Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Boss Good Job

To enter the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and pick the Ginseng Fruit, Jiang Feng joined Xiao Batians group.

All they needed was a healer priest, and then they could depart.

"Jiang Feng, I wonder if we can add each other as friends?" Luo Wushuang approached him with a smile as they waited.

"Im sorry, but I dont have the habit of adding friends," Jiang Feng refused.

He only partied up with these people so that he could have an easier time entering the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and approach the Ginseng Fruit Tree. He would not have any interaction with these players afterward.

The players were mostly with the Divines or the Infernals. Both were his future enemies.

He could not add these people as friends.

"Why is he so haughty? Hes just a spiritual level smith. His damage is so high because of his own equipment. If he has no combat experience, hes the same as trash," Ba Tianxiao mumbled jealously when he heard what Jiang Feng said, and thought that he was simply full of himself.

As if agreeing to what Ba Tianxiao had said, Luo Wushuang stood aside after he heard what Ba Tianxiao had said. He frowned and stopped talking.

Jiang Feng could not care less and stood quietly on the sidelines, and opened the official message board to check the posts about the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

In any game, healers were always very precious and their numbers were few.

Healer classes had few attack skills and most of their skills were support in nature. That was why few players chose to play this class.

Xiao Batian yelled for quite a long time, a few healers approached them but their levels were a little bit low and he could not carry them.

Low-level priests could be easily killed by the monsters. If they had to put effort in to protect the priests, they would become burdens.

"Our party has Jiang Feng, top of the level leaderboard! We still need a priest of at least a minimum of level 35! Those with HPs reaching 25,000 please join us!"

Running out of options, Xiao Batian had no choice but to use Jiang Fengs reputation. This caused Jiang Feng to feel embarrassed.

"Jiang Feng? Which one? The one with the mask is Jiang Feng! Please forge a piece of equipment for me!"

"Im a healer! But I only have 10,000 HPs. Let me join, I guarantee that I wont drag you all down!"

"Jiang Feng! Add me as a friend! Ill give you materials and pay for your workmanship! Please help me forge a gun!"


Within a short time, Jiang Feng was surrounded by players. Most of them were asking him to forge equipment for them.

"Ling Feiyu, level 39 Priests. I can heal for 3,000. Can I join the party?"

When Jiang Feng coldly refused the players that surrounded him, a beautiful woman walked toward Xiao Batian and recommended herself emotionlessly.


When they heard the name, the entire place became silent.

Hm? Ling Feiyu? Who is she? How did she get such high stats? Why have I never heard of someone like this?

Level 39 priest, healing amount reaching 3,000 and HPs reaching 30,000. Even some of the high spec players would not have these stats, and this made Jiang Feng curious.

He then looked at Ling Feiyu, and he was astonished as soon as he saw her.

An elegant face, thin brows, blushed cheeks, and thick lips.

While she looked detached, she still had a tinge of adorability in her.

Her beauty could make the moon hide behind the black clouds shamefully, make the flowers close in embarrassment, make the fishes dive into the water in shame, and make the swans forget how to fly.

Her beauty captivated the flowers and the beasts.

Each step she took could be described as dim as the moon mantled in filmy clouds, and her steps were as restless as snow whirled by the driving wind.

In short, she was so beautiful that she was prettier than Mu Xi.

"The top in the Beauty Leaderboard, Ling Feiyu. My goodness, that face of hers! Even if it was modified, back in reality she must still be very beautiful. No wonder she could become the top in the Beauty Leaderboard."

"She must be a vixen to have grown to be something so pretty. Or that shes a mistress of another married man. Either way, a woman with a heart like mine is the prettiest."

"A heart like yours? Please Stop grossing me out. That sentence of yours proves how shallow-minded you are, and you dare say your heart is pretty?"


Ling Feiyus appearance had caused the entire Eastern Gate to become quite lively. Some of the men merely batted an eye at Ling Feiyu, and they would be hit by their female companions.

The men were drooling, and the women were envious.

Xiao Batian started at Ling Feiyu for quite some time. He only reacted when he saw Ling Feiyu frown, and agreed to Ling Feiyus request to party.

As for Jiang Feng, after seeing Ling Feiyu, he then continued browsing the official message board.

That was because he noticed that something weird was going on in the official message board, it was regarding the Tree Sap from the Ginseng Fruit Tree.

He realized that while there was an introduction about the Tree Sap from the Ginseng Fruit Tree, no one had ever shown off about it or come out to discuss what had happened.

And that was very strange. Normally, if there were already many teams that had gotten this reward, there would be players flaunting about their achievements.

Something was wrong!

His guess was that it was not just some normal banquet, and there should be other elements in it.

The elements of quests within the game were quite interesting and did not follow the usual shticks. For example, the Uproar in Heaven quest was completely different from the classical version found in Journey to the West. It could even be said that it was of two completely different versions.

That meant that some of the quests or events could not be deduced through normal methods.

"We now have a full party! Never thought that we could find the games top beauty and healer, as well as the games top attacker with 20,000 attack, Jiang Feng. Looks like the first place will be ours!"

Xiao Batian did not expect his party to have two famous people within the game, and that made him extremely excited.

When the five-man-party was ready to leave, they came to the gate and summoned their steeds to fly toward their destination.

Xiao Batian, Ba Tian Xiao, and Luo Wushuang all summoned flying steeds at the third or fourth rank. Ling Feiyu summoned a Rank 9 Unicorn steed.

"Ling Feiyu is indeed powerful. Her steed is the Unicorn, a steed that can grow to a level 18 Divine Beast." Xiao Batian and his two other companions became envious when they saw Ling Feiyus summon.

Ling Feiyu was a quiet person. She said little, and jumped on her Unicorn.

"About About that, I dont have a steed. Can anyone carry me along?" Seeing that all four of them were on their steeds, Jiang Feng was feeling a bit awkward.

Because of his mask, others could not see his expression, so they did not know that he was not being awkward. Instead, he was helpless.

Out of his followers, Heifeng and Thunderclap Mantis both could fly. The Monster Cloud was at the top when it came to flying steeds. Unfortunately, if he summoned any of them, his identity would be immediately exposed.

"Heh, so much for being the best. He doesnt even have a steed." Ba Tianxiao mumbled coldly, and Luo Wushuang sneered at him.

"Our steeds are too low level and cant carry two people. Why dont you run over and well wait for you there?" Xiao Batian said to Jiang Feng.

As soon as Xiao Batian said so, Ling Feiyu glanced at Jiang Feng from on top of her Unicorn and said, "Come up!"

Hearing Ling Feiyus invitation, Xia Batian, Ba Tianxiao, and Luo Wushuang were all shocked. They then showed expressions of envy.

If they could, they would even give up their steeds for Jiang Feng and take a ride on Ling Feiyus Unicorn.

Seeing Ling Feiyus sincere invitation, Jiang Feng climbed up the unicorn and said, "I dont think this is alright I dont think I should do this I dont think this is appropriate I dont think you have to do this"

He was finally riding together with Ling Feiyu on her Unicorn as he mumbled. His two arms wrapped around her waist, and said, "Im ready. Lets go."

"How shameless!" Xiao Batian, Ba Tianxiao, and Luo Wushuang all silently cursed under their breaths.

If Heifeng and Yanhu were here, they would no doubt stare at him and gave him a thumbs up and yell out, "Boss, good job!"