Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Youre Jiang Feng?

The Ancient City of Shifter Emperor.

Jiang Feng brought Uncle Hua and Hua Yan into the Ancient City and arranged for them to live in the Herbal Shop.

Hua Yan was Uncle Huas grandson.

The reason that he gave him this name was that he wanted his grandson to inherit his work.

Yan meant fire. And in the Pharmacy skill, the mastery of flames was considered to be a core skill. It meant that he wished that Hua Yan would have the ability to manipulate flames to a high degree and to spread the knowledge of the Pharmacy skill.

"Uncle Hua, are you happy with this place?"

Jiang Feng shrunk his size and pointed to the courtyard-style Herbal Shop using his draconic finger.

Uncle Hua nodded as he carried Hua Yan in his arms and said, "Thank you, Xiao Feng. For finding such a good home for an old man like myself."

Jiang Feng nodded his dragon head and said, "No need to thank me, Uncle Hua. But I do have a request."

"What is your request?" Uncle Hua asked.

Jiang Feng said with a smile, "I would like you to create a type of pill for me. A pill that could restore my health instantly."

Uncle Hua smiled. "Ah, a pill! And here I thought it would be something difficult. I have a type of pill called the Withering Wood Pill that could restore 20,000 HPs instantly. However, I have spent much of my time fleeing, and I no longer have any herbs on me. Perhaps you can help collect some for me?"

"But I dont know how to gather them." Jiang Feng said.

"Worry not, I will teach you!" Uncle Hua said.

With that, Uncle Hua waved his hand.

Ding. System Prompt: Uncle Hua is teaching you Spiritual Level Harvesting Skill. Will you learn it?


The Harvesting skill and Pharmacy skill were skills that complement each other. One of them used to gather herbal materials while the other made them into medicine.

Since he had learned both, he could always find a place and time to use them despite him not foreseeing himself using that much.

"Uncle Hua, what kind of herbs do you need? Ill help you get them!" After learning the Harvest skill, Jiang Feng gave Uncle Hua a smile.

"All the herbs I need are on this list. But before you harvest them, can you help me with something?" Uncle Hua asked.

"What is it?" Jiang Feng asked curiously.

"I want to create a medicine to completely remove the Infernal Miasma. I need a type of herbal medicine that possesses hatred, violence, and divinity," He said.

"What kind of herbal material is that?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Ginseng Fruit!"

Ding. System Prompt: Accept the "Retrieve 3 Ginseng Fruits" quest?


Ginseng Fruits at the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple?

Jiang Feng was a bit surprised as he did not expect Uncle Hua to ask him to steal something from another Divine-Level NPC.

Even if he were to succeed, his Spiritual Level Harvest skill would not be able to harvest the Divine Level Ginseng Fruit.

Another point that raised some suspicion was that the Ginseng Fruit was supposed to be some sort of an Ambrosia. Why would it possess hatred and violence?

He asked Uncle Hua the questions in his mind.

"You would know once you have seen the Ginseng Fruit Tree." Uncle Hua said to him in a serious tone. "By the way, while I possess Divine Level Harvest skill, I couldnt teach it to you directly. However, I have a scroll here that would allow you to possess Divine Level Harvest Skill for 24 hours. Also, this is a Polymorph Pill that I created in the past. Take it. Maybe you will find a use for it."

With that, Uncle Hua gave Jiang Feng a scroll and pill.

Divine Level Harvest Skill: After use, you will possess the Divine Level Harvest Skill for 24 hours.

Polymorph Pill: A monster can become anyone it wants to after consuming it. Duration of 10 hours.

"Alright, then please wait for me. I will go to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple at once!"

After receiving the Divine Level Harvest Skill Scroll and Polymorph Pill, he nodded. He then used Polymorph, wore a mask, and teleported to Xihe City.

He did not use the Polymorph Pill, preferring to use it during an emergency.

Xihe City had another name on the map, and that was Apara-Godaniya.

It was a bustling city due to its scenic location. There were many players there too.

In order to hide his identity, he hid himself as soon as he entered Xihe City. He then went to Xihe Citys general store and bought some ink, and dyed his silver hair black.

Everyone should have known that the Shifters Inheritor was someone with silver hair and red eyes. After his polymorph he changed his name to something else, he did not want to expose this identity.

"Why doesnt the game have any costumes? If it does, it would be much more convenient. I can change my style whenever I want."

After dyeing his hair black, he then walked among the populace without fear.

While he was still eye-catching among the people, he was not the one that would capture the most attention.

Currently, many of the Crafters Craft-Profession skills had reached Mid-levels and some of the crafters could already forge some equipment. Even masks had begun to appear.

There were many players that wore masks now, so no one would even think that he was the Shifters Inheritor.

When he reached the Eastern Gate of Xihe City, he saw many players yelling and promoting themselves.

"Farming monsters at Mount Qingcheng. Level 35 party. Requesting a high-level healer, drops determined by the dice roll."

"Farming Invitation Letters at Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Level 39 party Looking for DPS and Healer. drops determined by the dice roll."

"Farming monsters at Forest of Sorrow. Level 35 party. Requesting long-range DPS and drops determined by the dice roll."

Wuzhuang Taoist Temple Invitation Letter?

When he heard that a party was looking to farm for the invitation letters at Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, he approached them curiously.

The one that was doing the yelling was Xiao Batian, a warrior. Two others stood next to him, the assassin Luo Wushuang and wizard Batian Xiao.

Xiao Batian and Ba Tianxiao should be friends in real life since their game IDs were so similar.

He walked toward them and asked Xiao Batian. "Excuse me, but what is the Invitation Letter for?"

Xiao Batian was a man that looked feminine. He looked at Jiang Feng but was slightly stunned when he could not see Jiang Fengs stats. He then said, "I suppose this is the first time that you are here in Xihe City? And that you have not seen the message board?"

Jiang Feng nodded. He had indeed never seen any posts about the invitation letters from Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Maybe they had all been pushed too far down.

"The invitation letters are basically an access pass into the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. When a party has collected 50 invitation letters, they could then participate in a banquet. Once the number of parties that has been invited has reached 10, they could fight for a spiritual herb, the tree sap from the Ginseng Fruit Tree and two White-Silver Equipment, as well as high experience points." Xiao Batian explained to him.

"Tree sap from the Ginseng Fruit Tree?" He asked curiously.

"The tree sap from the Ginseng Fruit Tree can only be obtained by the champion. The entire party would be brought to the Ginseng Fruit Tree to take the Tree Sap of the Ginseng Fruit Tree. It is said that the tree sap could increase HPs by a maximum of 1,000. The black market price for it has already risen to 50,000," the Assassin Luo Wushuang added. "Our aim is to get the tree sap, so I hope you wont be dragging us behind."

The assassins had very little health. The Tree Sap of the Ginseng Fruit Tree would indeed be very useful for them.

He could access the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple as long as he had the invitation letters? Then, he did not need to think of any other ways to enter. All he needed to do was to farm for Invitation Letters together with them, take the first place after he had gotten in, and when they were brought to the Ginseng Fruit Tree, he would use the opportunity to take a few of the fruits. It would be fine even if he was discovered.

He said happily when he thought of that, "My attack is around 20,000. I suppose I could be counted as a DPS. I wonder if I can join your party?"

"20,000? Dude, youre lying," Ba Tianxiao mocked Jiang Feng. "Even the level 40 players at the current stage have attacks around 10,000. There are only a few that have reached 20,000!"

Is 20,000 very high? I wonder what would they think if they know that my attack is actually around 40,000?

Jiang Feng smiled and said nothing, then requested to join their group.

"Youre Jiang Feng? The same one that has reached level 10, unlocked the first dungeon, and the spiritual level smith that has been dominating the level leaderboard?"

Xiao Batian was shocked when he saw the party request and quickly agreed to his request.

"Nice to meet you."

Looking at Xiao Batians expression, he gave him a friendly smile and responded.

The name that was shown when he was polymorphed was indeed Jiang Feng.

Hearing Xiao Batians words, both Ba Tianxiao and Luo Wushuang looked at their party list. Ba Tianxiao let out a cold snort and said nothing while Luo Wushuang stared at Jiang Feng, his thoughts unclear.