Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Refine

Ancient City, Shuiyun Waterfall, Wangyue Cliff.

A man and a woman sat on the crabapple tree.

The man had silver hair and red eyes, and was very handsome. The woman had black hair, and her beauty could make cities and countries collapse.

Jiang Feng looked at the moon and let out a long sigh as he sat on the crabapple tree, then said to Ling Feiyu next to him, "Thank you, without your help, I couldnt have recruited all of them!"

After one week, he had finally recruited all thirty level 50 bosses.

While he knew how to lure the bosses out, he still had to put in some effort to find all the bosses on the island. Some of them were found by Ling Feiyus Unicorn.

According to Ling Feiyu, Unicorn had a Search skill. Once the skill was used, everyone, including monsters levels would appear in front of him within a radius of 5km.

A very powerful skill.

Ling Feiyu then pointed at the Unicorn that was playing with Yanhu and the other monsters and said, "If you want to thank, thank the Unicorn."

"Isnt the Unicorn your pet? Of course, I have to thank you," Jiang Feng said.

"No need to thank me. Without you carrying me, my levels wouldnt increase that quickly," Ling Yufei said.

Jiang Fengs current level had reached level 48, the top of the Level Leaderboard. Ling Feiyus level had broken through level 40 and had reached level 45, ranked 20 on the Level Leaderboard.

At this stage, most players had reached level 40. Qiu Si, Yao Qiong, Canaan, and the other elite players had reached the top twenty of the Level Leaderboard. None of them were fooling around.

Ling Feiyu suddenly thought of something, then looked at Jiang Feng who was sitting next to her and asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

Jiang Feng turned and looked at Ling Feiyu, and answered her solemnly, "Yes, I do!"

"Ha" Ling Feiyu smiled slightly, "I did not think that the brutal Inheritor of the Shifters could joke around like that."

"I did not think that you could smile too. But once you smile, youre so beautiful," When he saw her smile, he was slightly stunned. Then, he grinned as he lay down on the tree branch with his hands behind his head.

"Alright, in all seriousness, whats your main quest?" Ling Feiyu stopped smiling and asked Jiang Feng.

"Main Quest? What Main Quest?"

Jiang Feng would not simply reveal his Main Quest, seeing that it was related to whether he was able to continue playing the game.

"You have your guard up against me," Ling Feiyu rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng. "Its fine. I heard from a few friends that both the Divines and Infernals main quests are to win the Great Divine-Infernal War for their factions. If they lose, their power would be reduced by 50%."

So every player has their own Main Quests, but they are related to the Great Divine-Infernal War. Maybe all the players that had joined a faction have their Main Quests?

When he thought of that, he then said, "Alright, since you already know about it, then Ill tell you that my main quest is the same. Since you didnt join any factions, you shouldnt have any Main Quests, correct?"

"I do!"

"You do?"

Ling Feiyus answer surprised him.

"My main quest was to help a faction achieve victory during the Divine-Infernal War. Then, I can change my class to a hidden class. If I fail, my stats would be reduced by 50%." Ling Feiyu said.

"Looks like all players have their own main quests regardless of whether they have joined a faction. The Great Divine-Infernal War should be even more interesting than the World War. Im looking forward to it!"

Jiang Feng did not realize that players who did not join any faction would have main quests as well. It surprised him, but it also made him look forward to the Great Divine-Infernal War.

"Why dont you ask me if I would help the Shifters when the time comes?" Ling Feiyu asked him with interest.

"Let me tell you then, the Shifters will definitely win!" Jiang Feng said with conviction.

He had to win. Unlike the others, if he were to fail his Main Quest, the character that he had spent everything on would be deleted. He could never play this game ever again.

This game was extremely popular and it still had many systems that had not been unlocked yet. It would continue to be popular for the next twenty years or even longer.

He loved this game and he did not want to leave it. As this game was also the turning point in his life, he did not want to leave the game even more.

"There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance," Ling Yu said. "While your followers are powerful, they are not smart. Are you going to command and fight at the same time during the Great War? Alright, I am logging out now." Ling Feiyu slowly stood up as she was speaking.

After hearing Ling Feiyus words, he had a sudden realization.

"Ive had a great time, thank you."

With that, Ling Feiyu had logged out.

Looking at Ling Feiyus disappearing figure, he let out a smile and mumbled to himself, "Thank you for reminding me. Ive been recruiting followers, but I forgot the core of an army."

While he had recruited many followers, all they knew was how to fight. They did not know anything about strategizing.

What was the most important thing in a war? A strategist!

If the Shifters were to be able to show their true power, then he would need a Strategist to take command of them.

"Looks like I would need to find an intelligent follower that knows how to strategize." Jiang Feng looked at the moon as he stood up.

Ding. System Prompt: The Monster Transmutation Systems upgrade is complete!

Just as he was about to leave the crabapple tree, he heard the system prompt. He instantly became excited and was filled with anticipation.

During the previous week, the Monster Transmutation System was being upgraded. He did not use Transmute Monster the whole time.

Now that the Monster Transmutation System had finally completed its upgrade, he was overjoyed and was anxious to see what had become of the Monster Transmutation System.

With that in mind, he quickly opened the Monster Transmutation Systems panel and looked at it.

Monster Transmutation Systems Host: Jiang Feng

Rank: Rank 6 Adult Dragon

Polymorph Duration: 200 Minutes

Lottery Remaining: 2

Monster Transmutation System Abilities: Transmute Monster, Polymorph, Refine, and Lottery

Polymorph: 200 Minutes. Every evolution increases the polymorph duration by 10 minutes. Evolving into more powerful bloodlines can increase the duration. The cooldown is 24 hours.

Transmute Monster, Transmute: It can transmute any monster into materials or items. 50% increased success rate if the monster transmuted does not resist. The chances of obtaining a bloodline are increased by 10%. 5% chance of transmuting an Evolution Pill. Fuse: Can fuse any monster (the more powerful the monster is, the greater the chance of failure.) It has a cooldown of 1 minute.

Refine: It can refine the purity of monster Bloodlines and materials. Cooldown of 1 minute.

Lottery: The system will award two lottery chances per evolution.

After the upgrade, the Monster Transmutation System had one new ability, increasing the rate of obtaining Bloodline and Evolution Pills, as well as increasing the number of lottery chances that he could obtain from each evolution from one to two.

Refine? That means that with this new skill, I could increase the ranks of bloodline and materials that I can obtain from monsters?

Looking at the Monster Transmutation Systems new skill, his eye beamed as he quickly bit off his finger, letting it bleed, and then used Refine on it.

Ding. System Prompt: Refine failed. The hosts blood cannot be refined.

"Um Alright, Ill try it on a monster!"

With that, he summoned the Monster Cloud and flew to the mountains behind the Ancient City without caring too much about Yanhu, Heifeng, and his other followers.

Very quickly, he had reached the Lightning Tigers territory.

Looking at the Lightning Tiger that had fallen before him, he used Transmute Monster on its corpse.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

A blaze of fire enveloped the Lightning Tigers corpse.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations, you have received one Lightning Tiger Pelt, one level 50 experience pill, and one drop of Bloodline.

"Hmm While the monster rate of success for transmuting bloodline has increased, the success rate is still low. Only one drop of bloodline after ten transmutations."

Lightning Tiger Bloodline: Rank 4 Bloodline

Divine Beast Bloodline Purity 0.1%. Fed to pets to increase Bloodline and Bloodline Purity.

After the upgrade of the Monster Transmutation System, the bloodline he had transmuted had different descriptions now. Bloodline Rank and Purity had become visible.

Bloodline Rank was referring to the transmuted monsters rank. The Divine Beast Bloodline Purity was referring to the Bloodlines maximum purity value, which meant that it showed how much Divine Beast Bloodline Purity the Rank 4 Lightning Tiger monster possessed.

Once the Divine Beasts purity level was maxed, it meant that it would have the Divine Beasts Bloodline. Meaning that once a normal Lightning Tigers Bloodline Purity had reached 100%, it would become a rank 18 Divine Beast.

For example, the Lightning Tiger Beast had 0.1% Divine Beast Bloodline. But because it was not maxed out, it could only remain as a normal monster.

Once the 0.1% Divine Beast Bloodline had reached 100%, it could then evolve into becoming a being similar to a Divine Beast.

Of course, increasing a normal monster bloodline from 0.1% to 100% would be very difficult.


Ding. System Prompt: Refine successful. Congratulations, you have obtained one drop of Tiger Race Divine Beast with a Bloodline Purity of 0.2%.

Divine Beast Bloodline: Bloodline Purity 0.2%.

Looking at the Divine Beast Bloodline in his hand, he consumed it immediately.

Ding. System Prompt: Would you like to switch into the Lightning Tiger Bloodline, or fuse it into another races Bloodline?

"Fuse it with the Dragon Race Bloodline."

Ding. System Prompt: Dragon Races Bloodline and Purity had increased to 0.2%.

"Not bad. Consuming one drop of Divine Beast Bloodline had increased my Bloodline and Purity value by 0.2%. Using Refine, all I need is to refine successfully around five hundred times to have the same effects as three or four drops of Divine Dragon Bloodline. As I transmute higher rank monsters, the Divine Beast Bloodlines purity would be even higher. I could probably get to 100% in less than 500 times, and I could evolve then. If that is the case, I dont need to risk so much just to look for Divine Dragon Blood."

He smiled as he looked at the stats.

With that, it had solved the awkward situation where he could not evolve due to a lack of Divine Dragon Blood.

Of course, as he had obtained the Divine Beast Bloodline from other monsters, so he needed to consume them one by one. He could not directly become a Divine Beast when his Bloodline Purity had reached 100%. He still needed to evolve step by step.

Regardless, the speed of his evolution would increase greatly thanks to the improved abilities from the Monster Transmutation System and the Refine skill.