Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 145

Chapter 145 The Five Elders From The Hermit Village

Mount Kunlun, halfway up the mountain.

The Hermit Village was indeed located halfway up the mountain.

There was still Infernal Miasma in this place, and many of the monsters there had been infernalized.

He hid his figure and circled around the Infernalized monsters, then headed toward where the location of the village might be.

When his Hide skill had expired, he entered a valley in the mountain.

The valley was huge, with rolling hills and flowing rivers. In the middle of the valley was a gigantic tree that required around ten men to embrace it. Its height was around one hundred meters tall, and its branches and leaves covered half the valley.

He took out the map that Uncle Hua gave him and the instructions on finding the Hermit Village. He chose to hide for the moment, waiting patiently for his Hide skills cooldown to pass.

Within the valley was a group of level 50 Infernalized Monsters, and they were all roaming in groups. He could handle them, but he would not be able to enter the Hermit Village afterward.

There was one more thing he needed to do before he could enter the village.

That was to step on pressure plates. The entrance of the Hermit Village could only be found after finding and triggering the pressure plates.

Very quickly, the cooldown for his Hide skill had passed. He hid himself and headed deeper into the valley.

Once he was in front of the giant tree, he looked at the instructions that Uncle Hua gave him. He followed the instructions to trigger the pressure plates and pressed at a few positions on the giant tree. Those places that he pressed would sink.

Next, he ran around the giant tree. As he ran, steps began to appear under his feet. Like the keys on the piano, they would sink as he stepped on them, but they would disappear as soon as he lifted his feet.

"Three times to the left, three times to the right, and then ram into the tree!"

After running around the tree to the left three times and to the right three times, he then closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he rammed into the tree.


The moment he crashed into the tree, a ripple appeared around the tree. The place where he crashed into swirled him into it like surging water.

Once his feet were once again on solid ground, he opened his eyes and started to look around.

He was still within a valley, and it was filled with chirping birds and blooming flowers. There was a small village in front of him. In the farmland next to the village, an old man was wiping his sweat off as he hoed the earth and two old-timers were playing chess under the tree at its entrance.

And he himself was standing under a giant tree that looked exactly the same as the one before he entered.

"Is this the Hermit Village?" He mumbled as he walked toward the village.

"Hoeing the earth in the middle of the day, so the sweat soaks the ground. Hoeing the earth every day, so that theres sweet potato next year!"

As he came close, he heard the old man mumbling the poems that he made himself.

Yuan Ping: Divine-Level Horticulturist

"Hm? An outsider?"

When Yuan Ping saw Jiang Feng, he frowned. He then carried his hoe on his shoulder and headed toward the village.

Jiang Feng then quickly followed him.

Du Kang: Divine-Level Brewer

Xia Zi: Divine-Level Appraiser

Holy All of them are NPCs with Divine-Level Secondary Jobs. If I can bring them all to the Ancient City, it would cause an uproar!

He gulped as he looked at the three old men in front of him.

He quickly came before them and bowed politely, and said, "Greetings, Elders. My name is Jiang Feng."

The blind old man that was holding a black piece said, "What thick Shifter Miasma! I wonder what the Inheritor of the Shifters wants by coming to the Hermit Village."

Jiang Feng then cupped his fist and said, "I am hoping to have you all join me!"

The old man with black hair sitting opposite Xia Zi, Du Kiang, then took a jar of wine and had a drink. After giving a burp, he then said, "Such arrogance!"

Yuan Ping wiped the sweat off his brow and said with a smile, "Boy, it is not easy to ask these ancient bones to join you. You should return."

When they were talking, two more people came from inside the village. One of them was an old man with messy hair and had some metallic objects all over him. The other one was an old woman with some sewing work still in her hand.

Dr. Feng: Divine-Level Machinist

Grandma Sang: Divine-Level Tailor.

"What are you all rambling on about, you old things! All you do all day is ramble on! One of these days, Ill blast you all into the sky!" Dr. Feng roared out angrily. Next, a white light shone on his shoulder and a rocket launcher appeared, aiming at Jiang Feng and the three other old men. Light was glowing from inside the rocket launcher and a rocket was ready to be launched.

"Oh my God" Xia Zi was the first one to run.

"My wine" Du Kang ran in a crooked line as he held his jar of wine.

"Im not finished with my work" Yuan Ping disappeared in the blink of an eye with his hoe.


In less than a second, Jiang Feng was the only one left at the village entrance.

When he saw that the rocket was going to be launched, he used Blink and blinked away,


Next, a beam of light went through the location of where they were standing just now and crashed on the ground far away. There was a loud explosion, and the blast formed a large hole on the ground.

"That Dr. Feng is indeed crazy, shooting someone like that without warning"

Jiang Feng was sweating profusely as he looked at the hole on the ground far away. If he did not dodge it, he would have died from the explosion.

"You damn old man! Told you not to play with your cannons! See, you are making a mess again! Go and fill that hole!" Grandma Sang told Dr. Feng angrily.

Once Dr. Feng heard Grandma Sangs complaint, the madness on his face disappeared completely and was replaced with tenderness and kindness. He then gave her a smile and waved his hand, summoning many small robots. The hundreds of robots then carried their little hoes and ran toward the hole, filling it.

"Drunkard, let us continue with the game."

Seeing that Dr. Feng was back under Grandma Sangs control again, Xia Zi waved his hand in the air then ran back. He then sat on the stone stool, calling out to Du Kang.

Du Kang had already fallen asleep under the great tree.

Yuan Ping ran back again with his hoe on his shoulder.

Grandma Sang rolled her eyes at the old men, then walked toward Jiang Feng. "The Shifter Miasma on you is quite thick. You must be the Inheritor of the Shifters, correct?"

"Yes, I am," Jiang Feng said politely. Since he was here to recruit them, he must show them some sincerity and politeness.

"You should leave. Oh, and do send our regards to Uncle Hua," Grandma Sang said.

"I wont leave. I beg you all to join me!" Jiang Feng cupped his fists and said.

"Youre so damn noisy, Im going to kill you now" Hearing Jiang Fengs loud voice, Dr. Feng took out a gun and was ready to shoot at Jiang Feng.

Grandma Sang slapped the gun away with her palm, and Dr. Feng ran to pick it up.

"If you want us to join you, all you need to do is to help us do one thing," Grandma Sang said to Jiang Feng without paying much attention to Dr. Feng.

"No matter what it is, as long as you promise to join me, I will do it."

Here it comes! The quest that I have to do so that they will join me!

"Do not be so boastful. Give me a Divine-Level Pelt that will satisfy me, and I shall join you!" Grandma Sang said.

"Give me a bottle of wine that I have never tasted before." Du Kang said.

"Give me a Divine-Level Seed that will satisfy me!" Yuan Ping said.

"Heal my eyes!" Xia Zi said.

"I want the Plan to a Divine-Level Mech!" Dr. Feng said.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the quest from the Five Elders from the Hermit Village?

"I I accept!"

Jiang Feng was getting worried when he heard of their difficult requests.

A Divine-Level Pelt, a bottle of wine that he had never tasted, heal the eyes of the blind, a Divine-Level Seed, and a Divine-Level Mech Plan.

None of those five could be completed easily.

However, he was willing to try so that the five elders would join him.