Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Being Too Powerful Is A Form Of Helplessness

Ling Feiyu said nothing about Jiang Fengs shamelessness.

When Jiang Feng wrapped his hands around her waist, her body quivered for a bit as she frowned.

Her feet moved a little as the Unicorn galloped in the air toward the direction of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

When the many players at Xihe Citys Eastern Gate saw this, they were all shocked beyond belief.

The players paid a great deal of attention to Ling Feiyu as she was the games top beauty.

Some of the celebrities would even lose to her in terms of physical appearance.

And currently, said beauty was being hugged by a man wearing a mask. Sounds of broken hearts could be heard from among the male players.

Xiao Batian and the other two could only look at Jiang Feng jealously when they followed behind Ling Feiyu.

"Remove your hands!"

After flying for a while and leaving the players, Ling Feiyus cold voice sounded.

Jiang Feng pouted and removed his hands so that Ling Feiyu would not use the Female Protection Punishment.

At the beginning when he wrapped his arms around her waist, Ling Feiyu did not stop him. It made him pleased.

He knew that even if he could not get any beautiful women, he would still feel happy if he could have at least some level of physical contact.

He removed his hands and looked at his palms. He shrugged and no longer paid attention to Ling Feiyu. He looked at the Unicorn that they were riding on.

The Unicorn was like a white horse, but its color was of a pure white. Its mane was also smooth and soft, unlike Heifengs rough hair.

It had a pair of huge white wings on its back. As it flapped, it would receive a burst of speed.

It had a silver horn on top of its head. Lightning was flashing on it. Like the Monster Cloud, it was a lightning elemental monster.

Lightning elemental monsters mostly had high magic attack and good crowd control.

Ling Feiyu was a Priest, which meant that she did not have much in terms of offensive skills. However, with the help of the Unicorn, she became very powerful.

Her pet focused on dealing damage while she healed her pet. The two came together in perfect harmony.

"Jiang Feng, help me make a piece of equipment!"

Ling Feiyus voice came when he was observing the Unicorn.

"Hm?" Jiang Feng was slightly surprised but understood why Ling Feiyu wanted him to share a steed with her. He then asked with a smile, "Why should I help you forge anything? Whats in it for me?"

"Ill give you money!" Ling Feiyu said.

"How much?"

"As much as you want!"

"What is the level of the equipment? What parts?"

"Level 40. Weapon. Best if its Yellow-Gold level or above!"

"200,000 cash. We can trade now and I can give you the weapon immediately!"


He transmuted a Jewel of the Snow Soul from the Snow Monkey King last time, and it fitted what Ling Feiyu wanted.

He originally planned to auction it off at the Imperial Dragon Auction house. However, now that he had a buyer, he was going to sell it to her.

At this stage, he still lacked money. He still needed around 3,000,000 to completely repair the Ancient City.

While he had auctioned off some Experience Pills and equipment from the siege and earned around 2,000,000, a majority of those funding had been spent on building the Smithy and Herbal Shop. The Imperial Dragon Auction house only had around 1,000,000 left. If he wanted to fully repair the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, he still needed around 2,000,000 more.

"Its too expensive!" Ling Feiyu said.

"Look at what I have, and you can decide if its overpriced!" Jiang Feng gave her a smile. He then took out the Jewel of the Snow Soul and showed it to her.

When Ling Feiyu saw the stats of the Jewel of the Snow Soul, she slightly trembled. She then quickly opened up the trade menu and traded 200,000gp to Jiang Feng.


After he received the money, he then traded the Jewel of the Snow Soul to Ling Feiyu.

The stats of the Jewel of the Snow Soul were comparable to a Dark-Gold Equipment. That was why Ling Feiyu did not even negotiate and directly traded with him.

Ling Feiyu: Level 39 Priest

Faction: None

HPs: 35,420

Magic Attack: 18,900

Defense: 7,893


After equipping the Jewel of the Snow Soul, Ling Feiyus stats improved greatly. Even her attack had almost reached 19,000.

Looking at Ling Feiyu, most of the equipment on her was of White-Silver quality. It seemed like she had spent a lot on the set of equipment.

What made him curious was that Ling Feiyu did not choose to enter any faction.

"Why didn you choose to join any factions?" He asked her curiously.

"Its pointless," She answered plainly

He could not continue the conversation thanks to her answer, and he chose to give up on continuing on with that conversation. Mainly because they had reached their destination.

The Wuzhuang Taoist Temple was on Mount Qingcheng, and there were some humanoid NPCs.

These humanoid NPCs were Maddened Apprentice Taoists.

They were considered to be a type of monster in the game, only that they were humanoids. They could be killed and would respawn after a period of time like normal monsters after they had died.

Maddened Apprentice Taoist: Level 35 Normal NPC

HPs: 250,000

Attack: 11,000 13,000

Defense: 6,000

Skills: Hack

These Maddened Apprentice Taoists all held a longsword in hand and roamed around the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

There were already many parties and groups farming monsters here, making it a very lively place.

He looked at the players that were all farming the Invitation Letters. He noticed that once they had farmed enough Invitation Letters, they would head to the grand Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. The two level 100 NPC Apprentice Taoists would open the gates to let them enter.

"Stop standing idly around! Farm those Invitation Letters!"

Xiao Batian, Ba Tianxiao, Luo Wushuang said to the two of them as they landed next to Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu.

Jiang Feng and Ling Yufei nodded and started to farm monsters.

To stop himself from grabbing too much attention, he took out his Newbie Sword.

"Why are you still using a Newbie Sword?" Xiao Batian asked Jiang Feng with a frown. He felt that Jiang Feng was not here to farm monsters but was here for a stroll.

"I failed in empowering a weapon yesterday and it disappeared. Ive sworn that unless I forge a Spiritual Artifact, I will only use a Newbie Sword to kill monsters!" He lied when he heard Xiao Batians question.

Ling Feiyu looked at him with curiosity.

Actually, he could transform the Jingu Staff into a sword. However, that would expose his attack. The reason that he had removed all equipment on him was to lower his attack power.

"Alright, lets start farming monsters. Dont drag us down!"

Xiao Batian said as he was unhappy with Jiang Fengs relaxed approach to that. He then summoned his flying pet and attacked a Maddened Apprentice Taoist.

In a short while, Xiao Batian killed a Maddened Apprentice Taoist that was holding a sword and coming toward them.

As the primary DPS in the party, Jiang Feng had to attack. He attacked it with his sword.


Just when Ling Feiyu, Ba Tianxiao, and Luo Wushuang wanted to attack, they were stunned looking at the damage that floated out. They turned to Jiang Feng curiously.

"Hehe, I have a piece of equipment that increases 50% critical damage! Critical damage, no need to be surprised!"

Hearing Jiang Fengs explanation, the others were astonished and all showed some envy. Especially Luo Wushuang who could not hide his jealousy.

A piece of equipment that increased critical damage by fifty percent! It was especially and fatally attractive for assassins.

He didn not realize that after removing all his equipment, he would still have around 30,000 attack. Luckily, there was no special effect when a critical damage had occurred, or he would have been exposed.

His explanation was also on point and the others believed him. All of them attacked the Apprentice Taoist with their weapons.


When Jiang Feng made a critical hit. The damage surprised the others again, and all four of them looked at him.

"I have a skill that adds 200%, and I triggered a critical damage, so you know." Jiang Feng tried his best to explain it again and continued to attack.

But Xiao Batian, Ba Tianxiao, and Luo Wushuang all thought that Jiang Feng was showing off.

And Ba Tianxiao, who said Jiang Feng had no combat experience, was so angry that his face had turned red.

With an attack power that high, there was no need for him to micro. He could easily kill a level 35 monster like he was cutting vegetables.

Next, Jiang Feng stopped attacking the Apprentice Taoists weaknesses to avoid dealing critical damage.

In a short while, the Apprentice Taoist fell onto the ground. He did not dare to snatch the last hit.

Because if he killed a humanoid NPC, items would drop. With his 100 points worth of luck, the drop would be very good.

Sigh, getting too powerful and getting too high a luck, its one form of helplessness as well! Jiang Feng shook his head as he looked at Xiao Batian who had picked up an Invitation Letter and a few dozen bronze pieces.

He did not dare to show his true power. If he did, he could clear up the monsters in front of him easily.

However, he had some concerns. Since other than the inheritors, his power could not be compared with the other players. Once he had been exposed, they would start to suspect him. Who would want to group up with him again? If no one wanted to party up with him, he would have to attack the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple directly. The Taoist temple had Divine-Level NPCs defending it. Attacking it directly would be a suicide mission.