Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Disturbance Caused By The Secret Class

The Prismatic Chest would always have great treasures.

Looking at the scroll inside the Prismatic Chest, he then took it out.

Secret Class Class Change Scroll: Shifter Hierophant

Can be used to immediately change class into the Shifter Hierophant class.

"Whats this? Theres only one Secret Class Class Change Scroll? Is it a trap?"

Looking at the scroll in his hand, Jiang Feng frowned.

He did not expect the System to consider hidden classes as something so highly looked upon. So much so that it was considered to be equivalent to something of Divine Level.

If that were true, then the abilities of the Secret Classes would be much higher than normal classes.

If that were the case, he experienced a great loss when he sold the Secret Class Class Change Letter to Mu Xi for so little money.

"Looks like I shouldnt have sold things when I just entered the game and before knowing the market price."

While he did make a loss, he sold it when he did not know much about anything and when he had just entered the game.

Also, he would definitely sell something that he could not use. Without much introduction from the official website, him making a loss was almost certain.

I guess all I can do now is to treat it as a lesson.

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations to the player from Japanese Server Kawaguchi Shinki, class-changed into the secret class "Taigou Katana." As he is the worlds first player to class-change into a secret class, he gained 1,000 points of World Renown, 100,000gp, and one special item.

Ding. System Prompt: The World Level Leaderboard is now available. The World Secret Class Leaderboard is now available. The World Popularity Leaderboard is now available.

"Damn, looks like the secret classes really are important. Theres even a world announcement for a class change!"

At this moment, he heard a World Announcement which shocked him slightly as he frowned.

He quickly opened and looked at the three new leaderboards.

He saw that the player called "Kawaguchi Shinki" had dominated two leaderboards. He was the number one in the World Secret Class Leaderboard and World Popularity Leaderboard.

He was in the World Level Leaderboard, however, he was only ranked eight.

"Wait, thats not right. I sold the Secret Class Class Change Letter to Mu Xi about two months ago. Why didnt she change her class?" Jiang Feng closed the leaderboards when he remembered something and opened Mu Xis Friend Panel. He then sent her a text message asking her about it.

Mu Xi: "The quest for the secret class was too difficult. Ive spent two months and Im on the final quest. But Im going to be stuck for a very long while."

Jiang Feng frowned. "Is it that difficult?"

Mu Xi: "Very difficult. My final quest is to find the Shifter Spirit Stones, join the Shifters faction, and transform into a Beastman. Only then could I accept the quest. The Shifter Spirit Stone can be found on a level 60 boss. Because I have never changed class, defeating a level 60 boss is going to be exceedingly challenging for me!"

What? Joining the Shifters? Transform into a Beastman?

Haha! So much for getting frustrated about it. She is going to be my follower anyways! That meant that selling that class change letter to her wasnt a loss at all!

After hearing from Mu Xi, Jiang Feng was overjoyed.

He did not expect that the Secret Class Class Change Letter could only be obtained once she had become a Beastman.

When he thought of that, he was in a better mood.

As for Kawaguchi Shinki obtaining the first in class-changing into a secret class, he did not pay too much attention to him.

That was because the value of a secret class was lower than that of an inheritor. In the end, those with secret classes still had to work for the inheritors.

As for why there were not any announcements, he guessed that their identities had to be protected to prevent them from being ganked.

What he did not know was that the reason that Mu Xi did not join the Siege of the Ancient City and even hoped for its success was not only because of the secret class but also because she was going to be a member of the Ancient City.

"Can anyone help you with the Secret Class quest?" Jiang Feng thought of something and quickly sent her a message.

Since she was going to become his follower eventually, he would give her help if she needed it. They at least had to take the number 2 in the leaderboard.

"No!" Mu Xi answered.

Cant get anyone to help her? Thats going to be problematic. Jiang Feng slightly frowned and thought to himself. I need to find a way to help her succeed. I cant lose a follower before she has even appeared.

"Help me buy some materials and Ill forge a set of equipment for you. Our server cant get surpassed for too long," Jiang Feng replied and then sent her a list.

"Alright, thank you. I will pay you for it!" Mu Xi replied.

Jiang Feng shrugged and closed the chatbox.

He could only help Mu Xi that much. As for whether she could succeed in changing her class within a short period of time, that would be up to her.

"Huff Looks like not all Shifters are monsters. Shifter Spirit Stone? It sounds like its very useful. I should find a way to get some more of those so that when the third batch of players joins, I can use them to recruit a batch of Shifter players," Jiang Feng said. "When they become part of the Shifters, I dont need to manage them. Their main quests will naturally have them help the Ancient City!"


Beiyu City, Mount Tianxue.

Mu Xi, who was wearing a blue dress, stood at the edge of the cliff as she closed the friend panel.

She raised her head and looked at the falling snow. She said to herself, "Why is this quest so difficult? Why cant I clear it after so many times? All this because Im too weak."

In truth, her power was not weak at all. She had already reached level 45. Without changing class, her stats were similar to normal players.

Remember, normal players had a thirty percent boost to their stats after their class change. She was quite good seeing that she was not buffed by the class change and skills at all.

Just as she was moaning about it, a bloodied figure appeared in her mind. She said as her sight went out of focus, "If the Shifters Inheritor was the one that had to do this quest, what would he do?"


After the first World Announcement appeared in the game, it caused the players from the entire world to discuss it passionately.

In order to help the players from all over the world to discuss it, the official website even created a new message board where players could communicate with each other thanks to an A.I. translator.

But no one thought that the moment that the message board was created, it would become a place where players from all the countries fought and become aggressive toward each other.

These countries were Huaxia Server, American Server, Japanese Server, Korean Server, European Server, African Server

Some of the countries had been encompassed into one server because of their population. Some of the servers allied with each other. For example, the Japanese Server had allied with the American Server. Since the Japanese Server had only around 100 million players, they did not complain about it much.

Japanese Server: "Alright, alright! As expected of being the number one in the Japanese Server! Other than those from the American servers, none of them could compare to Kawaguchi Shinki!"

Huaxia Server: "Go on, keep praising them! Lets see if theyll give you something good."

African Server: "Agree with the above poster."

Japanese Server: "What did you say? You lost to us previously during the wars, we will beat you again."

Chinese Server: "My my, who was the one that ran in the end? Were going to sink your island if every Chinese person were to spit on it."


While the players in the Chinese server all took a united front when they were on the international message board, some of them were not happy in their countrys own message board.

"Where are the top players from our country? Didnt Mu Xi get the quest for the secret class? It has already been three months, why hasnt she completed it yet? What is she doing, if she passed it to me I would have completed it earlier!"

"Why are you in such a hurry? Although the secret classes are strong, they arent as strong as the inheritors. The moment our servers Shifters Inheritor strikes out, the entire Japanese Server is going to sink! Dont downvote me, Im just a fan of the Shifters Inheritor."

"Dont worry, I wont downvote you. While Im an Infernal, Im also a fan of the Shifters Inheritor. Since the World War comes first, and the Great Divine-Infernal War comes second, lets clear the World War first before talking about the factions."

"Alright, alright. Its just a secret class. Theres still a long way until we reach the World War and Great Divine-Infernal War. Just go and do what you need to do."


The two Official Message Boards became very lively but Jiang Feng did not pay much attention to them. That was because he had already found the Hermit Villages location as per Uncle Huas instruction.