Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Divine Level Alchemist Joins

The moderate-sized cave was formed naturally.

There was a bloodstain that had been formed, as if something was dragged over it.

When Jiang Feng entered the cave, he saw a woman corrupted with Infernal Miasma holding a baby, feeding the child.

The baby sucked the milk from her and cooed.

The sound that he heard when he was in the Boneyard Abyss indeed came from the baby.


When the woman saw Jiang Feng entering the cave, she revealed a vicious expression. With the wave of her hand, an Infernal Fireball blasted toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng moved and dodged the Infernal Fireball, then looked at the woman and the baby that she was holding.

Uncle Huas Daughter-in-Law: Infernalized

Introduction: After being thrown into the Boneyard Abyss, she absorbed the Infernal Miasma and was Infernalized when she fell in order to protect the baby in her womb. After being Infernalized, she successfully gave birth to her son and protected her son subconsciously.

HPs: 200,000

Attack: 5,000 10,000

Defense: 2,000

Skills: Infernal Fireball, Pharmacy

Uncle Huas Grandson: Baby

Introduction: He mutated during his birth. When he was still in his mothers womb, he had received many nutrients from Uncle Huas many concoctions. After his birth, his body has the ability to absorb any ability and any items, changing them into his power.

HPs: 10,000

Attack: 0

Defense: 0

Skills: Absorb

Looks like this would not be an easy quest. Even if I dont come down here, I guess Uncle Hua would eventually ask me to find his daughter-in-laws body.

Jiang Feng looked at the mother and son in front of him, he knew that this was not just a normal hidden quest. It was a mini-plot quest.

While the game had Ten Main Plot Quests, it also had various other mini-plot quests. They also had several quests to complete, but they were easier to complete.

"Sigh. Thats fine. Since they arent that strong anyway, Ill bring them both to Uncle Hua. He should make the choice of whether to have them killed or not."

With that, he expanded his body and extended his dragon claws. One of his claws grabbed at Uncle Huas Daughter-in-Law while the other gently carried Uncle Huas Grandson. He then flew out of the cave, summoned the Monster Cloud, hid himself, and quickly flew to the top of the Boneyard Abyss.

In a short while, he had brought the two to the cliffside of the Boneyard Abyss.

"This Xiao Qing, what happened to you? I am your father-in-law"

As soon as they made their descent, Uncle Hua saw his daughter-in-law Xiao Qing and walked toward her excitedly.


Unfortunately, Xiao Qing had already been infernalized. She no longer remembered who he was. Instead, she threw an Infernal Fireball at him.

The Infernal Fireball struck Uncle Hua on the chest, and Infernal Miasma arose from where he was struck and began to dig into his body. Uncle Hua immediately took out a pill and ate it. The Infernal Miasma was immediately blocked by an invisible energy.

"Uncle Hua, this is your grandson. Hes alright."

Jiang Feng opened his other claw. A baby was playing with his fingers in it.

"What? My grandson?" Uncle Hua stood up and approached the dragon claw with his hands trembling. When he saw the baby in the dragons claw, he cried once again.

He extended his hands a few times, wanting to hold him, but he took them back every time, afraid that he would harm him.

"Uncle Hua"

Jiang Feng looked at Uncle Hua with sadness, and then explained to him what information he had managed to glean from the mother and son.

After listening to Jiang Fengs explanation, Uncle Hua cried so much that he had lost his voice.

He had already been driven to despair, but he now saw a ray of hope in the baby in the dragon claw. How could he not be excited?

It took quite some time before Uncle Hua could once again control his emotions as he looked at the baby. When he did, he took out a pill and gave it to Jiang Feng, and said, "Shifters Inheritor, give this pill to Xiao Qing. See if it could dispel the Infernal Miasma on her."

Jiang Feng accepted the pill and gave it a look. It was indeed the Infernal Repellent Pill.

He looked at the screaming Xiao Qing, then gave the little baby to Uncle Hua gently who received the baby with his trembling hands.

Next, he shrunk his body. With the pill in his hand and when Xiao Qing started to scream, he quickly popped it into her mouth.


As soon as the Infernal Repellant Pill entered her body, most of the Infernal Miasma was dispelled. Unfortunately, it could not completely remove the Infernal Miasma from her body.

Although it was not completely dispelled, Xiao Qing had some of her consciousness returned to her.

"Father! My son!"

Xiao Qing began to cry as her mind was hers again.

"Are you alright? I am so sorry that this happened," Uncle Hua said to her excitedly.

"Dad, Ive already been Infernalized. The Infernal Repellent Pill cant suppress it for long. Please take care of Mings and my son," She said.

"Do not worry, Xiao Qing. I will heal you!" Uncle Hua began to tear up again.

"No, Dad. You know better than anyone that the Infernal Miasma could never be completely removed. Anyone that I touch would be corrupted by the Infernal Miasma in me, Infernalizing them. Thats why Dad, please take care of my son!"

As soon as she had said so, she used her sharp claws to stab into her own heart. Her HPs fell rapidly and became zero in a flash.

"I swear, I will create a pill that could completely dispel the Infernal Miasma!"

Seeing his own daughter-in-law commit suicide in front of him, Uncle Hua could only cry. However, the aimlessness in his eyes was replaced by determination.

Jiang Feng could only heave a sigh when he saw what happened. He then dug a grave next to Uncle Huas son and buried Xiao Qings body in it. At least the husband and wife could be buried together.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have triggered the "Return Uncle Huas Daughter-in-Laws Body quest early, you have received Uncle Huas loyalty, Three Infernal Repellant Pills, and 200,000 experience points.

"Shifters Inheritor, I heard that you have already begun rebuilding the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. My grandson and I have no place to go, can we go to your city?" Uncle Hua looked at Jiang Feng and continued, "Of course, if you would take us in, then I am willing to work for you!"

"There is no need for you to help me. My place is huge! You can live wherever you like!" Jiang Feng said to him in his dragon form.

"I thank you for your generosity, but I would not stay there for free. I still need to raise my grandson. If it is possible, can you rent the Herbal Shop in the Ancient City to me? Other than my grandson and my living expenses, I will give all profits to you. Consider them rent," Uncle Hua said.

My, a Herbal Shop operated by a Divine-Level Pharmacist. If the other guilds were to learn of this, they would be extremely jealous of it.

Once a city had been built, they would be opened to all the races. However, limits would be placed on certain races. However, no killings were allowed within the city as the city needed to run in order to provide any economical income.

That meant that once the Ancient City has been opened to the outsiders and players begin to come in, not only would they be shocked that the Herbal Store that is operated by a Divine-Level Pharmacist, they would bring in even more business.

He smiled as he thought of that, and said, "You can do whatever you want, Uncle Hua. I will arrange for them as you ask!"

After finishing the mini-plot quest, there was no longer any need for him to stay in the Boneyard Abyss. He asked Uncle Hua and his grandson to enter the Qiankun Gourd, then used the Town Portal to return to the Ancient City.

Since the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals was below the Boneyard Abyss, if Archmaster Moji knew that he was here, he would be dead.

His journey to the Boneyard Abyss had helped him tremendously.

Not only did he learn the Spiritual-Level Pharmacy skill and the formula to make the Infernal Repellent Pill, but he also managed to obtain Infernal Repellant Pills as well as the loyalty of a Divine-Level Pharmacist. The Herbal Shop in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had found its operator.