He then walked toward the Old Lumberjack.

"Uncle, Ive saved your son. Unfortunately He was Infernalized, all I could do was"

With that, he took out the body of the Old Lumberjacks Son and placed it in front of him.

"My Son!"

The Old Lumberjack was not surprised that he was a dragon at all, and all his attention had been turned to the body of his dead son.

He looked at the corpse numbly, then he dived over and held him in his arms. His tears had stained his wrinkled face as he cried, "You didnt have to die! Those damn Infernals, I am so sorry! It was my fault, I shouldnt have let you leave alone"

The Old Lumberjack held his sons body in his arms tightly as he mumbled, fury toward the Infernals filled his eyes.

Looking at the crying Old Lumberjack, he said nothing. His giant body lay down next to the Abyss as he stared at the Infernal Miasma that filled the abyss. His eyes were blank as if he was thinking of something.

While this was a game, he had seen something in the NPCs that he could not find on real people back in reality. Pure emotions!

Ning Caichen and Xiao Qian!

Fairy Violetdawn and Sun Wukong!

The Old Lumberjack and his son!

Sometimes, he felt that the NPCs in the game knew more about emotions than the people in the real world.

Perhaps its time to let dad come in and have a taste of the game. I can accompany him too!

With that thought, he opened the Official Message board and booked a casket-type game terminal that was suitable for visitors.

The price for a casket terminal was very high and was mainly created for old people. It had gadgets for massages and the use of nutrient solutions.

As for casket terminals for gamers, it was rumored that they were already in production. However, they have yet to be released into the market.

The price to book for a casket terminal was 188,888. He took out 200,000 from the Imperial Dragon Auction House and booked one for his dad.

After that, he stirred and looked at the Old Lumberjack.

He saw that the Old Lumberjack had already dug a pit when he was not paying attention and buried his son at the edge of the abyss.

Jiang Feng stood up and walked toward the grave and nodded. He considered that as a thank you for providing him with the map of the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals, as well as an apology for having to kill him.

"Thank you, Inheritor of the Shifters!" The Old Lumberjack said as he erected a wooden headstone for his son and then turned to him.

"No need," He did not know how the Old Lumberjack knew his identity, but he knew that anyone that could resist the Infernal Miasma was not anyone ordinary.

"As you have found my sons body, I will fulfill my promise and reward you!" The Old Lumberjack waved his hand.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the "Return the corpse of Uncle Huas son from the Boneyard Abyss" quest. You are rewarded with the Infernal Repellant Pill Formula and 200,000 experience points. You have been additionally rewarded with Spiritual-Level Pharmacy Skill. Will you learn it?

What? Uncle Hua?

As he heard the Systems voice, he looked at the Old Lumberjacks stats once again.

The Old Lumberjack was no longer hiding his stats and allowed him to look at his newly revealed stats.

Uncle Hua: Divine Level Pharmacist

Introduction: Descendant of the Saint of Medicine, Hua Tuo. He was originally the Pharmacist at the Imperial Dragon City. However, as he was unhappy with the Divines hypocrisy, he left the Imperial Dragon City with his family. However, he was pursued by the Emperor and escaped with his son and his pregnant daughter-in-law.

HPs: 5,000,000

Attack: 10,000 20,000

Defense: 5,000

Skills: Pharmacy

While Uncle Huas stats were very low, it was not important at all. The most important part was his title.


How could he refuse the chance to learn the Spiritual Level Pharmacy Skill from a Divine Level Pharmacy?

He should not complain about learning too many skills. Not to mention that the effects of the Large Recovery Pills had become very limited on him. If he could learn the Spiritual-level Pharmacy, he could then create pills that restore even more HPs.

Infernal Repellant Pill Formula: Spiritual Medicine

It recorded the required medicine and steps to create the Infernal Repellent Pill. Once it had been successfully created, the Infernal Repellant Pill could be consumed to provide Infernal Resistance and was immune to the corruption of the Infernal Miasma for five minutes.

No wonder Uncle Hua was not afraid of the Infernal Miasma, he had pills that could resist its corruption.

"I did not think that, Uncle Hua, you would be a Divine-Level Pharmacist. But I dont understand, why would you be here? Why did your son fall into the Boneyard Abyss?" Jiang Feng asked with interest as he looked at him.

Uncle Hua let out a sigh and said, "I was pursued by the Emperor of the Divines to this place. They dared not step into this place. But, I was discovered by the Infernals three days ago, and my pregnant daughter was killed. My son went to look for her body to bury her, but he never made his way back."

"Damn Infernals! Uncle Hua, please wait. I will look for the body of your daughter in law, and bury them together!"

After he heard of Uncle Huas story, Jiang Feng did not think twice before jumping down into the Boneyard Abyss. He used Hide and began to look for Uncle Huas daughter in laws body.

It made him very angry when he learned that the Infernals would not even hesitate to kill a pregnant woman.

He was also thinking of helping Uncle Hua to find the corpse of his daughter in law, to help his dead son to find the body of his wife.

"Why cant I find it?"

He kept on searching when he reached the depths of the Boneyard Abyss. He looked through it again and again, but he did not find any corpses, only bones.


At this time, he heard a strange noise coming from the face of the cliff. Curiously, he flew toward it.

He shrunk his body and avoided the Infernalized monsters, and quickly found a cave at the face of the cliff.

The cave was on top of a stone altar, and there were many bloodstains on its surface.

Did Uncle Huas daughter-in-law fall here? She didnt fall into the depths of the Boneyard Abyss, but fell unto the stone altar? But if thats the case, where is her body? Was it dragged into the cave and eaten by an Infernalized monster?

His eyebrows locked together as he took out the Jingu Staff when he thought of that scenario, and approached the cave in front of him.

After just a few steps, he saw something that shook him to the core.